I am constantly amazed at the new inventions that are in process.  When I get a little discouraged by something, I try to remember to look at articles like this one that holds so much promise.  Living on as island has been a lifelong dream of mine but it is not easy to live on an island when the items we need have to be brought over by boat.  Now that we have drones that can deliver so many things and this new creation, maybe I could live on an island after all. Would you like to join me?

How about living on an iceberg?  Perhaps you could train these green glacier moss mice into being pets. Wowee. What is next for us to discover.

At my age, I still remember the Nazi’s and the destruction they caused.  It gave Germany a bad name that is really being changed to admiration.  I have a very dear friend who is from Germany and I have been noticing many more positive things coming from that country.  Here is proof of what can be accomplished when we lose our biases. This is solid proof of how we can help one another.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Day!!!!!  Friday June 5, that’s TODAY—Be positive, observe any insights, dreams, experiences and take deep breaths.  Try not to make any important decisions today, especially on impulse. Let the energies of the full moon gradually become absorbed, integrated and processed over the next three days.

Then, beginning tomorrow, Saturday, through the days following, move forward with more clarity and make your decisions! Notice how waiting those three days may have changed your decision or perception!     Raven Moondance

This June energy update by Lee Harris is FULL of info for you and what is happening now and during this month.

Today is a grey day full of moisture.  I need a pick me up so I guess you could use one too. Could you use a hug?  Let’s put ourselves in the place of all these humans and travel to love land viscerally. This is utterly amazing.

Love and Light

Mary Grace



Hallelujah!  The doors are opening at long last and we can peek out at our new world. This calls for a celebration.

Do you believe in signs from above?  Have you ever experienced something so unusual you knew in your heart that it was from a loved one who had passed over to the other side?  My best friend from childhood died and of course, her funeral was on a snow stormy day. I live on a small mountain so it is necessary to go downhill to the nearest town so off I went to start my descent. As I was going down my car started to slide and I was so startled as I could not control it.  It went into a complete circle while I was terrified that another vehicle might be coming up or someone would be behind me.  I thought I was going to end up in the ditch. Yet, it went completely around and stopped on the right side of the road going in the right direction. It took me a minute to come to my senses and then I hollered: “Pearl stop it, this is not funny”. My best friends name was Pearl and I knew she is the one who did this, only best friends can scare the pants off you and laugh at you at the same time. When I got to the funeral, I told her kids and husband what she had done and they had a good laugh because they said: “It sounds just like her”.

Here is another example of that.  Enjoy and have a good laugh by Tammy Mastroberte.

Does this sound like a miracle?  How could anyone pull this off? It definitely is a Miracle of LOVE.

Another song of Love, I bet your hands, feet or body won’t be able to sit still.

A new word has been coined: REBUILD GROUP. Want to know what it means?  Read on further, the article by Brenda Hoffman.

Love and Light

Mary Grace



I just returned from my first kayaking expedition of this year.  The oars felt so much heavier than last year and I only went half way round the lake and came back as my muscles seem to need more exercise.  I will be happy to exercise more by kayaking yet the weather of wind and rain has been almost constant.  I won’t go out if it is windy as not only is it harder to row but you never know when a gust will come up.  My first jaunt is usually half away around and I am satisfied with that at first.  I usually go all around the lake and it takes me about an hour but this is only the beginning of my passion. I would say that only about half the boats are at their docks so there is a lot more to come. It is so much fun to see how much the homes or their surroundings have changed as the owners put their own spin on their water edge homes.

Being in quarantine gives most of us a chance to think about what is going on and what effect it has on us.  Here is an explanation of why and how this had been happening.  It is notable of the progress we have made so far.  This week is very important to our future so give a listen to Patricia Diane Cota Robles.  You will be happy you did.

Aluna Joy Yaxkin has received a poem from the Masters and like most poems, it takes time for it all to sink in.  I believe that this writing will make history as our future kin will understand it even better. It is easier to look back for the truth than to discern it while it is happening.

This seems to be the time of revelation.  So many who can touch dimensions we can’t are trying to put us in touch with what is happening to Earth and its inhabitants.  Christine Day is such a one and the Pleiadians have given her a tool for humanity to use for a Frequency Patterning of your Immune System for free.  The May 2020 Pleiadian Broadcast is invaluable.  Listen to both the broadcast and the frequency patterning for realizations that you have not heard before.

Do you know any front line workers? Here are companies who are offering free goods and services to essential workers.  They deserve extra treatment so please forward this to anyone you know that deserves extra treatment.

Watching baby hummingbirds being fed by mama hummingbird. This is an unusual video and you can actually feel and see how small they are.

Love and Light

Mary Grace