Did you miss me?  I was missing last Friday because as I was writing my newsletter to you, my computer crashed.  YIKES!  That episode really sent me into an experience I would rather not have had. No matter what I tried, it remained absolutely dark and silent. I brought it to Staples but they could not guarantee that all my files were saved or that they could save them.They suggested a new computer but I was more concerned about all the notes and information that was on the hard drive. I decided not to make a rash decision and get more advice before I did anything I could not undo.  Is this not the season for all this chaos and indecision?  I will add more info about the human status and ways to help yourself further down this newsletter.
I put a call into my computer guru, Barry Costa, one of my best friends who lives in Maine.  He is the one who has done all the artwork on my computer and who has made this calling of mine to be a much easier path than it was before I met him. I left a message and proceeded to call my grandson who is a computer geek but much too smart and fast on the computer for me to learn. After one half hour of his very informative guidance, my brain was fried.  I could not understand what he was trying to tell me because he has to dumb it down so far and he can’t do that because he is so steeped in computer language. I left my computer with him and really hoped for the best. He called me the next day but was not sure he could save my files and did not want to experiment with it because the hard drive might be corrupted even more.
Barry called me back but since he was not here in person he could only venture a guess but he did something invaluable to me.  It is amazing how lost I felt without the computer.  I felt like I was coming down from an addiction but realized that I was completely dependent on that machine to give me info that I used to use the telephone book to find. Boy, another example of how I missed that book that was sent to all of us from the telephone company. It had so much information and did not require any outside power except my ability to read. I will tell you a secret – I still kept my telephone books and know they are not accurate anymore but they still help me out to find merchants that could help me with my questions, and it helps me remember the names my mind no longer remembers).Barry went on his computer and came up with the names, phone numbers of 3 computer repair places that he deemed responsible by reading the stories other people wrote on their website.  He also used his innate guidance to put them as #1, #2, #3 and I picked #1. He gave me names, addresses, and phone numbers. I felt like I could breathe a little better again yet it was Sunday so I needed to wait until the next day to do anymore.
I know I talked about being a pure novice with my new smart phone and this situation pushed me into using the very thing I had been avoiding. The Sacristan at my church helped me alot by explaining that I had 4 pages which were represented by four dots that I could barely see. I am not good at finger swishing and my mind does not remember to try swishing when I get stuck on a spot in my phone. I finally realized where the sites I was trying to find were.
I had no choice, it was either find out how to use that darn thing or not be able to pay my bills that were due.  I used to do that on my computer which I finally trusted enough to use instead of writing a check and mailing it. The next morning I decided to be at the new computer place when it opened rather than call it. My thought was that it would be faster to be there already so that was what I did. When he did not show up, I looked up at his door and noticed a clock that said he would be back at 10am. I decided to use that time to go to my bank a few streets down and beg them to put their website on my smartphone so I could pay my bills.  They were very kind and the person spent at least a half an hour showing me how to use it after she downloaded it to my phone.  Phew, one step back to be a little more normal.
I went back to the shop and his sister took my computer and said he would call me to let me know his findings.  I stressed about wanting to save my files and then left. Later that afternoon, I called and spoke to the sister again as I needed to go to the Post Office to get my mail and they would be closed in 15 minutes.  I live on a private street and the Post Office cannot deliver my mail so I need a PO Box. She said he had taken the hard drive out and was trying to save my files and would call me the next day.
I don’t know about you, but when I am  waiting for a phone call, I just cannot get into doing anything productive because I am always waiting for the phone to ring. All day I waited by the phone, I did not even go to get my mail.  Wednesday morning, I could wait  no longer and I called and Glenn answered.  I was finally going to get to talk to him.  He described how he had taken my hard drive out of my computer but because of a needle??? and some other things he was not able to get my files.  He used what he called a donor drive and used its parts to be able to salvage my files enough so he could download them onto a new hard drive which he then put in my computer.  I still have the old casing and computer with a NEW hard drive and since it takes quite a while to download, my computer would be ready later in the afternoon.  I picked it up at 6pm with a lot more air in my lungs.  He is not only a great technician but a smart business man as he had a list of things he had done even with a warning not to defrag. Someone like me needs written instructions to be able to understand technology after I am no longer in their presence. My wonderful friend Barry will be smoothing out the rough spots where the apps will be where I am used to them being and answer my questions. Because I am not sure which OFFICE to use for my newsletter to you,I am creating it in my email and hopefully all will be fine. It might look a little different from my normal one.
I have a couple of messages from seers who can better explain what is happening in our world to all of us.
This has very simple steps you can do to release the tension.
Ann Albers has simple explanations of what is happening in our world.
This newsletter is long enough but I wanted to give you something that will carry you to peace and smiles. I wish I had this when my computer gave me a valuable opportunity to grow as I learned more about technology.
HAVE A HAPPY HALLOWEEN no matter how you are celebrating it.
Love and Light




Happy Columbus Day (Indigenous Day)

This is a perfect picture to show you what I see and feel when I kayak in still waters.  This is just a teaser yet you will find peace within just by looking at this picture. Want to find the best fall colors?  Then just click on this link.

Do you believe in Homeopathy? Then here is your chance to help save a true medicine that has been around for ages.

I have always wondered if Lemuria was just a pipe dream or a true reality.  Have you?  This video answers many questions you may have and perhaps raise a few more.

I thought I knew a lot about pollution and ways to avoid it and also ways to help Mother Earth.  I never knew about this pollution and if I haven’t, than many of you have never heard about it either. It is so heartwarming to know that our young citizens are rising to the bar and helping us know what challenges we are facing and discovering ways to correct it.

Whenever I have watched anything with Julie Andrews in it, my heart got fuller and I had more peace inside of me.  This is an amazing feature of a wonderful actress that will raise your vibration of love.

Finally, there is an electric car within my reach.  I had given up hope of ever having one but here are the facts on how we ordinary people may now own one.

 Love and Light

Mary Grace



Here’s hoping that all the damage of that terrific coastal storm has abated and that you are safe and healthy.  My area got hit pretty hard as far as the basic necessities like electricity, water, light, computers, phones, even running out of ice as people struggled to save the food in their freezers. We do not have trash pickup so we have a Transfer Station (dump) and that was closed also and without electricity the dumpster would not work. We do not have sewers either, so we all have wells for water and for which we need electricity to bring it into the house. We also have septic systems for the toilet water or holding tanks.  One nice thing is that we got see many people we do not see often as they came to the lake to get water so they could flush their toilets. The last time we had such a bad storm was for 6 days 7 years ago but it was in winter. Thank God, we did not have to worry about heat this time.

Our Post Office window was closed as there was no computer or even light.  Our postmistress even had to wear a light on her forehead so she could process the incoming mail. When I went to get my mail in an outside PO Box the door to the Post Office was open which is a NEVER and I got concerned.  I went up the stairs and the door to the back of the Post Office was open and I called “Michelle” to see if she was OK.  I went further in wondering if a thief had been in here when she came out of the dark and told me she was OK.  The air was so still and not healthy of course, but she was trying to let some air and daylight in so she could do her job of sorting mail and getting it ready for distribution.  You do know that the USPS is the most reliable and safest place for your most important documents. My concern generated some light hearted laughter even as it spread from person to person. During my travels as a younger person, I got to view many Post Offices and I want you to know that the US Post Office is the best and safest in the WORLD.

Of course, all air conditioners were off so the air in most places was not the best. I do not have a smartphone, only a flip top phone which I was grateful for because at least I could call my sons to see how they were faring.  This was the first time that I carried my phone around with me making sure it was with me at all times.  I did not like the feeling but I was grateful for my link to the outside world.  With the TV off, I could not get the news so I did not know what was happening even in my own town. The last big storm, I did not have the all house generator and had to choose between heat and keeping the water out of my crawl space.  I am grateful that I had an all house generator this time so I had electricity but that did not help with the phone, TV or computer. It turns out that Wales was completely shut down as was a neighboring town Holland and the next neighboring town only had the center of the town on electricity.  Trees were down everywhere and the Postmistress told me that when she left last week during the storm to go home, she was going under and around all the trees blocking the streets.

We were without power from Tuesday till Friday, another opportunity to be quiet and go within. On Friday I came home from Physical therapy in a town that was never hit by the storm.  Stopping at the Post Office for my mail, there were National Grid trucks in the parking lot and across the street in the Church parking lot. So many trucks, many came from different towns and some were even from Canada who came to help in this disaster.  The men were sitting at the picnic tables and on the grass having their meal. I asked: “is it on” meaning the electricity and one gentleman came closer so I could hear and he asked what street I lived on.  I told him but then he said he could not remember what the street name was but then asked me what side of Union Rd was my street.  I told him on the right and then he said: All streets were on but ONE but it was on the left. Whew! When I went into my garage, I noticed that my generator was not running which meant the power was back on. How excited I was even if it was for only a few minutes.

I tried to close my garage door but it would only come so far and then go back up again.  Oh darn! I proceeded to take the broom and clear all spider webs and leaves or any other debris from the bottom of the door and the eyes; I even went into the house to get some wet towels to clean them also.  Three more times I tried to close the garage door but it kept opening back up. I finally gave up and opened the garage by the side door so I could back my car up and get to that rope to pull so it will go to manual instead of electric. I brought the car back in and pulled the big door down and it did not close all the way. I departed from the side door and looked at the darn thing.  It was mostly closed but one side was open at the top.

I knew if I played with the door again, I might make it worse. Now I gave up completely and called my older son. He lived ¾ of an hour away and it was supper time.  He said he would come the next day to see what was wrong. The next morning he came over and I knew he was not feeling well but he came anyway.  Right away when he looked at it from the outside he knew the door was off its track. He managed to get it back on the track only to realize it was the wrong track.  Now he had to get it off that one and put it on the higher one.  Phew!  What a job but he did it and I was ever so grateful.

I am hoping that this “long newsletter?” about my journey will give you reason to be happy with the small things we take for granted every day. Actually, we are a spoiled country with all of these amenities when millions of people do not even have running water or the comfort of knowing that in a few days, all of these amenities would be turned on. I would like to offer thanks to all who came to help even from a different country and different states.  They were our angels and humanity shines even brighter than before.  Humanity cares.

This brought such peace after going through such a storm.

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Love and Light

Mary Grace