This has been a week of business the like of which I have not experienced in quite a long time.  I am going to physical therapy twice a week until the end of the year, then doctor’s appointments seem to pop up all during the same week and I got a hearing aid also.  You would think I was a working girl being gone from 9 to 5.  I even had two special lunches with special people.  One of them with former coworkers and one of them with my two granddaughters. Today was my physical therapy and a follow up appointment with my hearing aid people.

It is amazing to hear sounds that I was not aware existed.  Like the rustle of the clothing as you dress or undress, the musical tones from my crystals are deep and resounding and I do not struggle so hard to hear a conversation and understand what is being said. I can finally hear my youngest granddaughter as her voice is high pitched and she is only 9 years old.  Today, I got to talk to her and to my amazement, her voice sounds deeper and I was able to understand what she was saying.  My high-pitched sounds are the ones that need the most help but my base sounds are pretty good. It does not even feel like I have it in.  I am so grateful for the newest technologies.  So please forgive me for being so late with this newsletter.

Happy Winter Solstice.  Even though it has felt like winter for a long time now, there are special energies associated with the winter solstice.  Enjoy.

How many of us really know our body?  Do You?  For myself, I am a work in progress even though I wish to understand or know right now what is happening in my body and why. This is the season of Jesus.  Let Him give you a loving response.

This video gives a clearer meaning of the  Law of Attraction  in a down to earth way.

Tis the Season to be Jolly.  It is also the season where we are stretched out trying to please everyone.  Remember to love yourself first as you have to have that love within yourself to be able to share it with anyone else.

I believe that all humans, male or female, carry the feminine code.  This is why we need each other to be as strong a light as we can to let the light into us and around us. Let this description waken your light even brighter to shine upon all.

Would you like to smile and laugh a little?  Could you be as spontaneous as these people?



Just when it was starting to feel like Spring was right around the corner, we got this very windy snow storm. It is beautiful though, just like a Winter Wonderland.  I was surprised by noticing the frost heaves yesterday in the roads which only occur when Spring is here.  I don’t know whether the groundhog saw his shadow, but I do know that we have more sunlight, the dawn is getting earlier and the sunset is getting later.  It IS getting warmer so I have hope that Spring is right around the corner.

Do you believe in synchronicity?  I do and here is a story that proves that it does exist. It pays to have hope in ANY situation.

I thought I knew quite a bit about GMO’s but this article has even more info. It actually tells you how to know that you are truly getting a GMO free product.

Kryon has given much new information on the Creation Story to Lee Carroll. Our Bible was given in a very different time with many different cultures and practices.  The languages were different so what we have interpreted the words to mean might not be what was actually intended to convey.  In a way, it makes the Bible more interesting as many different meanings and interpretations have come forth.  Much like a story that keeps being repeated but changes a little each time it is repeated.  Did you ever play that game as child where one child says something to another and by the time the last child in the line hears it, it doesn’t even resemble what was said to begin with? Yet, basically the overall meanings of the Bible convey the human condition with LOVE being the overlapping beginning and ending.

This is young Louise Hay speaking.  What she says is just as relevant today as it was when she actually said it to us. Simple but profound.

A message from Jeshua by Pamela Kribbe.  “Fully Human & Fully Divine”

Lee Harris’ February energy update.  Very uplifting and hopeful.

I just had to end with a football story considering the Super Bowl being this Sunday.

Love and Light

Mary Grace



There is so much turmoil in the world and we can’t avoid it as the internet and TV allows us to be able to access the WHOLE world.  This is a large world and every second there is something happening somewhere that is considered sad or negative.  As I was growing up, we did not have access to all of that information, so in a way, we were cocooned.  What you are aware of is your world and our world was quite small although we were not aware of it.  The “bad” news was not available 24 hours a day so we could not bask or rebel in what appeared to be our world.

The world has grown so large in just a lifetime and yet is so small at the same time.  We are addicted to being in contact with another person at all times.  We are only a phone call or text away from the millions or billions of souls that are available to us through our media machines or media news. YET we are so far apart from each other in relating one to one on a personal basis.  We can be anyone we choose to be as we can play any role on the phones or computers and no one is the wiser.  Does that sound “real” to you?

Actually we humans are quite adaptive as we swing from being one personality to another so easily.  We are susceptible to so many suggestions that bombard each of us on a minute by minute basis; whether it is on the TV, the Computer or even on the billboards. Who am I in this moment?  Who are you in this moment? When I just stop and be, the record in my mind slows down and I am no one; no mom, wife, friend, sister, cousin, coworker, neighbor, daughter, housewife, nurse, doctor, teacher, shopper, diner, vacationer, etc…… How many roles do you play?  There are so many that each of us plays in a single day, in a single hour. Most of these roles are genuine and are the real us…until we turn on our devices.  Then we enter a different world. We enter worlds created by others who are attempting to sway us to their realities. Are you able to withstand these energies and still remain who you really are in your heart?  I ask myself this question as I all of a sudden come back in to my world.  Where was I?  Can you keep your world being the world you really want? I sometimes feel that the only time I am actually in the world I want is when I am quiet and still.  That is hard to do when there are so many opportunities during your day to sidetrack you.  I envy the ones who are able to remain quiet in their selves while still being in this world of variables.

Selacia offers hope and another perspective on living in these times.  I believe in hope and also in miracles, small or large. This day is rainy and cold so it feels like I have delved deep within.

Pamela Kribbe and Jeshua  give us a unique way of looking at life.

I am not against cell phones just our complete dependence on them which makes us vulnerable to others who wish to shut us down.  Remember that you are telepathic and with a little practice, phones will not be needed. Check out this news about our near future and cell phones. Won’t it be great when our phones are not dependent on outer sources?

Did you know that Lee Harris is also a singer.  This is just a teaser or a short version of what he is offering.  Check it out.

After all is said and done, the simple things are still the most powerful.  How powerful is your sight in the way you look at this world. His joy brought tears to my eyes and reminded me of the small things that I take for granted.

Love and Light

Mary Grace