I felt that these Positive Updates could not wait until my regular weekly newsletter so here they are.  TV keeps repeating the same news over and over again for which I am grateful but these are the latest and most encouraging that I have heard and they are true. Keep your chin up and know that this challenge will and is coming to completion.




When I opened my drapes this morning to see the lake, I was so surprised to see 5 bottoms in the air.  I got out my binoculars to find that 5 Mallard ducks, two female and three females were feeding by standing on their heads in the water.  I laughed at that display and then went to my book, Animal Speak, to find their keynote, what they represent.  Their keynote is: Emotional comfort and protection.  Boy, I can use that.  Thank you Mother Nature for giving me what I need today. Did you know that most male mallards go through an “eclipse” phase – a period in which they are flightless?  During this time, they wear the drab plumage of the female for extra protection in the rearing of the young. Boy, that is devotion to the family. They are also “Dabbling ducks” who feed by tipping tail up to reach aquatic plants, seeds and snails. They require no running start to take off but spring directly into flight.  I have been watching them for the 20 years I lived here but never researched them so I did not know this about them.  I thought I would share this blessing with you. Interesting, heh?

I have been struggling with a new heating system I bought because it is so noisy that I can’t fall asleep.  I know nothing about Mini-Split systems but I thought I had researched it thoroughly before having it installed but a lot of problems have come up since.  Primarily with the all the men instinctively so sure that I am just a “Light Sleeper” and since I am a woman, they just think I do not know what I am talking about.  This morning I came to the realization that the noise is not about the “expansion” of the heat tube but it is a “vibration” that is caused by the tubing in my attic and the outside wall. I need to call them and insist that they come and go up in my attic and see what is causing all that banging.  I needed that blessing of comfort and protection from the ducks.  Then I picked a Mantra card from Matt Kahn and received this following: Anchoring the Light – The Light is Always Within me. When I don’t know about something I do not usually argue or contradict people and this heating system I know nothing about so I am reticent about pushing my own views.  Sooooo, I made the call to the company and am waiting for them to call back.

I got on my computer and guess what Abraham and Esther had for me today. “The main event has never been the manifestation; the main event has always been the way you feel moment by moment, because that’s what life is”. Boy, did that hit the nail on its head. Then, to make sure I understood it was OK to fight for what I believe in, my morning meditation from Fr. Richard Rohr had this to say: “The only way out and through—for either side of any dualism, including that between action and contemplation—is a kind of universal forgiveness of Reality for being what it is; it thus becomes the bonding glue of grace which heals all the separations which law, religion, or logic can never finally or fully restore.

Guess what?  You won’t believe this! The heating company’s owner just called me and they will be sending someone next week to see what can be done.  Miracles do happen and this was certainly a quick one after all the help I received this morning from the ducks, Matt Kahn, Abraham and Fr Richard Rohr.  Now I can breathe.

After what I just told you, I happened upon this story of this 75 year old woman.  I cannot even comprehend how she did all that she did.  Fostering 600 kids is no small feat and she had her own five children.  Wow.  This story gives me so much inspiration.  She deserves to make the record for the most forwarded story.  Please share this with those you know. They will be inspired and although she wants no recognition, she will still receive it.

I received a message from Ruth, one of my first newsletter subscribers of 10-11 years ago, telling me about Jo Dunning. I use to follow Jo Dunning and I believe she is one of the highest vibrating humans on the planet today. I don’t know how Jo and I got disconnected but I want to connect with her again.  Here is a free opportunity for you and me to see what she is up to and to receive three free “Activations of Awakening”.  I believe that what she has to say is very valuable and I am looking forward to it.  Thank you, Ruth.

Do you create RIPPLES?  What kind?


Balancing the State of Being by Eckhart Tolle, the balance between doing and being.


Love and Light

Mary Grace



Have a happy and enjoyable Columbus Day. We will all get to enjoy the foliage as most of us have to drive somewhere and to something even if it only a mile away.  Or we can look out our window and see the beauty. The foliage does not play favorites.  It is there for all to see and enjoy.

I hope to go out in my kayak this weekend.  It might be the last I will be able to do in 2019.  I have not been out kayaking as much as I used to because of my knee but I have not given up yet.  Perhaps that is why I think that the FREE Believe and Receive Summit (link below) will be powerful. I also believe that the energy of a group focused on the same thing has a lot of power.

I came across this “schedule” of the past week ending with today.  I usually only focus on what is here or what is coming but this article really caught me.  How would you like to go through the events of this past week and see what was true for you?  Then you can end with the finality of today.  Interested?

I also like to look to the future and it is nice that we have other people who can see into it and give us a heads up.  I read it and then forget it so it is new again when I look back and correlate it with what happened in my life.  I like to read the forecasts because I believe that our brains will accept it more easily when it does happen as we humans are programmed to avoid change.  Yet we are all individuals so that the forecasts manifest in quite a few variations.

The freedom to Enjoy Life by a much younger Eckhart Tolle.  Truth is truth and it does not change no matter the person, the time or the place.  I love his sense of humor and the truth behind it.

Have you struggled with obstacles to your success?  Are these blocks plaguing you?, If so, I highly recommend you tune into this FREE Online Event brought to you by AVAUYA University. The Believe and Receive Summit. It starts next week and I am really looking forward to it. There will be 25 teachers so there is something for everyone.  Look for the PEARL in each episode.


Doesn’t this make your heart feel happy?  We humans, no matter what race, sex or culture are deep down thoughtful and good.  I still believe in the human race, there are mostly good and thoughtful people in this world. And I love to see examples of it.  If you look you will find.

This is a special video from Patricia Diane-Cota Robles with breaking news.

 Love and Light

Mary Grace