Have a happy and enjoyable Columbus Day. We will all get to enjoy the foliage as most of us have to drive somewhere and to something even if it only a mile away.  Or we can look out our window and see the beauty. The foliage does not play favorites.  It is there for all to see and enjoy.

I hope to go out in my kayak this weekend.  It might be the last I will be able to do in 2019.  I have not been out kayaking as much as I used to because of my knee but I have not given up yet.  Perhaps that is why I think that the FREE Believe and Receive Summit (link below) will be powerful. I also believe that the energy of a group focused on the same thing has a lot of power.

I came across this “schedule” of the past week ending with today.  I usually only focus on what is here or what is coming but this article really caught me.  How would you like to go through the events of this past week and see what was true for you?  Then you can end with the finality of today.  Interested?

I also like to look to the future and it is nice that we have other people who can see into it and give us a heads up.  I read it and then forget it so it is new again when I look back and correlate it with what happened in my life.  I like to read the forecasts because I believe that our brains will accept it more easily when it does happen as we humans are programmed to avoid change.  Yet we are all individuals so that the forecasts manifest in quite a few variations.

The freedom to Enjoy Life by a much younger Eckhart Tolle.  Truth is truth and it does not change no matter the person, the time or the place.  I love his sense of humor and the truth behind it.

Have you struggled with obstacles to your success?  Are these blocks plaguing you?, If so, I highly recommend you tune into this FREE Online Event brought to you by AVAUYA University. The Believe and Receive Summit. It starts next week and I am really looking forward to it. There will be 25 teachers so there is something for everyone.  Look for the PEARL in each episode.

Doesn’t this make your heart feel happy?  We humans, no matter what race, sex or culture are deep down thoughtful and good.  I still believe in the human race, there are mostly good and thoughtful people in this world. And I love to see examples of it.  If you look you will find.

This is a special video from Patricia Diane-Cota Robles with breaking news.

 Love and Light

Mary Grace



You have heard so much from me about the lake I live on and my adventures on my kayak.  A neighbor who lives on the lake took a video with his drone which is absolutely beautiful.  The drone went very slowly so all the details are visible.  This is a memento for all of us who live on Lake George in Wales, Ma.  Please do not confuse us with the big Lake George in NY, we are much smaller but just as exciting for all who enjoy what it has to offer.  If you are interested in a high video of my home and the beach, it starts around 2:29 minute.  On the left you will see a rectangular piece which is tan colored, that is the beach.  My lawn and house is right behind it, separated by a fence you cannot see.  As the drone travels, you can see the buoys that keep the swimmers safe from the boats and it looks like a white 3 sided fence on the water.

It is such a joy to share this with you and I am ever grateful for the patience and time it took for my neighbor to memorialize this piece of heaven on earth as well as the music he chose to accompany your trip down Lake George. It takes me about an hour to go all around the lake. Of course, if I stop to talk to anyone, it takes me longer.

Stunning footage from another drone’s purposeful escapade of a strange sinkhole. Enjoy the ingenuity of mankind,.

Archangel Michael and the Great Shift of 2017.  We have already experienced the full moon on July 9th.The Planetary New Year on July 26th is this week so you have time to prepare to enjoy the series of energy alignments and accelerations on July 25th, the Lions Gate on Aug.8th and the two eclipses of August 2017.

Has the heat been bothering you?  Check out this neat invention that has saved many a construction worker.  Want one?

Are you frustrated with your phone running out of juice?  It seems to happen at the worst moment possible. Help is on the way.

Love and Light

Mary Grace



Can you tell Spring is here?  It feels like I have arisen from a deep sleep (winter) and have now been thrust out into a party of activity.  You know how you stumble and do not walk smoothly when you first awake from a deep slumber?  That is how I feel.  I need to apologize to my friends for being slower than normal in responding to their emails.  All of a sudden, my email box is overflowing and I am not sure how it happened except that I believe that everyone has woken up too.

We are all responding to the Equinox and the energy that makes the blood flow faster which increases our activities.  They are really good activities but a lot of them are different than normal. Mother Earth is waking up too and the Sun is staying a lot longer every day which is quite a stimulant to stay outside longer.  My grandson came to help me bring my home and yard back to life after this long winter.  Of course, I am kayaking .  Hooray!  I was not the first boat out but I was the first kayak out on the lake this spring. Would you believe we had an 80 degree day and two young women in bikinis went kayaking and then lay on the sand to sunbathe? The next day we had two kayaks with a male and female stop at our beach and lay on their towels to sunbathe. It felt like summer had arrived already.

Are you confused yet?  As I look at the calendar, I am and so is my body rhythm.  I kind of chuckled as I listened to these recordings from the Paths to Empowerment.  The Keeper of Time and Merlia are suggesting that we change our patterns and our habits.  My experience has been that it is already being done for me. After listening, I realized just how many things have been changed already.  Are you ready to change your patterns, like creating your clothing made of different patterned cloth?

A message from Aluna Joy Yaxkin that she received in 2015 but could not  release until now. This is The Holy spirit Activation/Dove Meditation.  It occurred at the Chalice Well and is very profound. A great way to slow ourselves down a bit and with LOVE.


Aluna Joy Yaxkin with the Holy Spirit,
The Order of the Marys, Archangel Michael.
Received on July 16, 2015 – Finally released to you on April 8, 2017!

 Read in a quiet meditative space for maximum effects!

Chalice Well gardens were really quiet. We usually feel the energy clear out at the car park. It was subtle this morning. We entered on our private visit to the well, and I was taken aback by the lack of greeting from the ancient guardians. I heard that this is because they say that they are not HERE, but they are in the next world which they want to bring us into.

Above us, we could see/feel a huge, energetic pattern of a White Dove. Our group had worked yesterday, in the Lady’s Chapel in Glastonbury Abby, with an ancient order of goddesses. They are now taking off the cloaks that they had covered us in. (Even though you could not read yesterday’s message, in spherical time, I am told that this does not matter). What they would like to do is ask you (all of you reading this) permission for an activation. No beings of light will do anything without your permission. Before you say YES, they want to explain. What they are asking to do is to dismantle your body, every single cell in it, or decompose it. They see it is time for your old body to decompose, because they know the old paradigm is dying away. In the Inca Lands, it is believed that this process happens when you are struck by lightning. You are dismantled and rebuilt in an instant. This is the same kind of principle, but we are not going to be struck by lightning; but instead blessed by the Holy Spirit. When we allow every molecule of our bodies to fall apart and come back together again, it reboots our programming and memory, and it reboots our entire system. If you already gave permission for this process to take place, you are probably already starting to feel kind of a woozy, kind of a wafting kind of feeling like you are not quite physical. Just breathe.

Mother Mary is stepping forward (a dove coos in the background), and she is saying we will be struck by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will come into all the spaces in-between all the molecules of our body and erase the out-of-date past. It will upgrade our molecules and put us back together in a way that is more harmonious for the new world that we are entering into. So it is going to take several minutes to do this. It is probably good that you are sitting down.

Now the energy of the Holy Spirit is coming up from the Earth and down from the center of the universe at the same time. We are going to allow our personal protection shields to come down, so the Grace and Light of this Goddess Order and the Holy Spirit can reboot and uplift our bodies. Then we can let it start to grow and expand inside of us. So if you are ready, here we go.

Do you remember the article on fleece clothing polluting our water supply with invisible particles of plastic?  A solution has been found and you can get the CORA BALL until April 25 with a donation to help the supply of these cleansing balls reach more people. Check this out.

There has been so much concern about our coral reefs disappearing.  I could not believe what I read and what miracles can be brought about to help our ocean.

Love and Light

Mary Grace