Usually the Dog Days of summer are in August but we are certainly very early for the phenomenon we have just been experiencing. Six very long days of a Heat Wave is unusual to say the least. For me, I can take the hot days as long as we have a cool down at night.  I have never had air conditioning in my home but I do have the breeze off the lake which was quite sufficient….until this long long spell of hot humidity which even the lake could not tackle. I finally gave in and decided to get an air conditioner only to find out that there are none to be found.  I am laughing at myself right now as I usually consider myself to always be prepared for what life could offer me. Or at least I have faith that I am always taken care of by the Angels, Universe, God, or whatever you call Source.

Well, I was right in a way but in a totally unexpected way.  Those of you that have been with me and my newsletters for a while know that I am the owner of a motorized three wheel scooter which I use when I go places that require any amount of walking. Although I live on a lake and have the beach right in front of me, it is surrounded by fencing so I need to go around and enter through gates which in itself is quite a distance for me to walk. I have cut back on my comradery because of this also with all the people who enjoy both the beach and water especially when it is hot. I miss my friends and neighbors even more as I watch them from my deck which is really too far away to have a conversation. As I need to pace myself throughout the day as though I am on a limited number of steps (which I am), I can visit the beach or the water only once a day. I love to kayak which is easy for me to do but it requires a lot more effort from my knees to get the kayak in and out of the water.

After two days of this hot, moist heat, I was sitting in my house feeling sorry for myself.  All of a sudden, I had a wonderful thought, an inspiration.  Why not try to get to the beach and water by riding my scooter.  There are two gates to enter the beach besides the boat launch gate.  One is more rugged terrain with rocks and tree roots but the other one allows me to ride on the grass between the benches and the fence and I can get to the part of the beach that has grass and shade as well as picnic tables. My scooter cannot travel on the soft sand.   It was so easy and I felt freer than I have in years.  It was a joy to walk into the water and to talk again with old acquaintances and make friends with the new people. I now can use the water as my body and air conditioner.  This new freedom made me realize just how much I missed doing it.  Now I can go to the beach anytime I choose as long as it is not raining or if the grass is wet as the electrical wires to my scooter are under the foot board and close to the ground.

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Love and Light

Mary Grace