Perhaps you are not aware that this newsletter is a day late but I don’t want to skip a week without saying HI to you.  I hope some of the messages I share with you stirs your heart like they do mine. I hope you smile or chuckle or are in awe of some of the new ideas or solutions or events that are coming forth on this planet.

My son went to the hospital on Wednesday in an ambulance because he just went to the doctor for his flu shot but when they took his blood pressure, they realized that his body was in trouble. It seems both his heart beat and blood pressure were very low and they could not raise them. I was not aware of this but he contacted me the next day to tell me but the universe had a different plan in mind. I did not see his first email until it was four hours old and he asked me why I was not answering my phone. I called him three times but kept getting a busy signal.  It seems many Spectrum phone customers were having the problem of callers getting a message but the phone was not ringing at the other end. And…..I could not reach anyone either but was not aware of the problem so I kept leaving messages. He sent a second email so I called Spectrum and found out about the problem.

Finally, late Thursday afternoon, he called me again and told me he was in the hospital in ICU (Intensive Care Unit) but did not want any visitors.  I was struck dumb but I honored his word for then.  Later in the evening, I make plans to visit him the next day after I had gone to my own doctor’s appointment. I got up early so I could put my scooter in my trunk as you know just how big those hospitals are and how much walking is necessary.

At 7AM I called the hospital to find out his room number and talk to his nurse.  I was given his room number but the shifts were changing so they told me to call back at 8AM. I called back at 8 AM but was told all the nurses were with their patients and to call back at 9AM. I had to leave at 8:45Am to get to my own doctor’s appointment so I asked where I could park as it has been years since I have been to that hospital which has many buildings.  I was relieved when they said they had valet service so I did not have to try to find the right entrance.

The night before when I was so in the dark about his condition, I stormed heaven and asked my team and my angels to perform a miracle.  I could not tell them what to do or ask for a certain outcome as I was in the dark about what was wrong.  But if his own doctor in his own office had my son transferred to a hospital by ambulance, I knew it was serious.   I prayed, surrendered and beseeched all the Masters and Angels to hold my son and take care of him. I did have a hard time falling asleep that night but I was going to see him even if he did not want visitors.

My doctor’s appointment was two hours so I arrived at the hospital around 12:30PM.  I had not called him to say I was coming as I wanted to see for myself and talk to the medical staff about his condition. When I arrived, he looked good and seemed to be in good condition although he was in bed plugged in with all the bell and whistles. He had monitors for everything possible. He and the medical staff were very surprised that he had done a complete turnaround from the night before. My son’s words were: “It feels like my heart and body had a complete reboot.”  While he was telling me about how much better he was and how everyone was surprised by his “reboot” I could not help but smile.  He caught me smiling and said: “you put your guys to work again, didn’t you Mom?”

The doctors discharged him that day. The doctors are not positive but came to the conclusion that a medication that he had taken for years suddenly had his body responding in such a manner that it looked like a heart attack or that a heart attack was imminent. But…I know better.  I am so grateful that my prayers were answered and in ways that I could not even have foreseen. Miracles do happen and Miracles are real.

Are you a Soul Whisperer?  Do you know what a Soul Whisperer is? I know that I have been doing this but now I have a name for something very powerful.

A message from Archangel Gabriel by Shanta Gabriel. This is where we have come to in this moment.

Until I read this, I had no idea how brilliant an idea this is.  Bicycles do not need gasoline or a large open road.  This is perfect for disasters and emergencies.  I think each house should own one as a precaution. What a great way  to communicate when all power or lines are down.

This is for people who feel that they do not make a difference in this world.  You do even when you don’t think you do.  What an  example  this is.

Here is a twist to hunkering down for the hurricane.

Love and Light

Mary Grace