I love living on this lake where I have Lakeland Beach club right in front of me.  I have been kayaking but not as often as my heart wishes to go.  I can walk down to the beach once a day so I choose just when I go or should I say the state of the water decides when I can go.  If it is windy or the water choppy, I do not go out in the kayak so then I go down to visit with the adults and children that are having a blast being in the water.  It is so much fun to watch them having fun.  One thing I do not like is the fact that one of my neighbors has 2 jet skis and 2 young men that love to make them hop up and down and stir up the water.  It is not only noisy but they break up the peace that the water brings as well as being a threat to the many kayakers and also the mermaids that love to swim out in the lake without a boat or larger unit that is easy to spot.  When I see them now, I try to remember another use for the jet skis.  Check this scene out.

Thank God, I have not gotten the corona virus.  I have a person I trust giving you the real lo-down on this virus so I wish to send this to you so it might allay your fears or at the least make you wiser about this threat that is all around you.  It is global.  I have a wry grin on my face as I realize that all the wars on this planet have never affected the WHOLE planet at the same time and a little microbe that is invisible to the naked eye has done what all the nuclear power and ammunition could not do.


“BE INSPIRED” shared with us by Dee Wallace. What a wonderful graduation speech this is as it is also an inspiration to every one of us.


“A GENERATION OF HOPE” by Jeanne Morascini in Spirit of Change Magazine. Let us hold onto the hope that our younger generation is showing us.


This video gives us all the hope of our country coming together in solidarity.  Keep this image in mind when our media is focusing on protesters.

Mary Grace



When I read this article, it explained to me why I do not see color of people as I have always felt that we are one species on one planet.  I could not understand how the bigotry ran amuck as I was white yet I did not fit in either as I was born into a poor family with many problems. When you are of the so called lower class, color does not matter as you are lumped into one category with not much hope for your future. This article should be on the front page of every newspaper and spoke of in every newsfeed on TV.  Once understood, it will open many eyes.


This is truly what our world needs right now.


A perfect example is this story

Would you like another one?  I think the more the merrier (we will be). These elevate my mood by allowing me at this moment to forget my surroundings and what is going on in the world and just BE in this moment.  These are also good to listen to repeatedly as they do not lose their flavor.


One last story of a good thing that came out of the corona virus even if it is 37 years later.

Love and Light

Mary Grace



We ARE in a great state of transition.  This is a great opportunity for families to share time together such as eating a meal together which had gone by the wayside for most.  Mother Nature is forcing us to focus on what is most important, each other. There are so many heroes in our purview right now:  all the humans who are willing to fight against the invisible danger to protect and help you and others be invisible by quarantining them.  They are all around you, look around and you will see them.  From the scientists who are searching for the antidote to all of the medical professionals who are risking their health to help those who have contracted the enemy, to the computer wizards who are finding new ways to inform you or teach your children or give you ways of communicating with the outside world. We humans do not like change but change is here and it is for our betterment. Let’s get creative and choose how to put our own flavor of this pandemic in the mix.

Mother Nature is the model for change as she adapts to all that her human guests ask of her.


I was surprised when I discovered some face masks in my garage.  I had bought them for a painting project many years ago and they suddenly appeared into view yesterday.  Who can figure?  Check your nooks and crannies and you may be surprised what suddenly appears to you.  Check out the surprise that was discovered, it is a good feeling article. I bet there is a lot to be discovered by others out there.

Here is another thought of how this Corona Pandemic got started.  I really hope they research this and publish the truth behind their investigation. No fear allowed, our inventions came into being because of someone thinking out of the box. Perhaps this could give us much more knowledge of how the 5G can affect our human bodies.


I hope no one forgets that yesterday was THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING. There is a lot to smile about.  I now have about 40 of the ducks I call MY DOBBLERs.  These are the transient ducks that use my lake as a go between either going north or now going south.  They make me laugh as they keep diving under and suddenly popping up, they chase each other around also.  The males have a lot of white on their bodies while the females are brown.  If they are not close to my beach, I see all the white bobbing up and down as they “fish” for food.  Oscar, the seagull, is fun to watch as he acts like a drone hovering above the 40 ducks and then dives at one to get their treasure.  I laugh as the duck merely dives under water to avoid him but he must get some sustenance as he keeps trying anyway. This morning I watched as a male duck calmly swam toward two other ducks that were of a different breed.  When he got almost about 10 feet from them, he calmly turned and started swimming the other way.  All of a sudden, he spread his wings and flew off in the opposite direction.  My thought at seeing all of that reminded me that he may have been the scout sent out to seek if the other two ducks were willing to join him and his group. This is a link to video’s that will make you smile.  Perhaps you and your family might get to see more of how an Aquarium deals with quarantine.

Love and Light

Mary Grace