HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! To all of the caretakers who are surrogates of the Divine Mother Energy, blessings to you. This is a day to honor the LOVE that is held in a mothers heart whether it is in a single dad’s heart, in the armed forces, in a teacher, a crossing guard, a judge, a parole officer, foster parents, etc., etc., etc. I HONOR YOU.

From the time I was able to think of my future, I only wanted to be a mother. When I was five and my brother was born or when I was a teenager envisioning my future, I knew without a doubt that my mission was to be a mother. I was so sure of that fact that I never even considered if I would physically be able to have a child. There are many females who are mothers because of their love and care of children that were not born of them. I married at 17 and became a mother shortly after I turned 18. Didn’t we feel adult at that age, so cocky sure of ourselves and our lives? What an awakening I had when my son was born and put in my arms.

In fact, I asked my first born son, Steve if he would come with me to lunch as I wanted to celebrate a 60th anniversary. He was confused and asked why. I said:” 60 years ago today, I became a mother for the first time and I want to celebrate that fact. You opened me to a love that I never knew existed and I still feel that unconditional love today and the moment that it happened.” I love my daughter and my younger son as much as I do my eldest son but he was the very first experience I had of such a deep love and totally unconditional. Where would this world be without the experience of such a love? Would anyone know it existed or that it was possible?

The book I wrote: “The Wounded Chalice” is a book about the sanctity of the human womb which is the only organ that can sustain a human life from conception. When a hysterectomy was called for, I told the doctors that I would not have the surgery unless they returned my uterus to me so that I could honor my children’s first home, the haven that protected them when I could not and who knew them before I did. After some heated discussions, I won out and my three children were with me the day I buried it so they could honor the part of my body that allowed them to have life. At the time I made the decision, it felt right to do it. Yet the day (Thanksgiving) I told my children what I had done and asked them to be alongside me, I had an awareness of how unusual my request had been.

I have borne three children, two boys and a girl. My oldest son, Steve has three children, my daughter, Debra has one daughter who in turn has my great grandson, Morgan and my youngest son, Bruce has no children yet he inherited my heart for mothering others. Humanity, wake up and smell the roses. We are one species on one planet and we are gifted with the heart that has the ability to feel unconditional love. Wouldn’t you like to feel that emotion all the time? It is possible and also probable. Look around and you will see that Love abounds all around you. The media does not show as much love as there is out there because it does not sell. They think that only horror makes headlines and money because that is what we are tuning into. Will you join me as we show this whole planet what being human really means?


I want to share this in honor of Mother’s Day. Most of us are not aware that there is such a vehicle but it gives you the ability to leave a message to your loved ones that will last long after you are gone. My younger son, Bruce interviewed me for what I had to say and I now have a CD that can be passed down to my family. Mine was done before the smart phone. Check this out.

Moms, in some shape or form, contribute to who we become. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, don’t forget to take time to appreciate a mom by simply listening to her story.

Get inspired! Sit down with your mom to watch this short, heartfelt animation of Kay Wang’s interview with her son and granddaughter. Whether she’s a hard worker, sarcastic soul or just an amazing woman… You’ll be happy that we reminded you to listen. https://storycorps.org/animation/no-more-questions/

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StoryCorps Team

I was so impressed by these young men. What if they had not been born? I love technology even as I struggle with it but I am always amazed by the human brain that comes up with these inventions. A computer cannot compete with our brain; it just makes our inventions more plausible.


Would you say that this male waiter has a mother’s love? See, it is all around us. Take the opportunity to look around and see it.


Love and Light

Mary Grace