I love living on this lake where I have Lakeland Beach club right in front of me.  I have been kayaking but not as often as my heart wishes to go.  I can walk down to the beach once a day so I choose just when I go or should I say the state of the water decides when I can go.  If it is windy or the water choppy, I do not go out in the kayak so then I go down to visit with the adults and children that are having a blast being in the water.  It is so much fun to watch them having fun.  One thing I do not like is the fact that one of my neighbors has 2 jet skis and 2 young men that love to make them hop up and down and stir up the water.  It is not only noisy but they break up the peace that the water brings as well as being a threat to the many kayakers and also the mermaids that love to swim out in the lake without a boat or larger unit that is easy to spot.  When I see them now, I try to remember another use for the jet skis.  Check this scene out.

Thank God, I have not gotten the corona virus.  I have a person I trust giving you the real lo-down on this virus so I wish to send this to you so it might allay your fears or at the least make you wiser about this threat that is all around you.  It is global.  I have a wry grin on my face as I realize that all the wars on this planet have never affected the WHOLE planet at the same time and a little microbe that is invisible to the naked eye has done what all the nuclear power and ammunition could not do.


“BE INSPIRED” shared with us by Dee Wallace. What a wonderful graduation speech this is as it is also an inspiration to every one of us.


“A GENERATION OF HOPE” by Jeanne Morascini in Spirit of Change Magazine. Let us hold onto the hope that our younger generation is showing us.


This video gives us all the hope of our country coming together in solidarity.  Keep this image in mind when our media is focusing on protesters.

Mary Grace



Nothing much is happening right with me in this Pandemic but I know of someone who can explain a lot of things.  Have you ever heard of Esther Hicks who channels Abraham?  Sometimes it takes me reviewing what she says a couple of times because it is so deep yet this message is deep but it also explains soooo much.  Have you even wanted to know about why you are here on Earth?  Etc. etc.?????  I have decided to let her speak to you in a way I have not heard before; Abraham clears a lot of questions that run around in my head and probably yours, too. Take a chance and see what can be cleared up for you.


Just in case you did not see this video, it is so moving.  Hooray for newbies, who needs all the hoopla to get noticed.


Solidarity?  What is it?  Here is a perfect example of humanity in its purest form.


This next video is a way to share my love of the birds. I have no idea why there are so many golden finches at my feeders.  I wonder if other feeders are empty.  They are emptying my feeder every day which is very unusual.  But, there is always a but; they are so beautiful to watch.  The males are now turning into pure gold with black patches over their eyes. There are a few who have fully molted and many who are a mixture of grey and gold. I seem to have more males at my feeders than females and I know they do not mate until August but they are so fierce right now.  They keep pursuing the others so they can get to the feeder.  Usually they are quite docile but there is more activity between them than I have ever seen.  This next video prompted me to share this with you.


Are you ready for this one? I kept it for last because it will leave you with such a feeling of joy and accomplishment.  What an unusual way to win this contest. Do you believe in Magic?


Love and Light

Mary Grace



I listened to a webcast by Laura Hosford and was blown away by the similarities between us. It was like I was listening to a sister who had experienced the same life as I but with her own individual twist. I decided to get a reading from her and I was not disappointed.  Have you ever met someone who you know you know but you can’t remember where you met them? It was like that but more.  I learned so much and felt so much.  She is a channel so Jeshua, Mother Mary and Isis stopped by for a visit. The love and the energy was incredible and I have a recording of that meeting which I intend to listen to until I have garnered it all.  If you would like a taste of who she is and what she has to offer, her website is: https://laurahosford.com

I have not heard from Pepper Lewis for a long time and here she is again with a message for us all.


Have you ever said something that you wish you could take back OR done something you regret.  This is such a simple way to redeem yourself without any hard feelings on either side.


Are you wondering what is next in this chaos? Are you ready to take your next step? Here is a suggestion.


So old but oh, so true


Love and Light

Mary Grace