Is it my imagination or is time going much, much faster?  Next Tuesday is the first of October.  How did it get here so soon?  My passport and license do not expire until next February but I felt compelled to get them done ahead time.  Why?  I don’t know but I am glad that they are done. We need to get a Real ID if we intend to get on an airplane and having a passport makes the whole procedure much easier.  Men do not have to worry about name changes but women do and the RMV requires proof of every name change.  So keep your passport up to date.  AAA is a good place to get your Real ID or license and is much quicker than the RMV.  AAA gives you two free pictures a year so I was able to get my photo free for my passport while I was at AAA to get my Real ID. I have no plans right now to travel or be on an airplane but you never know when an opportunity will come up to use them and I will be ready. After AAA, I went to my local Post Office who assisted me with sending off my old passport in order to get a new one. Yesterday was a real productive day and two things that had a deadline have been taken care of and I can cross off my to-do list.

Are you uneasy about your future and the future of the Earth? There is definitely hope so check out these messages that you are being given.


Speaking of time going so quickly, 2020 is almost upon us.  Kryon has given you an advance notice of what might be in our future for 2020. One is longer than the other but they do not contain the same info so I listened to both. I listed both in my newsletter in case you wished to hear both.


Who you are!


Eckhart Tolle addresses fear and anxiety.  He is so expressive and acts out many of his suggestions which will make you laugh at yourself and what is happening.  He has such a dry sense of humor


I received this article this morning and it made me realize how our mind can also be used to bring out such happy memories.  I am so glad that this TOOL has been developed as it will help our fellow humans with dementia.

Why can’t I just get over it? A great explanation so you can stop blaming yourself.


Love and Light


Mary Grace



I got up late this morning so of course this newsletter is later than normal.  I have begun meditating the first thing in the morning whether I wake at 4am, 5am or even 6 am.  I used to sleep right through but now I wake up early and then go back to bed to incorporate the meditation.  I still do my normal prayer time also so it takes a little longer in the morning for me to get going on my daily things. I do notice that I am more relaxed and my world takes care of some things I used to ponder about without me getting concerned.

It is fun to watch what the next miracle will be. My home was insulated very thoroughly and without any cost to me.  Next, I got a Mini-Split heating system that heats, dries, and air conditions my home with an interest free loan for 7 years.  I never had air conditioning so this is new to me and believe me, it is a challenge for me to understand the remotes that run it. It even has an eye that follows you around to make sure to blow the air where you are. There are so many choices that to a person who is not used to it, it is confusing.  Even the TV remotes challenge me. These new things keep my brain in condition so that is another miracle.

Is this what I have been feeling?  All along, is it society that is making me feel older? Is this energy pervasive and I don’t actually feel old; my mind is just picking up this transmission of energy?

Are you afraid of change?  As humans, we do not like change and the older I get, the more habits (sameness) I have and the easier it is to live without having to give it much thought.  I also do not have to remember as much so my brain goes into its idle mode. I do worry about that sometimes because as you age, there are more signs of dementia and that is quite a big fear.  I took care of a maiden aunt and also my mom who had dementia so I am quite familiar with the signs.  Another way to say it is to compare 3D to 5D.  3D is always battling with the forces of either nature or just plain living.  5D is more relaxing as we settle into just knowing that all is OK.  Brenda Hoffman explains it in quite a way to make it understandable.


The August Virtual Light Broadcast at Espavo is under a new format where you can watch the entire forecast or scroll down and listen to any of the videos you choose.  There is some good news forecasts that I think you would enjoy watching and knowing about.

Energy has many manifestations.  Actually, all things are energy vibrating at different speeds. Violence has its own energy and so does peace.  What a brilliant idea this group has to combat the violent energy left at crime scenes.  It works and is so easy to implement.  We forget that music is energy yet it calms or invigorates, etc. What energy are you filling the space around you with?

What energy did he fill the pills with? That’s right; LOVE has its own energy.

I want to leave you with some fantastic energy that will make you feel lighter.  Is this what is called: seizing the moment?


Love and Light

Mary Grace



Just to let you know that I am fine and operating at the fullest capacity that I have had in the last few years.  I am awaiting my miracle with the stem cell procedure and will let you know when it happens.  Thanks for being with me during this unusual procedure.  You know how I like new inventions and creations and now I am part of one.

I don’t know about you but I sometimes feel that I am in The Twilight Zone when I read or hear about all of these latest inventions or creations.  Here is news about a substance that will be perfect for making buildings or BONES?  What a boon that will be to us humans who break a bone or have osteoporosis or imagine having a home with this material. My mind is truly boggled and I wanted to share with you just what is right down the road.  Check what this material is made from?

Would you like another mind boggler idea?????? I know that real crystals are powerful but plastic ones??????

Here is Jamye Price and her May 2019 Ascension Energies speaking to us about change.  Is that necessary?  You know that if you wait a minute things will change but do you actually remember to do that? We get so caught up with the moment and forget to use that moment to bring the change we wish to see.

Have you noticed that your communication with others is different? Are you able to read more into the conversation or are you understanding more than what is being said? Don’t panic, there is such freedom when we no longer have to watch every word we say by Brenda Hoffman.


Can one person make a difference to a new generation?  Watch how this man gave teenagers a taste of freedom. I wish this could be experienced by all the young hearted who have never given themselves this kind of freedom.  These kids could start a revolution. Who knew that conversation would be a bygone pleasure?

I just received these ideas this morning and want to end this newsletter by putting a smile on your face and awesome wonder at simplicity.


Love and Light

Mary Grace