Today will be a beautiful day, in the 50”s.  After these few days of below the teens, 50 degrees sounds so warm.  I have raised my blinds and let the sun shine in to warm my home.  At this time of the year, I no longer have the sun coming in on the side of my house that faces the lake.  But…I do have it on the other side which comes in my kitchen and my office.  The lake is starting to freeze along the edges but I bet that will all be gone later in the day.  I was having such a peaceful day as I began this newsletter until I received a phone call that upset my peace.  Fear of speaking my truth was right in front of me and there was no way out.  I had to face my fear and although the call ended peacefully, my solar plexus is still so tight.  I don’t know about you but I feel and hear discordance even the next day after an interlude like this.  Then, I found Lee Harris and how he dealt with his fear even if his fear was different than mine. I will share it with you.


This is another message that helped me bring my heartbeat down a notch.  See what you think.Align with Your Soul’s Divine Blueprint ~ 11:11 through 12:12 .  Message from Archangel Gabriel by Shanta Gabriel. You are in a very important time in your life and a very short time to go through it.  This message has some very good information that will be quite useful.


Have you ever noticed that our human lives look very much like the “Jetson’s that used to be on TV?  We even have something we can talk into to that will do things around our house for us.  Flying cars have already been created and so much of our lives now are like they were portrayed on that series.  ????“You are now living the science fiction you once read about” is in this article and you will understand much more after reading this?


I don’t know about you but I could use some humor and even laughter to bring us back to our heart.  Hey guys, you too will like this.

Love and Light

Mary Grace

11-11 POWER


Are you aware that 11-11 is a very special date, especially this year. Archangel Gabriel has a message for you through the guide Shanta Gabriel.


Ascension Path with Sandra Walter, an awareness of how important the 11-11 date is.  I wish I knew how to make this just a highlighted message which is much smaller.  This message gives you an unusual awareness of the meaning of this special time in humanity. Hurrah, I finally got it to be a smaller link.


Opportunities to Connect as ONE

SUNday Unity Meditations: Infusions of peace, stability and amplification of the New Light at 5:11AM, 8:11AM & 11:11AM PST (UTC – 8). Details HERE.

Monday November 11 is our 11:11 unification. Please mediate and gather at 11:11AM in your own time zone. We enter this sacred space with a global focus on peace, revelation and unity consciousness. PLEASE JOIN WITH ME.

 The field of Love and Quantum Entanglement.  This was written by a priest who I really admire for his love of ALL with no distinction or judgement.  He does not have the bias of most clergy and is open to all the Earth has to show us.  This is just a sample of what he offers on his daily meditations of which I subscribe to. I think 11-11 is affecting us already as the number 1 is the symbol of ONENESS and this article is all about that.


Would you like a picture of unconditional and neighborly love?  I cannot think of a better example than this story and especially the picture.



Happy Halloween no matter what night you celebrate it on.  This has been a year of cancellations or postponements for trick and treating. I remember the Halloween of 2011 where we had feet of snow and were without electricity for a week.  The rain this year is easier to take, you don’t have to shovel it. I always wondered about the true background of Halloween and this year, I found one.  Would you like to know the true beginnings? Click on highlighted words.

How would you like to go without your reading glasses? If you are like me, you have them in every room of your house.  The future is looking much brighter; the solution is on its way.

I have so much admiration for and  give thanks to our firefighters.  What they are doing in California exceeds their oath of duty.  The work they are doing in California is momentous but they do momentous things every day .  Check this out – what courage it took to calm this little girl down.  Now, they are really MEN and HEROES.

Diabetics listen up.  All who know a diabetic listen up?  The future is so bright for you.

Have you ever met someone who does not believe the Holocaust really happened?  I did and it was so uncomfortable.  How could someone not know about it?  Well, here is proof that it did occur and beyond that, anyone can check it out online.  What dedication it took to not only amass all of these records donated by thousands of people and relatives but the  humane devotion it took for the benefactor(Ancestry) who transferred them all onto the computer for all to see.  I picture so many people getting relief from grief just by being able to find their loved ones. The ARCHIVES is available to all humans and the history of our past

Love and Light

Mary Grace