I am constantly amazed at the new inventions that are in process.  When I get a little discouraged by something, I try to remember to look at articles like this one that holds so much promise.  Living on as island has been a lifelong dream of mine but it is not easy to live on an island when the items we need have to be brought over by boat.  Now that we have drones that can deliver so many things and this new creation, maybe I could live on an island after all. Would you like to join me?

How about living on an iceberg?  Perhaps you could train these green glacier moss mice into being pets. Wowee. What is next for us to discover.

At my age, I still remember the Nazi’s and the destruction they caused.  It gave Germany a bad name that is really being changed to admiration.  I have a very dear friend who is from Germany and I have been noticing many more positive things coming from that country.  Here is proof of what can be accomplished when we lose our biases. This is solid proof of how we can help one another.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Day!!!!!  Friday June 5, that’s TODAY—Be positive, observe any insights, dreams, experiences and take deep breaths.  Try not to make any important decisions today, especially on impulse. Let the energies of the full moon gradually become absorbed, integrated and processed over the next three days.

Then, beginning tomorrow, Saturday, through the days following, move forward with more clarity and make your decisions! Notice how waiting those three days may have changed your decision or perception!     Raven Moondance

This June energy update by Lee Harris is FULL of info for you and what is happening now and during this month.

Today is a grey day full of moisture.  I need a pick me up so I guess you could use one too. Could you use a hug?  Let’s put ourselves in the place of all these humans and travel to love land viscerally. This is utterly amazing.

Love and Light

Mary Grace



I find myself in an unusual mood which, of course, was created by having to isolate.  I realized that each day was the same so I had no schedule and really found it hard to remember just what day it was.  We all have schedules on what we do on each day, where we go, who is expecting us, even the time we do these things.  I suddenly realized that it did not matter what day it was now as they were all the same.

I live on a private street where the Post Office does not deliver, even the snow plows don’t come down.  I need to have a PO Box at the Post Office so I need to go out in my car to get my mail.  I still try to go before noon because our Post Office is closed between noon and 2pm(that is the only thing that stays the same). If I did not need to get dressed to go get my mail, I would stay in my bathrobe all day.  It simply does not matter.  I also realize that time has no significance and I can do anything at any time, my structure has disappeared. That just may be one of the benefits of this chaos, the simplicity of living by your own inner clock instead of the dates and times of others. It’s not easy after all these years of training to be on time everywhere.

I also realize that my independence is kicking up.  I usually look forward to learning about new things yet now I don’t want to be told anymore how to feel and all the different things you can do to ease all of this.  I simple want to “BE”.  I guess this is my winter and all I want to do is hibernate.

Here is the April energy from Lee Harris.

Main themes for this month:
Major Awakening Energy – Deepening Self Trust –

Gabriel’s Cosmic Diamond for Purification and Healing

Another brightening message and heart opening from Diana Cooper

What a way to woo someone.  I never knew that they had balloons that big. It looks like so much fun to walk in it.

The new month is here so we have access to what new energies are here for us.

This may be helpful to you so I am including it in this newsletter. I have used the Netti Pot with salt in the morning for about 20-25 years and have never caught a cold or virus.  I was not aware of how our cells use the salt but this video from a doctor amplifies my faith in what I have been doing. He does not mention the Netti Pot but explains how to use heated salt water (like the ocean) and washing your nostrils and gargling the water.  I am used to the Netti Pot so that feels easier to me than how he suggests but the main point of all of this is to wash with salt water your nasal passages, sinuses and your throat.

This is the second confirmation on what I am doing that verifies the healing capacities of heat on viruses.  I think I told you that I have a dry sauna which I use 3-4 times a week and I purchased it because I found out that if you are unable to exercise to get the blood going up to your brain, then the heat of the sauna rises your body’s temperature and the blood keeps pumping throughout your whole body and brain. It is very good for the brain and dementia.  Now I find out that this Corona virus is killed by the temperature of the sauna so that gives me extra protection.  Who would have known?

Blessings to you and yours.  Stay Safe and Well.

 Love and Light

Mary Grace



WHY?  Many of us are asking that question.  Our world has turned upside down and things are happening that have never happened before so we are asking.  Lee Harris is giving us answers so I wanted to share them with you.  He even thought of things that I had not thought of and has quite a few answers that may calm your racing heart and give you hope.

This is the first time he has sent out a mid-month energy report and I thought it was so important that I am sending you this mid-week newsletter.

 Love and Light

Mary Grace