Book review in Fall edition 2011 of The Spirit of Change Magazine on The Wounded Chalice, Celebrating the Divinity of the Womb, by Mary Grace, Celebrated Author, Speaker and Host of her own
TV Show, I Am Mary Grace.

Undergoing the surgical operation of a hysterectomy is a profound event in any woman’s life. For Mary Grace, her uterus represented The Divine Feminine, her children’s first home. She refused to let the removal of her womb be treated casually by the medical establishment. She agreed to the hysterectomy under one condition: she wanted her uterus back.

The Wounded Chalice is Mary’s seventy-year journey from little girl
in a male dominated society to grandmother honoring the sacredness of
her body.
The memoir’s nostalgia of mittens drying on the wood stove is
balanced with the reality of a life: an abusive father, two divorces, and
the horrifying sexual abuse of her daughter by the girl’s own father (who
bizarrely tried to justify his own actions).
Reflective, though never bitter, The Wounded Chalice contains Mary’s
greatest teaching, “You are here because your mom honored the Divinity
of her Womb, which contained You”.