This video and music is quite special and will bring the Lights of the World together. Angels of Peace Song – the Angels calling of the Light Workers. Please join me on July 5th for the Harmonic Convergence 2020.  If not possible, listen to this and you will be joined telepathically with all. Be the LIGHT that you are. Be the FIREWORKS that you wish to see. Be the MUSIC that you wish to hear.

This weekend is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. This is the moment in time where a new door (portal) opens.  Take advantage of the energy and opportunity to see, feel and know the new opportunities that are there for you.

Jayme Price is offering you the opportunity to realize the access you have to your own dimensional opening. I gained much needed awareness through this article and video of DNA activation.

There is so much controversy about the effectiveness of wearing masks. Here is one conclusion that was proven but it never started out as a test..they were not trying to prove anything, they were just trying to stay healthy.  See what you think about THIS.

Unknown heroes:  these are also the ones that we can celebrate this weekend by just being fueled by LOVE. I applaud them.  First       NOT last

There are so many of these people that deserve recognition for what they do from their heart.  I wish I could share all the “good” people in this world but I would never finish writing about them and you would never finish reading about them.  Please just know that the majority of this world is filled with “good” that goes unnoticed.  Heart and Love is the true pandemic and we do not need to be protected from it.

Have a wonderful, fun-filled and safe July 4th as we celebrate the heroes of the past and the heroes of the present.

 Love and Light

Mary Grace



I love living on this lake where I have Lakeland Beach club right in front of me.  I have been kayaking but not as often as my heart wishes to go.  I can walk down to the beach once a day so I choose just when I go or should I say the state of the water decides when I can go.  If it is windy or the water choppy, I do not go out in the kayak so then I go down to visit with the adults and children that are having a blast being in the water.  It is so much fun to watch them having fun.  One thing I do not like is the fact that one of my neighbors has 2 jet skis and 2 young men that love to make them hop up and down and stir up the water.  It is not only noisy but they break up the peace that the water brings as well as being a threat to the many kayakers and also the mermaids that love to swim out in the lake without a boat or larger unit that is easy to spot.  When I see them now, I try to remember another use for the jet skis.  Check this scene out.

Thank God, I have not gotten the corona virus.  I have a person I trust giving you the real lo-down on this virus so I wish to send this to you so it might allay your fears or at the least make you wiser about this threat that is all around you.  It is global.  I have a wry grin on my face as I realize that all the wars on this planet have never affected the WHOLE planet at the same time and a little microbe that is invisible to the naked eye has done what all the nuclear power and ammunition could not do.

“BE INSPIRED” shared with us by Dee Wallace. What a wonderful graduation speech this is as it is also an inspiration to every one of us.

“A GENERATION OF HOPE” by Jeanne Morascini in Spirit of Change Magazine. Let us hold onto the hope that our younger generation is showing us.

This video gives us all the hope of our country coming together in solidarity.  Keep this image in mind when our media is focusing on protesters.

Mary Grace



I am constantly amazed at the new inventions that are in process.  When I get a little discouraged by something, I try to remember to look at articles like this one that holds so much promise.  Living on as island has been a lifelong dream of mine but it is not easy to live on an island when the items we need have to be brought over by boat.  Now that we have drones that can deliver so many things and this new creation, maybe I could live on an island after all. Would you like to join me?

How about living on an iceberg?  Perhaps you could train these green glacier moss mice into being pets. Wowee. What is next for us to discover.

At my age, I still remember the Nazi’s and the destruction they caused.  It gave Germany a bad name that is really being changed to admiration.  I have a very dear friend who is from Germany and I have been noticing many more positive things coming from that country.  Here is proof of what can be accomplished when we lose our biases. This is solid proof of how we can help one another.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Day!!!!!  Friday June 5, that’s TODAY—Be positive, observe any insights, dreams, experiences and take deep breaths.  Try not to make any important decisions today, especially on impulse. Let the energies of the full moon gradually become absorbed, integrated and processed over the next three days.

Then, beginning tomorrow, Saturday, through the days following, move forward with more clarity and make your decisions! Notice how waiting those three days may have changed your decision or perception!     Raven Moondance

This June energy update by Lee Harris is FULL of info for you and what is happening now and during this month.

Today is a grey day full of moisture.  I need a pick me up so I guess you could use one too. Could you use a hug?  Let’s put ourselves in the place of all these humans and travel to love land viscerally. This is utterly amazing.

Love and Light

Mary Grace