Have a happy and enjoyable Columbus Day. We will all get to enjoy the foliage as most of us have to drive somewhere and to something even if it only a mile away.  Or we can look out our window and see the beauty. The foliage does not play favorites.  It is there for all to see and enjoy.

I hope to go out in my kayak this weekend.  It might be the last I will be able to do in 2019.  I have not been out kayaking as much as I used to because of my knee but I have not given up yet.  Perhaps that is why I think that the FREE Believe and Receive Summit (link below) will be powerful. I also believe that the energy of a group focused on the same thing has a lot of power.

I came across this “schedule” of the past week ending with today.  I usually only focus on what is here or what is coming but this article really caught me.  How would you like to go through the events of this past week and see what was true for you?  Then you can end with the finality of today.  Interested?

I also like to look to the future and it is nice that we have other people who can see into it and give us a heads up.  I read it and then forget it so it is new again when I look back and correlate it with what happened in my life.  I like to read the forecasts because I believe that our brains will accept it more easily when it does happen as we humans are programmed to avoid change.  Yet we are all individuals so that the forecasts manifest in quite a few variations.

The freedom to Enjoy Life by a much younger Eckhart Tolle.  Truth is truth and it does not change no matter the person, the time or the place.  I love his sense of humor and the truth behind it.

Have you struggled with obstacles to your success?  Are these blocks plaguing you?, If so, I highly recommend you tune into this FREE Online Event brought to you by AVAUYA University. The Believe and Receive Summit. It starts next week and I am really looking forward to it. There will be 25 teachers so there is something for everyone.  Look for the PEARL in each episode.

Doesn’t this make your heart feel happy?  We humans, no matter what race, sex or culture are deep down thoughtful and good.  I still believe in the human race, there are mostly good and thoughtful people in this world. And I love to see examples of it.  If you look you will find.

This is a special video from Patricia Diane-Cota Robles with breaking news.

 Love and Light

Mary Grace

10-10 TODAY


I am almost up to speed on the latest news (except the debates) and when I read this message today from Archangel Michael, it went straight to my heart and has given much more hope for our future. It pertains to today 10-10 and 11-11 next month.

This special message needED to be read today so I am sending it to you.

Love and Light

Mary Grace



Happy Columbus Day! I wonder where we would be now if Columbus had
not discovered America? That leads me to be so grateful for all of
the pioneers who came and settled this country to make it safe for
all of us. Of course, I am aware of the upheaval that Congress is
causing by its childish insistence of my way or no way. Yet, that
scenario is playing out all over our country and the world. Lets
take just a minute to send Love and Compassion to our leaders and
the leaders all over the world. Ask for Wisdom from above to be
sent to all who are in charge of the decisions that will affect 7.5
billion humans who live on this precious planet. Let us not play the
blame game. WE are one species living on one planet, let us act with
love and understanding for our brothers and sisters, no matter what
role they are playing in this drama.

The beautiful foliage is here although there has been strong winds
and rain, I so enjoy the colors and when the sun shines, they
are magnificent in their splendor. Notice that it takes the sun
to bring out the colors just like it takes the Light of Spirit to
show us our true colors, which are primarily Love and forgiveness.

I missed sharing with you last week and I missed being here on the
lake at this particular time. So many of the boats have been pulled
out of the water and docks too. It kind of feels empty as I kayak
around the lake but, at the same time, it is quiet and I can enjoy
the serenity and peace of this beautiful piece of water. One of the
suggestions we received from the Pleaidians was to bring up the
picture of a placid and quiet lake before mentally attaching to
our spot on the Grid. A spot which you have too.

This workshop was the most experiential workshop I have ever done.
I believe it was either two or three rooms all opened for our use.
We were not allowed in the room or rooms until 15 minutes before it
was due to start as the energy was being set for us. The first thing
we saw were the chairs which had been placed in certain spots
designated by pieces of tape on the carpet. We were not to move the
chairs as that was the energetic grid set up for us. On the side of
the Grid were 12 circles made with chairs (again marked exactly with
tape) and a symbol on white paper right in the middle of the circle.
These circles represented our 12 strands of DNA. In the middle of
the circles was what was called the portal which was created (again
with tape) with crystals. Large ones were in the middle and others
were used to design Rays that were streaming out to us from the
huge crystals in the middle. A lot of thought, intention and guidance
was used to create this space for us. The workshop was given by
Christine Day who has direct contact with
the Pleaidians as well as Lemurians, Jeshua, Mother Mary and other
spiritual beings.

We were told to bring a clear quartz crystal no bigger than 4″. When
I was looking through my crystals, there were four. I placed them
in the sun to clear them and when I went to choose, they all wanted
to come so I brought them all. I was not the only one with more
than one. All of our crystals were placed on a special table for the
first two days and then we were asked to place our crystals at the
bottom of the crystal vortex rays which made the vortex complete.

We all went into all of the 12 circles but we were told to use our
guidance and intuition to pick just which one we would go in at that
particular time until we had completed all 12. It took all three days
to complete as once we felt complete in the circles, we went to sit
around the vortex, again on our own intuition of where to sit. The
chairs around the crystal vortex were placed either in threes or
sixes. There was no way we could each sit in each chair but we
were guided to sit in the ones that were meant for us. We then went
back to the grid each time we had an initiation in that particular
circle and when WE felt our DNA alignment was complete. No numb butts
from sitting all the time as we were up and down and moving except
when we were integrating the energies from where we had been. Very
powerful workshop and it was completed by each of us for ourselves
with some guidance from Christine. These initiations will continue
at our own pace and in our own Divine Timing.

Never did I expect all of this! I was called to go because my energy
was needed but I got more than I gave. When I first met Christine,
she welcomed me and said how happy she was that I had come. I know
we are sister souls after meeting her and also know that Jeshua and
Mother Mary (the energies of whom I carry) were called to be there
to assist the energies. What a weekend! What a prelude to celebrating
the Freedom that Columbus Day represents.

This saying from Abraham is so true.

There are as many different worlds as there are perceivers or Beings
or individuals. You are not here to create one world where everyone
is the same, wanting and getting the same. You are here to be that
which you want to be, while you allow all others to be that which
they want to be.


Excerpted from the book – The Law of Attraction, The Basics of the
Teachings of Abraham

In honor of Columbus Day

Pearl Harbor: after the tours have gone.

I am grateful for all of my experiences. Those that appear to be
challenging and those that appear to be loving. They allow me to
be ME.

Love and Light

Mary Grace

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Wales, MA 01081, USA