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Mary Grace, B.S, R.M.T., is a student of life who has survived and conquered fears and losses which have given her a unique view of the world. Beginning with a teenage marriage and motherhood, she realized that only by conquering her fears could she be an example for her children to follow. These fears felt huge to her, as all fears do, even if they seemed unfounded to the onlooker.

Confrontation was not her strong suit unless it was for the sake of one of her young ones. She became a tigress when one of her children was threatened or harmed in any way. It took a lot of courage to let her children pursue their own paths especially when it was not what she wanted in her heart for them.

To be a mother was her only dream and she expected that to be her whole life. She was not anticipating a career; she only wanted to obtain a college degree because she loved to learn new things.

Well, life had something totally different in mind. Finally she earned a Bachelor’s Degree at age 52, but the most important things she learned came from the school of hard knocks. All these knocks were opportunities for a different experience enabling her to come away with a degree in Living.

Mary Grace learned to stand up and confront life with all of its challenges which strengthened her resolve to be courageous as well as loving and forgiving. Finding the courage to “hear” her inner voice has led her to make decisions that have been life changing. When the Divine Feminine told her to write this book, she was surprised as well as pleased with the assignment.

Although she always won the spelling bees in school and still can readily spot a misspelled word, she never thought of actually writing a book. In order to fulfill Mother’s wish, she attended a writing class taught by the editor of a column in the daily newspaper. The final project in this class was to read a rough draft of what she had written. She found that everyone in the class seemed to have been touched by different passages; the women had tears in their eyes and the men were also visibly affected. They had differing opinions on what type of magazine would most likely print an article about reclaiming her womb after a hysterectomy. Some suggestions were: health magazines, women’s magazines, spiritual magazines, mother magazines, self – help magazines, etc. This class enabled her to gain insights into writing this book.

For 15 years, Mary Grace attempted to complete The Wounded Chalice and when she retired, she honored her commitment to Mother Mary. ¬†After all, Mother had already given her the title of the book and guided her to locate the “right” chalice. She fulfilled what she had been asked to accomplish with joy and eagerness to share the wisdom that life had offered her.

She experienced the joys and challenges of motherhood, two failed marriages, an IRS lien and loss of all material goods while gaining spiritual strength and depth. She has come full circle. She has been honed and primed to share this message with you. Mary Grace is a well-known Author,  Reiki Master, Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Counselor, Eucharistic Minister, and is now the host of her own local TV Show.

Her home in Massachusetts is on the water; it is peaceful, comforting and interesting with all the birds that visit the feeders. The water has a life of its own; it constantly changes even in winter. It is a perfect example of her life with its myriad of changes. She now lives in peace and harmony and wishes to express the truth that she garnered from every challenge.

Mary Grace has traveled to many spiritual sites looking for her truth, looking for herself, looking for answers. She is like a bud that is unfolding and her next book will detail her spiritual journey. There was something pulling and tugging at her, prodding her to find out who she really was. Who was she after the children grew up and started their own lives?

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I am an Author, a Speaker, a Spiritual Counselor, a Reiki Master, a Mystic, a Weekly Talk Show Host, a Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother.


I could add more descriptions of who I am but it is constantly changing as I evolve.


Life on Earth is certainly an interesting journey, one where we get to choose what we wish to experience and a journey that when we surrender to the Power above, we get to ride in the current of Love.

Are you hitting your head against the door to try to open it or are you surrendering to Divine Timing where the doors will open effortlessly when it is time?

Life has taught me more patience and willingness to be just who I am right now.


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