I just returned from my first kayaking expedition of this year.  The oars felt so much heavier than last year and I only went half way round the lake and came back as my muscles seem to need more exercise.  I will be happy to exercise more by kayaking yet the weather of wind and rain has been almost constant.  I won’t go out if it is windy as not only is it harder to row but you never know when a gust will come up.  My first jaunt is usually half away around and I am satisfied with that at first.  I usually go all around the lake and it takes me about an hour but this is only the beginning of my passion. I would say that only about half the boats are at their docks so there is a lot more to come. It is so much fun to see how much the homes or their surroundings have changed as the owners put their own spin on their water edge homes.

Being in quarantine gives most of us a chance to think about what is going on and what effect it has on us.  Here is an explanation of why and how this had been happening.  It is notable of the progress we have made so far.  This week is very important to our future so give a listen to Patricia Diane Cota Robles.  You will be happy you did.

Aluna Joy Yaxkin has received a poem from the Masters and like most poems, it takes time for it all to sink in.  I believe that this writing will make history as our future kin will understand it even better. It is easier to look back for the truth than to discern it while it is happening.

This seems to be the time of revelation.  So many who can touch dimensions we can’t are trying to put us in touch with what is happening to Earth and its inhabitants.  Christine Day is such a one and the Pleiadians have given her a tool for humanity to use for a Frequency Patterning of your Immune System for free.  The May 2020 Pleiadian Broadcast is invaluable.  Listen to both the broadcast and the frequency patterning for realizations that you have not heard before.

Do you know any front line workers? Here are companies who are offering free goods and services to essential workers.  They deserve extra treatment so please forward this to anyone you know that deserves extra treatment.

Watching baby hummingbirds being fed by mama hummingbird. This is an unusual video and you can actually feel and see how small they are.

Love and Light

Mary Grace



 I have an unexpected gift for you from the Pleiadians and Christine Day. It is a frequency patterning which strengthens your immune system against the Corona Virus. I have been following her for about 7 years, still frequency patterning is new to me so give a listen to Christine and see what you think.  I did the patterning and it feels quite powerful.

I receive a daily meditation from Fr. Richard Rohr and today’s just seem to speak to what we are all experiencing across this planet.  Perhaps this will speak to you.

I feel so quiet today as you can see from what my Spirit has chosen to share with you.  Yet, I can still laugh and this made me laugh and chuckle at our humanity. Jimmy Fallon does it again.

This is a package for all ages to while the time away, bring a smile to your face or share with someone.  Whistle while you do it. Try it, you’ll like it. This reminds me of what happened three days ago while I was shopping. I heard someone whistling in the grocery store, it made me smile.  Then I went outside and another person was whistling, then I got to another store and there was the third person whistling. When was the last time you heard someone whistling?  It has been years for me so I was quite surprised but pleased at the same time. Check out this animal livestream.

Would you like a letter from Covid-19?  I guarantee that it will give you food for thought.

Love and Light

Mary Grace



Happy Father’s Day to all the dads.  My son Steve sent me this song and he even found one with the words in caption that he could copy and send which I found so ever useful.  Listen and see what you think.  This is in honor of all the men on this beautiful planet.

What do you think this baby is saying?  Perhaps Happy Father’s Day?  Smile.

I went to one of the first workshops given by Christine Day quite a few years ago.  There was much I did not understand then but this Pleiadian Broadcast opened me up to much more information and clarity.  I know there is a lot of information on the media and when I run across something new and I don’t quite agree, I tend to put it in the back of my mind, chew on it for a while and then eventually I run across an explanation that makes sense to me. Just from listening to her broadcasts, they make me want to go on her retreats. Maybe someday I will get to do that again.

This story made me smile and mostly at myself because it is such a reminder that ALL things happen in its right moment.  I love the reminders that Spirit sends me.  Will this remind you of a time when you had been struggling very hard to do or understand something and all of sudden, like a flash of light, the answer came?  I just noticed the new headline: Morning Jolt of Good News.  It certainly is that and done in such a truthful, humorous and kind way.

Have you ever wondered why God used to be thought of as only the Father?