Spring and the spring rain certainly bring new growth. We have had an abundance of rain as my lawn is overgrown in areas that cannot be mowed because of the water.  It definitely increased the birds that came this Spring.  The Baltimore Orioles have increased three fold and also the hummingbirds.  One day I had to go out and feed grape jelly to the Orioles three times and they have not had their babies yet.  In fact, I had to move one of my hummingbird feeders much further away because there was so much activity at the Oriole feeder that they were not able to rest or even catch a sip.  I love this activity as it is a sure sign that we humans are going to be able to be this free as we shed our winter clothes and get to go outside more even if it is to only work on the land.

I must share this with you as I found it so interesting.  That is why I am a little later with the newsletter because I wanted to hear the WHOLE thing to see if I was inspired to share it with you.  The first part I will include the written AND the video so you can choose your favorite of getting the news.  The first part led me to the longest part and the questions kept bringing me more info than I was aware of before. There is also a clip or movie as part of the longest part that I highly recommend.  Enjoy.

Are you aware that this weekend is the Wesak Festival, a yearly celebration, and also a blue moon?  If you do not know the meaning of this powerful weekend, open this article.  I have never heard it explained in this simple way and it made it more powerful for me.


Would you like to know who that child was that WOWED the Philharmonic Orchestra and was recorded? Just that simple WOW made the whole recording a success.  Here is the child.

Want to know more about the upcoming changes to our planet?


This story brought joy to my heart and tears to my eyes.  I am so pleased that the price of this product has been reduced so much because of the joy it brought to this industrious girl who will certainly pay it forward. Can you just imagine how you would feel if your whole world changed in an instant to something that happened only in fairy tales? Kudos to her friends.

 Love and Light

Mary Grace




HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!  Let us send love and blessings to ALL the mothers including Mother Earth who is mother to us all.  Without her, we would not have water, food, clothing, shelters, etc.  Perhaps we could do one thing for her on Sunday, even if it is only to give thanks for all of the beautiful nature she has given us.

Here is only one example of what a mother does for her child but the endearing thing is the way she was unexpectedly recognized. This is amemory for them both that is priceless.

There is some very exciting news about plastic bags.  It is a staple that is used for many other purposes than just carrying your purchases.  If you use them often, you will be happy to hear what is right around the corner.

Children have a way of touching our hearts with so much purity and being right in the moment.  I think you will like the response of this child to Mozart. It made me smile and brought me back to my childhood of being in awe even when I did not truly understand.

Speaking of childhood, the Library of Congress is offering an opportunity to have rare children’s books  for free. Would you like to retreat back into memories or do you know a child who would be in awe of what was created way back when?

How much baggage do you carry around on a regular basis?  Listen to Jim Self as he gives you an example of what the future has in store for you.  It sounds like a lot of fun, much better than what we are creating in the world now.


Love and Light

Mary Grace



There were four steps for the stem cell procedure and I completed it this week.  The first was the MRI which discovered no bone spurs but fluid on my most affected knee, then the Prolozone to prepare the nesting place for the stem cells, 5 days later, the stem cells were introduced and then the PRP a month later.  PRP was my own blood platelets as food and fertilizer for the stem cells.  Now, it is just waiting for them to grow and become what they can be. I am always in awe of what humans can create and am grateful for the pioneers that don’t stop learning and making our lives so much better.

Let me share with you the joy I felt this morning as the first of the Baltimore Orioles came to my feeder.  They are here for only a few months, a short time really so it always a joy to see these beautiful black and orange birds. My son came yesterday to help or should I say do some important spring work.  Like raking, putting down my wooden sidewalk so I can walk barefoot from the front of the house to the back and to the beach. He also urged me to put out my Oriole and hummingbird feeders.  I am so glad he did and just in time. I am a little l late in getting out these feeders but that is what happens when you can’t do it yourself. I am so grateful for his help and for the joy of the birds that come.

Jim Allison has been the quiet hero behind some of the most ground-breaking medical research of the last quarter century—but before he won the Nobel prize for his work, he was laboring tirelessly to proves his theories against a skeptical scientific community.  Cures for cancer do exist.

Whitney Houston’s voice has the capability to bring you back to a very special moment in life.  You are fortunate if you have more than one and the true joy comes in sharing that ONE MOMENT IN TIME.


What a report this is, there is hope after all. The researchers dedicated the report to 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg, who has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition for her youth-led Fridays for Future environmental protests. There is now a roadmapto save Earth from climate change.

Notre Dame offers us another miracle.  I wonder how many more will show up to prove that Divine Guidance is still guiding the unfathomable uses for the ancient Cathedral. Without bees we would have no food, this would be a barren planet. What a responsibility these tiny creatures have and how wondrous that they continue to exist to assist humanity.

I just realized that this newsletter is all about HOPE.  All the messages I am finding or that come to me appear to ring with truth about our future.  There is so much good that goes on around our planet that we are totally unaware of.  Let’s hang on to this truth regardless of the fear mongers.


I just realized that this newsletter is all about HOPE.  All the messages I am finding or that come to me appear to ring with truth about our future.  There is so much good that goes on around our planet that we are totally unaware of.  Let’s hang on to this truth regardless of the fear mongers.

Love and Light

Mary Grace