As I woke up this morning, I felt a sudden awareness of my body and all it has offered me these many years. Today is my 78th birthday so that means my body is 78 years old even if my spirit or soul is immortal. What has my body seen, heard, felt and experienced in all this time? I am filled with a deep appreciation and gratitude for all this body has endured as my vehicle on this planet. Without my body, I would not be able to have the five senses which is the pinnacle of why souls wish to embody on Earth. Without my body to express ALL the human emotions like crying when I am sad or when I am happy or touched by something profound, I would not have experienced all that life has to offer.

When I was a little girl, all I wanted was to be a mother even as I explored being a nun which to me meant being a surrogate mother to all the little children I would be teaching. I had so much love in me that I yearned to give and to me motherhood was the epitome of true love. I never even considered that my body would not be able to give me children, I was that positive of my true calling. I became a mother at 18 and again at almost 20 and then again at 25 years old. My body did all it was meant to do and I thank it for being my vehicle through life. When I was forty years old, my doctor insisted that I have a hysterectomy for health reasons. I refused unless they would return my uterus to me that I might honor it, as my womb had allowed me to be a mother and I could not allow it to be treated like a piece of liver. The medical community was aghast and I even had a doctor call and argue with me for half an hour. Finally, he ended the call with: “Lady, I sure hope you don’t start a fad”.

I had not realized that I was doing anything unusual; I just felt that I had to honor the organ that allowed me to fulfill my dream. This occurred during the long 5 years of my dark night of the soul as I had lost everything I had to have for a secure life. I lost my mortgage free home, money in the bank, the IRS placed a federal tax lien on me, I got a divorce and was grateful to have emergency housing in a housing project. It was there that I had dug a hole in the front of my statue of Mary in preparation. I knew the ground would be frozen when I needed it. On Thanksgiving Day, I called my three children to be at my home at the same time. They were not aware of what I had done so did not realize that I needed them to be there to share in honoring their first home. My womb knew them before I did and protected them before I would be able to even hold them. They were quite surprised at what I had done but because they loved me, they participated in the ceremony I had prepared. I used an old cotton lacy handkerchief of my mom’s as its shroud and placed it in the hole in front of Mary in the small rose garden I had. Since I had come from my mother’s womb, I needed to honor her also. And….we all had to honor the Divine Mother.

Most people are not acutely aware that without the womb, there would be no future generations. Humanly would become extinct, there is no one alive on Earth that did not come from their Mother’s womb. It is another reason that women should honor themselves. Without them, this organ and their consent, where would humanity be? A few years later, I had quite an AHA moment with a woman who sees other than what the human eye can see and know. I was told to write a book, it had to have a Chalice on it and the title would be: “The Wounded Chalice”. Thus began another chapter of my life. I had no idea of the connection of the Chalice to the womb but was told later by Spirit that both the Chalice and the womb hold the Blood of Life. Thus the symbolism between them and also the word “Wounded” because my womb had been wounded and so had Jesus who the Chalice most represents.

I had no idea that I would be writing about this today but it just seems to flow. More of the details of this particular event in my life are in my book as well as other events that have made me who I am today. A VERY GRATEFUL WOMAN. When I think of all the things I have been able to do because I had this body, it amazes me. I want to express my deep gratitude for all the “bodies” that have been part of my life. At this moment, I want all to realize what a gift they have in their body which allows their Soul and Spirit to experience the physical in such an amazing way. Hooray for our bodies and for Humanity.

Here is a story of the power of the womb which has invisible threads that connect and are really never severed.

All the love your mother had for you, she wants you to have for yourself. Let not her love be for naught.

Good news about the Zika virus. Actually it is good and bad, good because they might have found another reason for it and bad because it means many people have been poisoned.

I just had to share this with you. I remember Civics from when I was in school telling us how the government works but this article refreshed my memory and made me realize that there is one thing we can do if we are confused on who to vote for. This year’s Presidential election is quite different than most and we have so many running and so many to choose from. Most of us think the President can do anything but that is false. He has no power, Congress has the power. The only power he has is foreign affairs. I know for me, it is narrowing the field for me when I think of who would be less likely to push the BUTTON (nuclear). There are a lot promises being made but they already know they won’t be able to affect the decisions very much. WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE TO DEAL WITH ALL THE OTHER NATIONS IN THE WORLD? It has to be someone who respects life and works tirelessly for peace. We are one species on one planet, why would we annihilate a species? That will help narrow your choices. Enjoy this article that refreshes what most of us have forgotten.

This is so soothing and relaxing. These winter scenes make the winter more enjoyable. Enjoy

Love and Light

Mary Grace



I apologize for last week’s newsletter, it was not as professional as I would have liked. I really hope you took the opportunity to listen and download that angelic music directly from the heavens above. It certainly was an energetic download on Pentecost for all of us whether you felt it or not. I felt it was so important that I scrambled to get it to you in time.

Whew! It has been a high activity of Mercury Retrograde for me the last week and a half. You know what Mercury Retrograde means don’t you? All of communication and its devices are scrambled, much like wires that got tangled. What a journey to choose, buy and set up a computer. I am grateful that although I was experiencing many laughable and challenging moments, not everyone is affected to the same degree…….only those who were along for my ride. I did my due diligence and went to Staples to check out what was being offered and to try to decide just what kind of computer did I want and need. Windows or a Mac? A small tablet? A large One in All? One with touch screen or one without? Windows 7 (yes they still have them but I was looking for a windows 10)? I discovered if I purchased a Windows 8.1, I could get a free upgrade in the fall when the 10 comes out.

I wrote down all the numbers and even went to Walmart to see what they offered. I came home and called a very dear friend who is computer savvy and Barry checked them out on the computer because I could not possibly remember what all the specifications were especially since I did not know what they meant. He patiently gave me a quick lesson in RAM and GB’s and helped me make the decision. I then called Staples the next day only to find out that they did not have any in stock and it would take 5 days to have it shipped and, ready to laugh, I found out later that they were not available online????? So I verified with another store an hour away that they indeed had one available and that they would be able to download all my files from my now crashed computer to my new one and it would be ready the next day.

So off I went with my old computer and my charge card. I left early to get there early and it was only 1pm and since they have service techs available for 24 hours a day, there should be no problem. After I purchased it I was told that they would try to have it ready for me the next day but it was not a guarantee, they only guarantee it in three days. Now starts the fun, they would call me when it was ready. Have you had to sit and wait for something you really need? It does try your patience doesn’t it? I called at noon and was told that it had not even been started but it might be ready around 3pm.

It seems Staples has a national contract with a company that has many techs doing the work. All the stores call in to these techs and get in cue, which means each call waits in line for the next available. Imagine the whole country calling that company; you can imagine how busy it is. And….if there is an error in transmission; you need to get back in cue again. Would you like another chuckle, the company is called The Matrix.

I left early as I needed to go in that direction to go to Mass so I thought I could pick it up either before the 5:30pm Mass or afterwards. I stopped and checked in with them and it still had not even been put in cue. I told them I would call after Mass. When I called after Mass, they told me it still was not done. It seems that it is a smaller store which does not have many techs and it does not have the power of the larger store so it takes much longer to transmit info via the computer to the Matrix. They assure me they would have it ready tomorrow but could not guarantee it (3 days). I called the next day at 10am when they opened but no techs were available, they would not be in until noon. I called at 12:30pm and was told that they had not been able to download The Office but they had downloaded some free software that I would need any way. In the purchase of this service, I was entitled to 3 downloads and they had given me four, some of which I could have downloaded myself. I could not do the Office one without extra help but my friend had offered to help me when he found out what happened.

It was ready to go so I travelled to get it and when I got there, I was told that another tech found a way to download office so it was now in the process of doing that entire download but it was still slow in accomplishing it. Would you like to smile a little? Remember Mercury Retrograde. It seems when they tried to make a recovery disc with everything I would need in case this computer crashed, they were unable to. They tried 6 times and each time halfway through, the disc would be stopped so they would have to throw it away. They finally did the recovery information on a flash drive. They close at 7pm on Sunday and I finally left there WITH MY COMPUTER at 10 minutes before closing. I got home and did not even open it, I was wiped out. The next day, Barry called and helped me get it ready for me to start playing. Friends are so important and I relish mine.

During this entire process, I tried to keep my cool but I was physically and mentally tired. There was a part of me that kept chuckling at the scenarios that were occurring. Have you ever watched a sitcom on TV and laughed yourself silly as you relate to the drama. The part of me that was laughing at me was having one hell of a good time. I am proud of myself that I could just let that part of myself have fun while my other parts were experiencing a great deal of frustration. It is more frustrating when you don’t know what you need to know about what you are doing. I am sure you can relate. I sincerely hope that your time in this Mercury Retrograde is much easier yet I learned a great deal that I did not know before.

Here is an article by Neale Donald Walsh which is so explicit in what Communication was in the past and all the way to the present. It gives a lot of food for thought and a reminder of:”This too will pass”.

I will be working an Expo this Sunday, May 31st. I had wanted to let you know last week, but unable to so I am hoping you can make it anyway. Here is the info.

I keep being amazed at what we humans have created. Check this out. Isn’t it comforting to know that this exists especially with all the disasters occurring?

Do you remember the saying: “Where there is a will, there is a way”? Check this out. Love truly does conquer ALL!

An amazing use of a new technology. This comes from the heart of the mother and someone who used a new invention to assist her to “see”.

If you go to the Expo, stop so I can give you a loving hug.

Love and Light

Mary Grace



How have your dreams been lately? I don’t usually remember my dreams but I have had such weird dreams this past week. Things that don’t make rational sense and with people that I know or have known. Last night it was about a lot of people who kept coming into my new home including three healing priests I know. Believe it or not, my stove had food on the top and in warmer drawers underneath with food ready for one and all at each moment? Since I have lived alone for the past 24 years; that was quite a trip. Everyone was comfortable with what was going on yet I kept feeling very claustrophobic although I knew and loved these people. I just did not want to have company 24/7 and expected to have food ready for all of them all the time. I was confused, do I sound confused? As I write this, I am getting the sense that I have always felt that I needed to be ready to give to all who show up in my life. Wow! I even place my furniture so people can be comfortable when they come over. I make sure I have some type of food so I can feed some unexpected company. I was not aware until this moment that I have done that all my life even when I don’t have much company. Perhaps it is time for me to always be ready to give to myself and when I am full, I can then share with the others. It sounds selfish but in reality, if I am not full, how much do I have to give to anyone else? No one asked this of me but it is something I have always felt I should do.

In my generation, women (girls) were expected to care for everyone even at their own expense. We were actually trained to think that way. I thought I had outgrown a lot of that type of thinking but evidently I needed to take one more look at it. This link will verify that humanity still has a way to go with that type of thinking and it is starting with the youngest generation.

I was also brought up in the generation where there was right or wrong. There was no middle; it was one or the other. Listen to this video and feel a new perspective on the duality of planet earth.

This next video brought me to a feeling of gratitude and joy. I hope it does the same for you.

Love and Light

Mary Grace