Reader Guide

These questions and reflections are here simply to help you focus on what you have read and apply the insights to your own life.  I hope they help you to “see” more clearly.

Questions and Reflections

CHAPTER 1 … What fear(s) were created in your childhood?

How have these memories or fears affected your adult life?

What perceptions of the world you live in have you brought forth?

REFLECTION: As a child we are a clean slate that life writes upon. We have chosen to experience certain lessons in this lifetime and the Universe will provide what we need to learn. Even the difficult challenges are there for a reason.

CHAPTER 2 … Have you ever experienced being bullied?

Were you able to take back your power or did it leave you with an inferiority complex of feeling less than?

Were you exposed to cultural or religious celebrations that touched your heart with their spirituality and love?

Abuse causes dysfunction in families, whether it is physical or emotional. How do you perceive this phenomenon and what are its effects?

REFLECTION: As a child, we live in the now moment, so we find it much easier to forgive and forget unless the abuse is repeated time and time again.  Feeling loved and safe is also easy to forget if it is not reaffirmed.

CHAPTER 3 … What type of relationship did you dream of having when you thought about marriage?

Did you have a fear that no one would want you?  Did you settle for second best out of that fear?

What were the roles that others played in your life and what role did you play in theirs?

REFLECTION: We look to others for validation of who we are and the gift that we bring to this earth.  We are afraid that we might be powerful and awesome and unique.  Fear of who we might be prevents us from accepting the gift of who we are.

CHAPTER 4 … Have you considered what impact you might have had on a child?  Was it a positive or a negative one?

What does the term “mystery of life” mean to you?

Are you aware that the future of the human race depends on you and your perception of motherhood?

REFLECTION: We are a walking example of what we believe.  People react to what you do more than what you say.  In fact, children imitate what they see because their world is so small when they are young, they look to the adults to show them the way.

CHAPTER 5 … Do you believe that children and also adults are protected by an unseen force?  What do you call this energy?

How have you learned to stand up for what you believe?  Give an example.

What does being dysfunctional mean to you?

REFLECTION: Angels have been an influence and comfort to me since my early childhood when I first learned that God has designated protection for all of us.  The way we are reached is through our feelings.  Let us honor those feelings instead of thinking that others know more than we do about our lives.  Each of us has a path that no one else has.  Our paths intersect with other paths but we alone can accomplish what we came into this world to do.  Our feelings are signals that will guide us to fulfilling our chosen destiny.

CHAPTER 6 … Have you ever followed your core belief even as others wanted you to do it differently?

Is there something in you that you believe with all of your heart and know in your soul to be your truth?  Will you follow it at any cost?

Have you ever followed your heart even if it was difficult?  Give an example.

REFLECTION: Have courage to follow your dreams and aspirations, regardless of where it takes you.  You will be led to the correct path and miracles much greater than you could ever imagine.

CHAPTER 7 … Have you kept a secret that you were ashamed of making known and lied to cover up the truth?

Did you believe those lies after a while and did you finally admit them to yourself?

Was it ever necessary for you to make a life or death decision about someone else’s well being?

REFLECTION: As long as you have a secret in your heart, that place cannot be healed until the hidden is exposed.  It is like a lie you have told yourself that is a festering sore which needs to be exposed before healing can take place.

CHAPTER 8 … Have you felt betrayed by the person who was your best friend and lover?

Did your child or someone dear to you experience being violated by someone you knew?

What was the episode that brought you to the deepest level of hatred you have ever felt?

REFLECTION: LOVE is still the greatest gift that you can give to yourself and those around you.  With the power of love, all things can be forgiven and you will be set free.  We do not choose the tragedies that happen to us but we can choose our re-actions to them.

CHAPTER 9 … Have you or your children experienced the trauma of divorce?

Did you ever have to make the difficult choice between two of your children?

What experience can you remember where you swallowed your pride to ease hurt in another?

REFLECTION: Choices are opportunities to say yes or no to life experiences.  The harder ones offer the most amount of personal growth. To exercise our God given choice allows us to strengthen the muscle of Free Will.  We were given Free Will as a gift of our birth and it is only when we freely give it back to God that we are truly free.

CHAPTER 10 … Have you or your family members experienced single parenthood or homosexuality?   What are your perspectives on these lifestyles?

Can you tell a story about accepting your child or children’s choice that differed with yours?

How do you feel about getting an education when so many obstacles are placed in front of you?

REFLECTION: As children, we learn bias, we are not born with it. Discrimination because of gender, race or sexual preference does us all a disservice.  We are one people which contains ALL humans so bias prevents us from exhibiting our uniqueness.  It is our uniqueness that makes us a different species on this planet Earth.

CHAPTER 11 … Did you give love and marriage a second chance?  How easy was it to trust in someone else again?

Were the values in your life altered in any way?

What was the worst legal situation you found yourself in?

REFLECTION: Trusting in others is always a challenge as we hope to not be disappointed again.  Have enough trust in yourself that no matter what happens, you will be fine.  Remember that the challenges are only life lessons that you chose and you will be stronger within yourself by going through them and then passing along the wisdom you gained.

CHAPTER 12 … Were the feelings of hurt and betrayal harder to deal with the second time around?

Have you ever gotten angry with God?

What was the method you used to ease the pain?

REFLECTION: It is OK to feel anger.  It is what you do with your anger that determines the path you will follow.  Look at the reason behind your anger searching for the “real” culprit.  Look into yourself without blaming either yourself or others.

CHAPTER 13 … Has life thrown you a curve that sent you back to the beginning after you thought you had reached emotional and financial freedom in this life?

What is your opinion of women healers? Is midwifery indeed making a comeback?

Are your masculine and feminine attributes in balance?

REFLECTION: We are given many opportunities to respond to life with all of its pleasures and challenges.  Open your mind to all of life’s possibilities and you will be amazed at the choices that will show up. Surprise yourself!

CHAPTER 14 … Do you follow your own “feelings” and guidance pertaining to medical advice?

Do you honor your body and what it is telling you?

Are you aware of synchronistic events when they happen to you?

REFLECTION: Our physical body is what differentiates us from all other species on Earth, so honor that fact.  Your body has a language all of its own and the wisdom that will convey its message to you.  Animals listen to their instincts which reside in their bodies, we have that same talent if we but listen.

CHAPTER 15 … Can you listen to the little “voice” inside of you and release control to something bigger than you?

Do you “know” your truth? How good are you at following invisible guidance?

Are you aghast at some guidance but know that it speaks truth, “your truth”?

REFLECTION: We know in the pit of our stomach when something rings true.  All it takes is a second to register and then another second to consciously recognize it.  You are wiser than you know.

You are now so much wiser in your own Being.  I would love to hear from you what you have garnered from this book.  Email me at

Blessings to you,

Mary Grace