You have heard so much from me about the lake I live on and my adventures on my kayak.  A neighbor who lives on the lake took a video with his drone which is absolutely beautiful.  The drone went very slowly so all the details are visible.  This is a memento for all of us who live on Lake George in Wales, Ma.  Please do not confuse us with the big Lake George in NY, we are much smaller but just as exciting for all who enjoy what it has to offer.  If you are interested in a high video of my home and the beach, it starts around 2:29 minute.  On the left you will see a rectangular piece which is tan colored, that is the beach.  My lawn and house is right behind it, separated by a fence you cannot see.  As the drone travels, you can see the buoys that keep the swimmers safe from the boats and it looks like a white 3 sided fence on the water.

It is such a joy to share this with you and I am ever grateful for the patience and time it took for my neighbor to memorialize this piece of heaven on earth as well as the music he chose to accompany your trip down Lake George. It takes me about an hour to go all around the lake. Of course, if I stop to talk to anyone, it takes me longer.

Stunning footage from another drone’s purposeful escapade of a strange sinkhole. Enjoy the ingenuity of mankind,.

Archangel Michael and the Great Shift of 2017.  We have already experienced the full moon on July 9th.The Planetary New Year on July 26th is this week so you have time to prepare to enjoy the series of energy alignments and accelerations on July 25th, the Lions Gate on Aug.8th and the two eclipses of August 2017.

Has the heat been bothering you?  Check out this neat invention that has saved many a construction worker.  Want one?

Are you frustrated with your phone running out of juice?  It seems to happen at the worst moment possible. Help is on the way.

Love and Light

Mary Grace

10-10 TODAY


I am almost up to speed on the latest news (except the debates) and when I read this message today from Archangel Michael, it went straight to my heart and has given much more hope for our future. It pertains to today 10-10 and 11-11 next month.

This special message needED to be read today so I am sending it to you.

Love and Light

Mary Grace



First, I would like to take a moment to remember that 14 years ago today, our whole country was in shock. Please join me in saying a brief prayer for all who were involved in the 9/11 tragedy. Lives were unalterably changed and America is stronger for having so many volunteers who rushed to the scene and the many who helped in the background. God Bless America.

This has been quite a week of learning new things, places and people. I went on a 5 day retreat titled “Soul Sisters” given at the Genesis House in Westfield by Edwina Gately. I knew no one including the facilitator but I was looking forward to being with females of like minds. It was kind of an initiation also for my scooter as I would be using it indoors as well as outdoors. I learned how to navigate doors yet I had so many door holders who were very gracious. I learned that my little scooter does well in the forest as long as there is a path and it held its balance quite well considering the many tree roots that it had to go over when there was no other way. When I got back from my jaunt, I realized that the jacket I had taken off was no longer in the basket in the back of my scooter. I figured it had bounced out as I was going over the tree roots. A beautiful young man went into the woods to check it out while I went the other way where the grass and roads where easier. When I could not locate it, I went back to the building and it was there waiting for me. He had found it.

Genesis House had provided me with a private room on the first floor as they had no elevator. It was one of two rooms that had its own bathroom for which I was so grateful. I even had three baths while I was there which is a treat as I only take Navy showers at home to conserve the water that flows into my tight tank.

I learned a lot about life over 2,000 years ago and how Catholicism began. Do you know that priests used to be married and that there were women priests? Edwina was such a wealth of information and she had us laughing so much as she took the roles of different people she has encountered in her life even speaking in their lingo. The fact that 2/3 of the people there were nuns (sisters) was quite an eye opener. I went to parochial school for 12 years so the habit of calling them Sister….was quite ingrained and an automatic habit. Speaking of habits, they did not wear any so it made it much easier to relate to them as just ordinary women. It was quite easy to call them by their first names. Such diversity among all of us and yet we were sisters at heart. This was not a religious retreat but a retreat that opened all of our minds to all possibilities. All of us are concerned with humanity and what we can do in our own small way to help Mother Earth and ALL of her inhabitants. I wish to thank all the religious who taught me about my religion, in fact, I learned more from them that I did with the priests. The priests are always busy with the running of the church but the people and children are touched and helped more by the females in the church. I am also grateful for the deepening awareness I now have from my retreat with my “soul sisters”.

Wednesday, 9/9 was quite a special day. I am going to give you an article that will speak to that and also clue you in to what is on the horizon.

Because I was on retreat, it feels like I missed the beginning of the month updates. I will send you the ones that spoke to me the most.

Dr. Wayne Dyer had a wish for all to see the movie “Shift”. I am including the link here so you will have the opportunity to view it if you wish.

We cannot ignore the disaster of the refugees. We can at least send light and love to them on their journeys, just close your eyes, take a deep breath and set the intention. They will receive it and they will feel it. Here is an article that will lift your spirits.

This is a joyful tear jerker, it makes your heart sing to watch the pure joy of this little one.