This is the longest newsletter I have ever sent you.  It is one of those times that we seem to need more encouragement and joyful news. One of the top stories on all media is the Corona Virus.  I have some information that will give you some tools and ways to protect yourself and your family.

Have you ever heard of using YOUR grounding cord.  I had not and when I read this, I realized how simple it is and how helpful it is.

Here is some good news that will make what is happening in our world a little more digestible.

Do young children have an insight that we older humans do not have?  I believe that children can read our minds and if we listen to them, they still have advice from above where they came from.  They also maintain that inner sight until life and adults teach them the opposite. Watch this and tell me it isn’t so.

March 2020 Ascension Energies and Light Language DNA Activation by Jayme Price.

March Energy update by Lee Harris

Are you interested in helping Mother Earth every time you use a search engine on the computer?  Google, beware of this competition; it is Earth and Human friendly.

Love and Light

Mary Grace



 I hope your Thanksgiving was one of joy and sharing. Sometimes when families get together, there is a replay of past occurrences.  Getting together with my family yesterday was a replay of a Thanksgiving that occurred 12 years ago but to my surprise, the characters playing in yesterday’s event had switched roles.  My guess is that we each get to play a different role in the event to better understand what someone else felt in the past celebration. There is a better understanding and a closer comradery that occurred.

This is a picture of joy rather than sorrow.  See what gift it brings to you.

December energies forecast a brighter future to come.  Enjoy.

Brenda Hoffman brings to us the other side of holidays and this particular time.  Which one suits you? With Earth being a planet of duality, both sides exist simultaneously AND we get to choose which one we want to experience.

I see so many possibilities for this discovery.  If you have ever needed a cast, you will surely appreciate what this will do for our medical field.

I know a lot of you helped bring about this change.  Congratulations and thank you for participating.    

Love and Light

Mary Grace



Happy Labor Day, the day when the laborer gets to rest.  That means all of you because if you are human, you all are laborers in some function.  Enjoy this long weekend and I wish to start off with something that will make you smile or even laugh out loud. I usually try to end my newsletters with a smile for you but this time I will begin it with light hearted humor.  I dare you not to smile.

Perhaps someone who has trained an animal would understand this but this was actually a wild animal that “THOUGHT”.  I never realized that a duck COULD think, I always thought what they did was animal instinct.  Watch this and see what kind of reaction you get.

Jim Self offers tips to reduce your stress while in the midst of chaos and drama.

Carol Bedrosian, Publisher of Spirit of Change Magazine has information about what is afoot in the medical industry.  They are trying to take away our freedom to visit health care professionals or use natural health care as an answer to our health problems.  Isn’t it bad enough that they don’t allow our insurance to pay for these services now they want to stop all of this natural healing by declaring it to be illegal.  They did that in the early 1900’s with the Ancient Healing Plant Cannabis that was a mainstay method to help us to help ourselves. It has taken over a century for us to get that freedom back and now they want to do it again in a different way.  Boy, the Pharmacia must be running scared.  Please read this and do what you can to stop this before it occurs again.

I have fed the birds’ every day for years and even read books about them but I never knew what this Bird Store Newsletter said.  It was done in such a light hearted way that it was like a story which you couldn’t put down.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. You will look at birds differently after this.

September’s energy of Infinite Self continues your expansion into your universal nature, your infinite sacredness, your powerful divinity. You’ve always been this, it is the infinite nature of Time which is woven into your substance.

You’ve moved through linearity in many different ways to culminate in this beautiful space/time on Earth. Just as August helped you blend past and future into now, September will help you blend me and them into us. Jayme Price.


Love and Light

Mary Grace