Have a happy and enjoyable Columbus Day. We will all get to enjoy the foliage as most of us have to drive somewhere and to something even if it only a mile away.  Or we can look out our window and see the beauty. The foliage does not play favorites.  It is there for all to see and enjoy.

I hope to go out in my kayak this weekend.  It might be the last I will be able to do in 2019.  I have not been out kayaking as much as I used to because of my knee but I have not given up yet.  Perhaps that is why I think that the FREE Believe and Receive Summit (link below) will be powerful. I also believe that the energy of a group focused on the same thing has a lot of power.

I came across this “schedule” of the past week ending with today.  I usually only focus on what is here or what is coming but this article really caught me.  How would you like to go through the events of this past week and see what was true for you?  Then you can end with the finality of today.  Interested?

I also like to look to the future and it is nice that we have other people who can see into it and give us a heads up.  I read it and then forget it so it is new again when I look back and correlate it with what happened in my life.  I like to read the forecasts because I believe that our brains will accept it more easily when it does happen as we humans are programmed to avoid change.  Yet we are all individuals so that the forecasts manifest in quite a few variations.

The freedom to Enjoy Life by a much younger Eckhart Tolle.  Truth is truth and it does not change no matter the person, the time or the place.  I love his sense of humor and the truth behind it.

Have you struggled with obstacles to your success?  Are these blocks plaguing you?, If so, I highly recommend you tune into this FREE Online Event brought to you by AVAUYA University. The Believe and Receive Summit. It starts next week and I am really looking forward to it. There will be 25 teachers so there is something for everyone.  Look for the PEARL in each episode.

Doesn’t this make your heart feel happy?  We humans, no matter what race, sex or culture are deep down thoughtful and good.  I still believe in the human race, there are mostly good and thoughtful people in this world. And I love to see examples of it.  If you look you will find.

This is a special video from Patricia Diane-Cota Robles with breaking news.

 Love and Light

Mary Grace



Well, it is time for me to make a decision about my knee.  I have been gathering info and now I need to make a choice between two procedures and two Medical facilities.  One in Glastonbury, Ct and one in Portsmouth, NH.  One offers stem cell therapy using umbilical stem cells which is much easier to have as it is just one shot but supposedly has other ingredients like Growth Factor in it.   The other one offers using my own stem cells gathered by either my fat or bone marrow and is supposed to be more effective.  ????  My question now is which one do I succumb to.  They are both in the range of $5500 per knee with no guarantee or return policy. Insurance does not pay so I would need to foot the bill.  Would you perhaps know someone who has had stem cell therapy that would be willing to talk to me so my decision might be easier to make.  I know that Stem Cell Therapy is the new kid on the block so there are not many people who have had experience with it.  I really would appreciate any info you would be willing to share.  Thank you.

Here is another breakthrough in medicine concerning arthritis. I wish my body could hold out until this reaches the public but I want you to know the miracles that are right around the corner.

Matt Kahn really hits the spot with this one: You Are the Light.  He simplifies being human with humor that will make you giggle with the awareness of the truth.  Be prepared to at least smile as you recognize yourself.

Lessons From A Century After The Flu Epidemic Of 1918.  What did we learn from our past that might help with the present.

Good News from the Angelic Realm. I think I will watch and listen to this again. I want this news to sink deeply into my unconscious.

I wish I had sent this with last week’s newsletter but I had not seen it yet.  The 12-12 energies are still strong and viable.  It feels good to know we have a Mother looking out for us.

Do you have a cat or are you a bird watcher?  What a  simple idea  and I can see the birds grinning from ear to ear.

Love and Light

Mary Grace



I celebrated my 80th birthday this past week.  Age has never meant much to me and I am truthful when asked my age but I had an AHA moment when I received a birthday card from a friend.  IT HAD A HUGE 80 RIGHT ON THE FRONT. When I read that, my immediate reaction was: “I am not that old, I do not feel that old, how can I be that old.”  Until I was faced with that fact in black and white, I had been in neutral.  See how much power the printed word or numbers have.  I was immediately sent back to my beliefs about being 80.  When do we make these beliefs in our minds?  Usually when we are children and to a child, 80 in soooo old.  Then we see our parents and grandparents age and the deep impression of what “old” is implanted in our brains. In our young minds, we will never get “that” old and we don’t worry about it because we are taking our youth for granted.

I have never had a birthday party so I decided I would throw one for myself with my immediate family.  I thought about having it catered but then my son reminded me of all the clean-up I would need to do afterwards. I decided to go to my favorite restaurant, Diane’s Villa Nova in Holland, Ma.  It is an Italian family run restaurant whose chef is very familiar with cooking Gluten Free meals as he needs to be gluten free also. I need to be GF and I have children, grandchildren and a great grandson who also need to be gluten free. Yet, all the “regular “eaters were captivated with their food also. I used my age as a good reason for us all to get together as it had been 15 years since we had all been together at the same time.

Diane had bought me a beautiful floral arrangement for our table and my granddaughter had brought me orchids.  The table was so full with us that we needed to put the flowers aside but they were beautiful. I even got serenaded by my family and a team of young basketball players who were having a party of their own.  My kids surprised me by hiring a friend of my granddaughter’s to take pictures of the occasion.  That was the best gift they could have given me as we are all going to receive a CD and we can have any or all of them printed out. I don’t have the CD yet but I am eager to see what it will show.  I really want a picture of all of us together that I can put up on the wall.

Why do so many of us humans put off getting together with our families except maybe for the holidays?  Is it because when we get together, there is still the competition, rivalry and jealousy that we felt as a child?  Let me tell you that when you get to my age, there is none of that. What is left is the joy in seeing yourself in the different ages that sit at your table and you remember just what it felt like when you were young and at that stage of life. No matter what drama is playing out, the feelings are still the same as when you were young. No matter what you think about the “times” we are in, so much remains the same.

Bob Dylan returns to the Orpheum Theatre in Minnesota to perform an updated version of “The Times They Are A-Changin’.”

Your reality changes as your age changes. Age is when you realize that all in the past was as it was meant to be in order to get the wisdom that you have today.  Check out this wisdom: Control Your Reality by Esther (Abraham) Hicks.

Times are a-changing and with that, new developments are being made. Dementia and Alzheimer’s are right at the forefront of most symptoms of aging. My aunt and my mom had dementia and so I have personal experience of that torment but guess what?  A cure is on its way and this is just the beginning.  Hope is right here and  changes  are right around the corner.

With the Olympics hoopla going on, there is so much proof that age is not a factor.  A mom won a gold medal, how about that for change. I am so proud and full of hope for humanity when I see what the younger ones are doing. Here is proof again of what the younger generation is bringing to the whole planet.  Check this out and smile as these young ones bring so much joy and hope.

I just had to send this to you.  Notice the expression on the little critter’s face. It took a big, tough cop to bring compassion and laughter to thissituation.

Love and Light

Mary Grace