Do you have fear after watching TV News?  There are some news people who make me shudder just with the sound of their voice which carries such feelings of disasters and anger. I don’t watch those stations but I do want to know the news, so I watch the ones who bring smiles, joy and reasonable new news.  I found this recording by Master Eckhart Tolle which makes fear so simple in a way.  He offers ways to conquer that fear which can take just a few minutes.

There is a lot of controversy going on about fear so here is another light hearted message from the angels.

Deva Premal is a person who I haven’t heard from in years.  She was so delightful and is even more so now. Lee Harris is quite the interviewer so… Enjoy.

I checked and there are no drive-ins around me. Darn it.  I think it is a great idea.  Do you remember the fun we used to have at DRIVE-IN-MOVIES?

Finally, The Birth of the New You!

Love and Light

Mary Grace



There are so many stories about real down to life heroes, that I can’t get them all on this newsletter.  I need to choose between them and I ask the angels to help me choose which ones would serve you best. There is also humor along with the truth.  These have touched my heart and I wanted to share them with you.

This one speaks to the virus but in a way that is true, sad, funny and inspirational.  Enjoy. Can I add relaxing?

I suddenly realized the folder that I keep these messages in is labeled: INSPIRING MESSAGES.  I’ve been doing this for years but all of sudden; the title became so clear to me. It suddenly got so light that I could not ignore it.  Has that ever happened to you?

Can you believe this? I have always heard that Mother Nature holds all the miracles we need.

Another hero who is the perfect example of someone who values what life has to give and is not afraid to put in the necessary work to accomplish it. He had many angels around him to keep him afloat even after having given up when he was a teenager.  Isn’t humanity wonderful?  I don’t think I could have done what he did.

This is my favorite.  Who says you have to be mature to be a hero?  You just need to have heart.

Heroes come in many forms, cultures, sexes and countries yet they are all one species and on one planet.  Would you say we are connected?  I would and I am proud to be a human.

Love and Light

Mary Grace





This is the season to be jolly and also to be alert.  We are in between the heart filling joys of Christmas and the mind blowing ideas of the New Year, 2020. We need to bring them together, the heart and the mind. WE ARE ONE!  In so many ways; we are one species, one consciousness, one voice, one energy and one with the Creator who created us. The coming times will challenge us to remember the Oneness that we are so we can become one voice yet be individual voices who are willing to come together to be the voice of this beloved Planet. There are future predictions and I give each one their due, yet we are one species on one planet.  Don’t the other species (animals, insects, etc.) have a right to live on Earth as well?  We humans inherited such a pristine planet but we have become more concerned with owning it then in sharing it with ALL.

Here is a prediction or view of what is possible.  See what you think and let your heart guide your head. It is the time that LOVE is the most important thing for our survival and for all who inhabit this beloved planet.

I received such a beautiful gift from my eldest son, Steve, and his children.  It is a portrait of Mother Mary sitting with Archangel Gabriel talking to her and the Dove of the Holy Spirit above them.  Then above them are the cherubim, the little angels all singing in praise.  It is encased in such a beautiful frame that offsets all the colors.  I am not a connoisseur of paintings but this looks like a real painting in a museum.  It is so beautiful and has such meaning for me.  Steve will come later this week and hang it up on the wall in my prayer area.  Angels, big and small. are here on Earth to guide us humans if we but listen to our hearts and their small or loud voices. Here is a message from them.

Are you a New Senior Infant? I wasn’t sure what that meant until I read this article by Brenda Hoffman. I know I am a senior but to be an infant again????

I received the news of this creation this morning.  Imagine the hope and joy of all of our diabetics.  This son surely knows why he chose to be on Earth at this time….to give his father the reason for HIS life.  This is only a sample of what is in store for us in the very near future.  And….the dad lives in Massachusetts.

I wanted to share this creation with you now, in case you wish to check it out further.  Imagine what our brain and heart can do when they get together. Let’s do it.


Love and Light

Mary Grace