I have had 4 days of sun this week so I am going to claim that SPRING is here regardless of what the calendar says. What is one of the things you do when spring first comes?  I took my car for a car wash with undercarriage wash to get rid of the salt.  Much to my surprise, the car wash I have used for years installed a new washing machine and I can no longer get an undercarriage wash without having the wax also.  I was stunned and so disappointed.  The owner says he is getting a lot of disappointed clients. He was not aware that it was a big deal.  If I get the wax put on, I really can’t see well out of my windshield. It seems to either be crackly or smeared. The weather gave me another day of sun so I set about finding a car wash that includes the undercarriage wash.  To my disbelief, it is soooo hard to find one. Isn’t it amazing that you can’t know what is no longer available until you try to find it? I spent hours trying to find a station on the computer but I could not find one except my old favorite one and one other who bent my front license plate in half so that eliminated him. Eureka, after traveling 30 miles I finally found one.  MY car is happy, I AM happy and I now have more time to find a carwash closer to me.

This morning I received an email from Dee Wallace and she included a song that brought the sun out more strongly.  Without even realizing it, I started singing. It is an old favorite and most people knew it as a child.  It made me feel like Spring IS HERE and it brought me all the sunny feelings from youth so I wanted to share it with you.  I admit, I do not remember the 3rd and 4th stanza but I knew the first two.  I hope this song brings the sun out for you too.


What happened in Texas is heavy on all of our hearts.  The mere thought of what people went through and how powerless they are, brings me to tears.  Yet, there is always good in everything that happens and I am happy to share one event that you probably did not hear on the news.  Actually, I know that a lot of good things did happen but we are just not aware of them.

I know that we have heard so much about Covid 19 and the vaccines.  I have not heard of this new health opportunity on the news but here it is.  It is from Israel but it does not matter that it is not in our country.  It should be promoted or at the least, mentioned in our news that there is another avenue of hope when it comes to the virus. If you know anyone in the news, please share this news so people will have more hope in some other methods being explored.

Mark Cuban, a billionaire is someone more people with money could emulate. Billionaire Mark Cuban’s New Drug Company is Producing Low-Cost Generic Drugs Cutting 90% of the Markup. It does my heart good when I hear of wealthy people using their abundance to help humanity and the world.  No one should have to struggle to pay for life saving procedures.

Love and Light

Mary Grace



I have never been a fan of snow, as you well know. Yet, after viewing what is happening in Texas, I have a new feeling of safety here in the Northeast as we are prepared for freezing temperatures and even lots of snow because it is normal for us in winter.  The areas that do not experience a real hardy winter are ill prepared for when it happens. Watching the news and weather reports gives me a new fresh look at how safe we really are.  Of course, we are not as prepared for tornadoes as other states that have shelters for when it happens in their state. Earth is certainly diversified; if you travel you can experience any type of weather you choose. My heart and prayers go out to all of humanity that are in unsafe areas right now. Watch this balancing act on the beach which I never thought possible. Perhaps we can use this as an example of how we could balance life on this planet and in such a beautiful way.


The Tenacity of trees.  We are learning more and more about the importance of trees.  I used to have a limited opinion like its leaves just convert our exhale into oxygen but there is so much more to trees.  Let’s admire the gifts that a tree gives and maybe, someday, someone will list ALL of its attributes on one page of paper or two or three pages. Check out these pictures and you will see the tenacity of tree life. Life in all of its forms is tenacious, including human life.


I have never seen the Northern Lights so I cannot appreciate this sight as much as if I had something to compare it to. There is so much in the world that one person cannot experience it all.  I am so grateful that I live in the days where the world is at our fingertips if only we have the courage to investigate the computer.  Check out this video, even the person taking it was astounded.

I would love to see this story go viral as all of planet Earth needs to see the example that has already been set.  All we need do is make sure our politicians see this.  Can you help?

Also add this. Maybe these videos will open some eyes as the example has already been set and the proof is in the pudding. All that needs to happen is for these proven efforts to be seen.

There are so many examples of human enterprises that work for the good of ALL.  I wish there was a way for all the decision makers to realize that the hardest work has been done and all that needs to be done is that the rest of this planet join in creating the results that we are all searching for. I know that you and I are only ONE voice each but multiply that by the amount of humans on this planet and it could be so quickly effective. How many people can you reach?

Love and Light

Mary Grace


Virus-free. www.avast.com



Yesterday, I was euphoric.  It felt so freeing, like I could just release any and all tension.  This was the time to relax and not carry the world on my shoulders. I could feel the whole country taking a deep breath and releasing all the tension that we have held for soooo long. The day before, Wednesday, I watched the whole inauguration (I don’t usually turn my TV on until 5 or 6 in the evening) and it was beautiful.  Different than normal but beautiful in its forthcoming peace.

Today I feel so uptight like I don’t have enough time or resources to get everything done. Why the sudden shift?  I can’t find the answer but this talk by Eckhart Tolle:” One Day at a Time” will certainly help.  I think I have fallen back into trying to do too much all at once.


Here is another short interpretation of what is happening in Our World today by Kate Spreckley.


I read Fr. Richard Rohr’s Center for Action and Contemplation on a daily basis.  This was a special note from him that had special meaning at this time on Earth.  I got a different insight into Moses’ Tent of Meeting. I feel compelled to share this with you.

This video of Lee Harris in action gives another revealing insight into the progression of humanity.


Jayme Price has a short narrative on the creative and reactive sides of life. Which are you choosing?


Love and Light
Mary Grace