I don’t know about you but I am having some trouble thinking and acting as if today is Friday and not Monday.  After the holiday which was on Thursday, it is natural to feel that way. I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July with all of the noise and the laughter.

This 4th of July ran very smoothly here on the lake.  There were ever so many people on the beach all day, at least 3x as much as normal.  The children were having so much fun in the water and digging in the sand.  The teens threw around a small football, then a regular ball and then some game like tennis but at closer range. There was a lot of boat activity, in fact I was out in my kayak at 8am to avoid all the traffic there would be later in the day. This year appears to be a year of big blow up balloons in all forms, even a huge mermaid with this tail that wagged up and down and sideways.  Only the human’s head appeared so it did appear real.

This is the first 4th of July that some person or persons could not resist setting off fireworks at all hours of the night.  The noise was only from 8:30pm to 10:00pm. Since the chemicals in the smoke bother me, I get to watch the fireworks display from inside my home on my recliner through the safety of my bow window.  It was fun to watch the comradery and the competitors who were showing their displays. On the left side where two homes, in the middle of the lake was a boat and there were three homes to the right who were all taking turns shooting off their displays.  Sometimes one a time and sometimes at the same time, it felt like a band of light in concert with one another.  I wonder if they planned it that way ahead of time. None of the children had sparklers so it was a safe time for all.

It is fun to observe the traffic on the beach right in front of my home.  Most of the time, there is only one family at a time or one person at a time.  It is almost as if they are synchronized as one leaves the beach and then another one shows up.  But yesterday was a day of all being there at the same time.  What a reunion and what fun to watch. I sincerely hope your day was as joyful as mine.

Matt Kahn has a video about The Will of Your Heart.  It is inspiring to watch or listen to and there is a lot of food for thought.  I like to write some profound sayings on little pieces of paper and put them on the table in front of my toilet. If something really hits my heart as I am listening to these teachers, I write it down and rotate them when they no longer have an impact on me.  Instead of reading magazines or books in this special room. I use it as my special alone time to let these great sayings sink deeper into my being.

New Moon Total Eclipse was here two days ago and this is a short explanation from Kate Spreckley of all the energies that are surrounding you and I right now.


Patricia Diana Cota-Robles is giving new meaning to integrating our own Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine as we are truly both. This video also includes what Earth is going through right now and perhaps might explain some events that you are being exposed to.

Hang in there while Jim Self explains his awareness of what irritates you and what irritates me.


Do you know anyone with ALS?  Perhaps you could learn what glucose can actually do.  I am always amazed with these new discoveries because they are happening so fast.  Perhaps it does not feel fast to though who so desperately need it but I like to share the knowledge as this is really a small world and most likely there is someone who needs to know this new breakthrough.

This really touched me, the look on that dog’s face could melt a glacier.  It also made me accurately aware of just how kind and thoughtful humanity is.  A perfect example of why we celebrate the 4thof July because we are totally free to think or be who we are.

I know this is a little longer newsletter but there seems so much I would like to share.  I wanted to leave you with a smile.  Enjoy,

Love and Light

Mary Grace



As I send you this newsletter, I need to admit that I question the perfection of what is happening in my own life sometimes.  When I catch myself starting to complain about something, I try to change my focus and ponder what good will come of this episode. To be completely truthful, it happens more often than I like to admit. As for my handicapped knee, so far, the only reason I can find is that now I am more aware of the handicapped and the courage they represent. The path I thought I was on has changed and I still do not feel certain of what is in the future. I am definitely “learning” from all of it yet I need to acknowledge that I created all of this for some reason and then I have to surrender and say: “God, I don’t know why but use it to help someone else.”

Mother Nature has been giving us many reasons to ponder “Why”. With the advent of TV, we are able to hear about what is happening across our planet.  There is and has been a lot of chaos and destruction but have you noticed that compared to all the disasters, there have been fewer deaths than would be expected?  Earth is changing but she is trying very hard not to eliminate the human race. I cannot say the same thing for our political wars. I, for one, do not like watching all of the horror but at the same time, I see all the love and compassion that is surrounding the humans that have been affected.  There is more love, gratitude and assistance that are being born from all of this than any other emotion.  That is good news.

Why or why do we not believe in our own perfection?  What happens in our life is perfection in itself. You could not or would not subject yourself to all these tests and experiences if you did not have a Higher Self that knows what it is that you want to experience in this life time.


Patricia Diane Cota-Robles – downloading the patterns of perfection

It takes a lot of faith and courage to hang in there for two years but she did it.  This simple method will help autistic children everywhere.

Three very innovative IDEAS.

I would like to see these butt containers everywhere.  It is recycling at its best and keeps our land a lot cleaner.

Another way that humans are stepping up to help Mother Earth, it is called recycling which is the best way to conquer our “throw away” society.

Who would have thunk it?  My only question is, does it give off oxygen like the trees do?

This you have to see to believe.  What an eye opener for us humans who never thought that there would be “emotion” in a bee. I know I would not be able to let a bee land on my nose so I applaud her.

Love and Light

Mary Grace



I just love synchronicity, don’t you?  We here in the Northeast have had 3 Northeaster storms in less than 3 weeks with another one on the way in a few days.  Don’t get me wrong, I do not like these storms.  Yet I want to tell you how the last one was used for a big benefit to me.  I was unaware it would turn out like it did but it sure made me thank this storm and you who said a prayer for me last week.

I was excited and yet nervous about the phone consultation with the doctor who does stem cell procedures.  My appt for the phone consultation with Dr Bill was for 1:45 this afternoon.  I got no call so I called the office at 2:15 only to find out that because of the storm, the office was closed today, Tuesday.  I was jittery as I am when I am supposed to have an important meeting so I left a message explaining that I wished I had been notified but would they please call me with another appointment.  To say I was disappointed is to put it mildly.

A half hour later, I received a call from Armanda who had made the appt for me.  She was all apologies and did not know why I was not notified as everyone else had been.  She kept saying how sorry she was and would I be willing to take a call from Dr. Bill in 15 minutes.  Of course, I said yes and was thrilled when he called me from his home.

He explained a lot to me and since my granddaughter had sent copies of my Xrays from 2013 and 2014 to him by email, he had been able to understand more about my situation. Synchronicity is amazing, I am taken care even when I don’t know it.  It just so happens that my Granddaughter Holly and her wife were taking me to the movies on Sunday and they are both proficient at the computer so Holly was able to send the doctor copies of my Xrays, I had no idea how to do that.

I was on the phone for 3/4/of an hour and got to know and feel more confident and comfortable with Dr. Bill. If there had been no storm, and if they had not forgotten to call me, my meeting with him would have only been 15 minutes but he spoke with me for 45 minutes. He will be in contact with me further and feels confident that he and his team will be able to come up with a solution for me but there are no guarantees on just how much better it will get, everyone is different.  He offered to speak to my children if they have questions.

I should be hearing back from him and I will make an appt to go to Danvers, Ma for further testing and possibly get the stem cells the same day.  It could take 3-6 months before there will be any substantial proof of growth but at least it is a chance. I am feeling a lot better about my future and wanted to let you know where I am now.  I am excited.  Thanks for being interested in my progress and for your prayers. .

When something goes bad, the media broadcasts it across the world. Everyone can make a mistake.  Would we like our occasional mistakes broadcast to the whole world? That poor stewardess did not speak English that well and did not understand that the dog was INSIDE the carrier, she assumed it was just a dog carrier.  I want to broadcast this airline steward going out of his way for a passenger.   These stewards and stewardessesdo so much for us but are rarely acknowledged.

What if every neighbor, male or female, took the time to speak to the youth of our day?  We all have neighbors who have children. Let’s make this video go viral so every adult can see what happens when he or she gives a few minutes of their time to share their hard earned wisdom with the future generations.  Do not be afraid to speak your mind in a “Tough Love” and caring voice.

Aluna Joy has a great message for the beginning of Spring and the Equinox.


Do you have any questions about what is going on here on Earth?  Ann Albers and the angels have some information about that.


Have you ever contemplated how you could positively affect the world or at the least, your family and friends whom you love so much?  Patricia Diane Cota-Robles is offering a way that you can and it takes no time at all.

Can I add one more video for you to see?  This is incredible and it shows what a human mind can do in these days.  I do not understand how it is done and I cannot picture this procedure but it blew away my mind.  This will help so many of our brothers and sisters who have so little.

Love and Light

Mary Grace