Do you know what I miss most during this pandemic?  Being able to hug someone.  I miss the one to one connection that we as humans need.  With the masks, I miss the smiles we can’t see from others.  Living alone makes this even more painful as there is no one to talk to, to smile at, to touch and to communicate with. The following video from you tube shows just how much we humans and the animals need the same connection.  I bet it makes you smile even if there is no one to see you.


Do you know anyone who has to use canes or who is in a wheelchair and housebound?  I got so excited about this new discovery as I personally realize just how difficult it is to do anything, even dishes, when you need to use a wheelchair or walker that makes you shorter and further away from the sink or stove or anything else.  This also enables the users to get close enough to someone to actually give them a hug. Please share this news with your senior centers.

Now that you have had a chance to elevate your mood, check this out.  There is so much concern about the pandemic but this is something you can do which will assist your body to deal with this problem whether you have had the shot or not. Check out the February Pleaidian Broadcast.


Do you remember Dee Wallace?  She is the actress that played the mother role in:”ET Go Home”. You won’t believe what she has to share with us and she is joined by Kryon.


Would you like to know where the 6 billion masks we use daily go? It never even occurred to me to think about that or what could be done to eliminate this waste.  Boy, that is some huge load of trash, here is a solution that would solve several problems.

Another solution to our plastic  problem.

I just had to share this with you.  As I sat, watched and listened, I was brought to a wondrous place where something so simple could actually do what it was doing.  A Miracle?




Love and Light

Mary Grace



That was quite a snow storm, the Northeaster.  Here in Wales, we had at least a foot of snow but it might have been more as the wind was blowing quite hard. This has been an unusual winter.  Half the lake was frozen while the other half had moving water. I saw something I have never seen before.  The ice fishermen must have been so eager to get out there that there were ice fishermen out there on the side that was frozen.   If only half is frozen, how safe is the frozen side? There were four groups and one had all the conveniences you would want when it is below freezing. A fancy tent which had heat and a place where you could stay warm. Some tents even have a place to ice fish within that “tent”. They had a snowmobile and also something that looked like half a jeep.  It might have been a closed in golf cart.  The other three groups were the usual ice fishermen weathering the cold but eager to catch the fish so they could throw it back. It was a strange sight to see half the lake frozen with people on it and the other half was actually water. I wish I had a close up feature on my phone but I am not good at taking pictures with it so I just enjoyed seeing the spectacle. Right now, the lake is frozen and covered with snow.

February is a quiet month for any activities and boredom can set in.  With the foreboding pandemic news on every channel, there is not much on that lifts your spirits.  Would you like to hear or read some good news?  Here is an article with news that will lift your spirits. 10 positive updates on the covid 19 virus from around the world in 2021.

A sign of the future from restrictions of the past? A female immigrant who had the guts to stay the course against all odds.  Thank you.

Proof of what can be accomplished when we are forced to isolate. I wish I had his skills with a camera because Mother Nature is so beautiful.  This raises my spirits.

Would you have believed this in 2010? I think the future will hold some unbelievable creations.

This made me laugh. Simplicity and common sense are his hallmarks. It pleases me that his demeanor was picked up by the whole country and celebrated. I love that doll, I knit and crochet but I cannot figure out how she did such a perfect imitation.

This is a billionaire who has a heart as big as his wallet.  He is using his good fortunes to help those of us who could not fight the prescription industry.  Hoorah!

Love and Light

Mary Grace



I felt that these Positive Updates could not wait until my regular weekly newsletter so here they are.  TV keeps repeating the same news over and over again for which I am grateful but these are the latest and most encouraging that I have heard and they are true. Keep your chin up and know that this challenge will and is coming to completion.