It was wonderful to receive the love I sent out with my spontaneous valentine newsletter come back to me multiplied.  WE were part of that rainbow that surrounded Mother Earth with the LOVE that was so needed. Thank you for taking part in this with me.  Know that it is still encircling you and the earth.

This article shows the highest form of LOVE on Valentine’s Day. It is not a day just for couples but for true love that knows no bounds and does not need reciprocation. The joy is in the giving as well as in the receiving. Do you think he knows just how contagious his love is?  He is a big part of the rainbow.

Who would have thought that seeing  kindness  given by another would win out over all other means of lifting your heart?

This is quite an example of how we never know that what we do is really valuable to others.  Have you ever heard of paintception?  I had not either but now I know and it made me smile as I discovered what it is.

I am always in awe of what the human mind can create.  It looks so effortless but it takes many trials to achieve the final result.  I am sure many of you will be happy to wear these.  Our human minds are so incredible.

Here is proof that stem cell treatment can work.  This young boy was cured by using umbilical cord stem cells.  Are you a mother, grandmother, aunt, cousin, friend, etc. of someone who is pregnant?  If the parents are not saving the umbilical cord for them or their child, perhaps they do not know that they could donate the cord so someone else who would be healed. Please share this with others, it would do so much good for another human. Umbilical cord blood can go to any other human, it is not necessary to have the same blood type.  I am having stem cell in my knees but the doctor will be using my own stem cells which are the method I have chosen for myself. This is innovating medicine and is the future happening right now. Let’s give a shout out for humans helping other humans with something that is priceless and only available from another human being.

Love and Light

Mary Grace



This January/February Thaw has been much appreciated.  It has been wonderful to wake up to the sun and actually see the sun setting. It gives us a little taste of what is to come.  Of course, it makes us impatient for Spring except for the skiers but the ski resorts are now capable of making their own snow.  In fact, this winter, most of the snow has been focused on the mountains.  I know the ice fishermen love this winter as I see them out more and more than in previous years. I did see something on the frozen lake that I had never seen before and it was fascinating.  It was the size of a golf cart but more closed in.  It did not have wheels, I think it had either skis or treads and it had a plow.  Sooo, it carried all the equipment for ice fishing including the plastic hut and they had a clear spot to put up their housing.  It was fascinating to watch it move around on the ice. Watching all the ice skaters gliding so effortlessly on the ice brought back a lot of my own memories of skating. I could actually feel the freedom they were feeling.

Bouncer nurses  are such a great idea even if the title sounds a little tough.  Give it a listen.

This is a powerful message.

And…then came this one.

Lee Harris update is on Abundance.  That is something everyone is interested in.

Can you just imagine what our world will look like and what it will be like to live when this  invention  is put out to us, the public?

Would you like to know about another discovery that will help all of humanity?

When I first saw this, I did a double take as it could have been me, it looked like me from the back with all the purple.  As I watched, my heart went out to both of them and I sent much  gratitude  for those wonderful young men.

This IS the WORLD I wish to live in.

I apologize if there are too many opportunities to open in this newsletter.  I just couldn’t decide which ones to eliminate.  Blessings.

Love and Light

Mary Grace



Have you put your air conditioner away yet?  I think this fall and winter weather is here to stay until next spring. I have forgotten how nice it is to sit in front of a window when the sun is pouring in.  It just brings such life to my body, mind and spirit.  I have not put my kayak away yet as I am hoping for al least one more jaunt around the lake .  We have been having quite a bit of wind and breeze and I am waiting for still waters and a few more degrees above freezing. All of us humans talk about the weather because it is the one thing we neighbors all have in common, we all share this with each other, and we can speak to even strangers with this topic.

After reading this article which I hope goes viral, don’t let anyone tell you that one person cannot make a difference.  I can just picture this going around the planet on social media.  What a difference it would make for many of our fellow humans.  The pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies that are making such a profit on helpless individuals should be red-faced. You and I and others like us, can make a difference.  Every time you and I spend even a dollar, it is a vote for the manufacturer of that product. How many times a week do you vote?  We do make a difference but we are just not aware of how we are enabling those that plunder the public for their own profit margin..

This is an example of true love of neighbor even when you don’t know them. I can honestly say I don’t think I could do what he did but the fact that he did it, is another great example of how one person made a huge difference.

Watch this video as it brings a new awareness of cows in Nepal.  It shocked me to see them on the highway and that fact is taken for granted. Another inspiring miracle achieved first by one person and then with help. I can’t even imagine starting any action such as this one.  It is huge.

This is who and what you are.

This week, all of these occurrences showing what one person can do are popping up for me to look at so that is why I am sharing them with you.  I think the Universe is trying to get this message out to everyone.

This video starts slow but hold on, there is a lot more to come.  I listened to this twice and I want to go back again to watch and listen.  While he is talking, it seems to make sense and I have AHA moments but afterwards, I know it is still not in my reasoning. This video brings some new ways of understanding.

Love and Light

Mary Grace