HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!  Let us send love and blessings to ALL the mothers including Mother Earth who is mother to us all.  Without her, we would not have water, food, clothing, shelters, etc.  Perhaps we could do one thing for her on Sunday, even if it is only to give thanks for all of the beautiful nature she has given us.

Here is only one example of what a mother does for her child but the endearing thing is the way she was unexpectedly recognized. This is amemory for them both that is priceless.

There is some very exciting news about plastic bags.  It is a staple that is used for many other purposes than just carrying your purchases.  If you use them often, you will be happy to hear what is right around the corner.

Children have a way of touching our hearts with so much purity and being right in the moment.  I think you will like the response of this child to Mozart. It made me smile and brought me back to my childhood of being in awe even when I did not truly understand.

Speaking of childhood, the Library of Congress is offering an opportunity to have rare children’s books  for free. Would you like to retreat back into memories or do you know a child who would be in awe of what was created way back when?

How much baggage do you carry around on a regular basis?  Listen to Jim Self as he gives you an example of what the future has in store for you.  It sounds like a lot of fun, much better than what we are creating in the world now.


Love and Light

Mary Grace



Spring has Sprung.  We have all been holding our breath waiting for the warmth and new growth to show up.  The other day I was sitting in my living room with the storm door open and the screen door was letting in the warm air, it smelled so good. I had the kitchen window open opposite the door and I could actually hear the birds singing.  It felt like the perfection I had been waiting so long for. I could just sit and breathe it all in.  We have been waiting so long to feel this free with nature. I have been out kayaking and trying to get out when the wind is calm but Mother Nature is having fun with me.  It starts calm and then when I get to the last mile, the wind picks up and then the water gets its waves and it is a lot tougher to get back home. One day I fooled her and went out in the kayak when the waves and wind were strong.  I just sat in my kayak and let the waves rock me like the wind was rocking me in a rocking chair.  I did not get far but I had a lot of fun.

Happy Mother’s Day!  What a model for mother’s love is Mother Teresa.  This is a note that was found hanging on her wall.  Forgiveness and Love were prominent in her life, can we imitate her?  I bet we can and guess what, we already do. Look and you shall find.


What a novel idea to consider!  Are you familiar with 3D, 4D and 5D?  Where are you in this spectrum?  Listen to Jill Renee Feeler and find out.  I bet you will be surprised.

Do you exercise or like to exercise?  I used to when my body cooperated more fully.  This shortvideo is an explanation of how the number 10 can be worked into your daily schedule and you won’t even know it.  Try it, you will like it.

Are animals really our teachers?  I hope so, as this short clip verifies.  Smile!

Could you hold your breath for 6 minutes?  I think I kept holding mine while watching this video. What I found fascinating was watching when she let a bubble of air come out and how she ended her dance to come up.

Would you like a breath of fresh air?  Would you like to be more comfortable in this world of various energies?  Here is a message for you.


Love and Light

Mary Grace



I have been trying to meditate but all I “see” are these larvae of the gypsy moths. I am sitting here waiting to be inspired so that I may inspire you but all that seems to come through is my concern about this problem and my need to solve it. Sooo, I am surrendering to my concern but I will share with you my journey with these veracious eaters of our trees.

The birds and squirrels seem hungrier than usual and there are more of each species. There are so many in fact, that my hummingbirds hardly come to their feeders because with so much activity, they are having a hard time not being hit by them.  The squirrels this year are the worst as they are landing on the Oriole Feeders and consuming all the grape jelly.  I saw one squirrel hugging my bird feeder but then noticed that it was eating and chomping. I went out and discovered that the varmint had chewed a hole through the long clear plastic tube that holds the seeds.  It is supposed to be squirrel proof and I have had one like it for 10 years and this never happened.  It is not cheap as it is $70 -$80 and I see no way to fix it.  I will take it to the Bird Store and bird people to see what can be done but I don’t hold out much hope.

I got up this morning to discover the Oriole feeder on the ground and I could not see the hook on the tree that it was hanging from. I went out and discovered that the squirrel had landed on the feeder and when it jumped off it sent the feeder careening off and the other end of the hook was hooked onto another branch.  Part of the feeder, a seating place, had been broken off. I am seriously considering trapping these squirrels and bring them for a ride to another place with trees far enough away that they cannot find their way home.  I don’t want to do this but I see no way of stopping all four of them.

Anyway, back to the larvae.  I place the Oriole feeders on the railing of my deck to fill it with grape jelly.  I noticed so many small black things which I thought to be small ants.  I made a decision to wash it down since I must have gotten some jelly on it that was attracting the ants.  I took another look and then came into the house to get my reading glasses.  They were not ants but very small caterpillars that were the size of ants.  Oh boy, what to do now.  They were all over the railing, climbing up my house and also the garage.  I made up a concoction and sprayed it on them and I hope the Northeaster we are expecting this weekend will wash them all away as the concoction did its work. I don’t dare put that concoction on my tree because I don’t know if it will harm it or not.

I played cards at the Senior Center last night and spoke to others about my dilemma and they gave me ideas that I hope to implement to keep these critters from getting bigger and defoliating my tree. AS soon as I send this newsletter off to you, I need to get on the phone and call around to see where I can find the equipment and goo that hopefully will be the solution. My heart is heavy as I do not like to harm anything even if it is an ant or spider.  I feel that I did not have a choice in this matter but it doesn’t make me feel any better about doing what I have to do.  No wonder I cannot meditate or connect to Spirit right now as I usually do.

Lee Harris’ message comes at just the right time.  It speaks to me and to you.  Listen.


Esther Hicks makes me laugh at my problems and also my reasoning.  She amazes me, astounds me and brings levity to whatever is heavy on my heart.  I would love to be able to reason like she does.  Of course, I realize that she also has contact with Abraham and that makes me chuckle at myself again.  You and I have just as much info waiting for us when we connect to the Divine.  Sometimes, I just can’t seem to get there so just listening to her makes me feel lighter.


I won’t be attending this year’s Natural Living Expo as an exhibitor but I am planning to attend as an attendee.  I thought you might enjoy an early peek into what is in the works for us.  I hope to see you there.


Can you believe that Pope Francis was on the TED show?  This Pope is truly the Pope for all humanity.  Instead of enjoying his pomp and circumstance, he insists on being treated like a regular person, just like you.  Yet, he spends so much of his time traveling and “being” with all of humanity with his love and tenderness.  He is such an example of Jesus who spent most of his time with the everyday person instead of with the rulers of his day. I have hope that his message of love is heard by you and me.


Please forgive me for dabbling in the past but this story touched my heart and brought back so many memories.  My mom also had dementia and I bought her a robotic orange tabby cat just like the last live cat she ever had which she had named Trouble.  In her mind, this fake cat was her “Trouble” and she would go nowhere without it.  She brought him to the cafeteria so he would have lunch with her and the others.  He ended up with quite a dirty mouth because she kept feeding him.  He went with her to the hospital also, he kept her calm.  This “cat” made a lot of seniors happy and the staff enjoyed him also.  Eventually, I had to buy her another one because the fur was rubbed off her first one and I just could not wash his face any longer.  If you have a beloved in a nursing facility, consider getting one of these “human made pets”.

Sunday is Mother’s Day, honor your mother.  It takes so little to make her happy and it makes you happy also.  I want all of you mothers to honor yourself and allow yourself to be pampered today and if you are alone, pamper yourself with whatever makes you happy.


Love and Light

Mary Grace