WELCOME!  Welcome to the oh so elusive 3 days of sun without rain.  This has not happened since March and we are oh so ready to experience this. I woke up this morning to seeing the lake was just like glass.  I decided not to eat breakfast or do my meditating or anything else.  I was just going to get my kayaking clothes on and go out.  By the time I did just this, the wind had picked up and the smooth water was all full of ripples.  I sighed and undressed and went to my prayers and meditation.  One single thought deleted any peaceful or ability to submerge myself into my quiet mind.  I decided I would eat my breakfast and sit down to write this newsletter.  After breakfast, I was still unsettled so I decided to go kayaking even though it was not perfect water.

Kayaking always brings me peace so off I went.  I needed to urge 3 families of geese to find another place other than our beach and they complied.  I don’t remember my wrists hurting last year but they are certainly tender this year.  Anyway, I made my first round around this lake this year.  OK, I did cut corners, kitty corners.  I usually stick to kayaking around all the shoreline but, as this was my first time this year, I did not go into all 3 coves and follow their shorelines yet I was determined to go all around the lake.  I had already been out twice to break my muscles in but my love is to go all around the lake and check out all the improvements on the houses around the lake. Others uplift me as I get to see the owner’s creativity and enjoy looking as their place changes.  Some make me a little thoughtful as the evidence that there has been no movement around yet, makes me sad.  As that usually means illness or some other activity for the family has intruded on the people coming back to serenity for a little while.

Speaking of the number three, this is a 3 year which is very powerful.  The number 3 always reminds me of the Trinity which is essential in our life. Here is another explanation of the meaning of the 3’s.


Listen to this month’s energy broadcast with Lee Harris.  Notice that the number 3 shows up again, 3 Main Topics.  Have a listen and see if it rings true in your life.


Get ready to smile.



Whenever I see an apple, I will think of this little one.  What wonders appear when we don’t think it is possible.

Will Smith and his Genie Magic.  Do you believe?


Love and Light

Mary Grace



Ever since I was a child and I learned about the Trinity, the number 3 was very special to me.  Some people call a number their lucky number but once I found out as a child that 3 people lived in God, I felt such security and love emanating from the world.  Things just happen to happen in threes even the ones I did not like but I knew if something negative happened to me twice, there would only be 1 more to go and it would be over.  It was like I was being given three chances to surmount or forgive myself and others for this particular assault on my senses, my pride, etc. I noticed even in the weather that storms would come in 3’s and then it would be over.  Have you ever noticed that when you are in a trial period of your life that it never seems to end?  Then suddenly the sun starts to shine and whatever you were experiencing starts to diminish.  Of course, this happens with the positive things also.  It seems to be a human thing and life is like the traffic light. STOP, GO, WITH CAUTION IN THE MIDDLE.  You can make a game of all of this and make life more interesting.  This message from Jennifer Hofman gave me a new realization of #3.  I am also a Pisces so this carried deeper meaning for me. NO surprise that next week I start the 2ndepisode of my stem cell procedure and the following week will be the actual stem cell transference.  And….  It is all happening in March and a 3 sequence so I know the procedure will be effective and the final part of my hiatus with being handicapped with my knee for so many years. Read her article and see what the #3 means to you, it also means Mastery.


I am eagerly awaiting all of the new inventions that will occur because of this brand new material.  I feel this will be monumental in our daily life.  If you find any particular use for this material, please let me know.

This is a story of one woman who sent out her love in the most simple way to all the people she came in contact with.  Love does show up in the most miraculous ways even when we do not know where it comes from.  Imagine just one woman doing this and how many people she touched.  You and I touch each every day in ways we do not realize.  Enjoy this video “The Moth”

Would you like another story of someone who touches children and adults in a very unusual and special way?

Even the  smallest  among us needs helps sometimes and without judgement of whom or what we are.

Another March Energy Update giving us a peep hole into the energy that March is bringing. This one is from Lee Harris.


Love and Light

Mary Grace



This January/February Thaw has been much appreciated.  It has been wonderful to wake up to the sun and actually see the sun setting. It gives us a little taste of what is to come.  Of course, it makes us impatient for Spring except for the skiers but the ski resorts are now capable of making their own snow.  In fact, this winter, most of the snow has been focused on the mountains.  I know the ice fishermen love this winter as I see them out more and more than in previous years. I did see something on the frozen lake that I had never seen before and it was fascinating.  It was the size of a golf cart but more closed in.  It did not have wheels, I think it had either skis or treads and it had a plow.  Sooo, it carried all the equipment for ice fishing including the plastic hut and they had a clear spot to put up their housing.  It was fascinating to watch it move around on the ice. Watching all the ice skaters gliding so effortlessly on the ice brought back a lot of my own memories of skating. I could actually feel the freedom they were feeling.

Bouncer nurses  are such a great idea even if the title sounds a little tough.  Give it a listen.

This is a powerful message.


And…then came this one.

Lee Harris update is on Abundance.  That is something everyone is interested in.


Can you just imagine what our world will look like and what it will be like to live when this  invention  is put out to us, the public?

Would you like to know about another discovery that will help all of humanity?

When I first saw this, I did a double take as it could have been me, it looked like me from the back with all the purple.  As I watched, my heart went out to both of them and I sent much  gratitude  for those wonderful young men.

This IS the WORLD I wish to live in.

I apologize if there are too many opportunities to open in this newsletter.  I just couldn’t decide which ones to eliminate.  Blessings.

Love and Light

Mary Grace