Is it a surprise that Covid 19 happened during Lent? Let us claim the Easter energies and be grateful for all that means to Mother Earth and us humans. You and I have been through the dark night of the soul as well as all humanity on Earth.  No longer is it just America or any other country, it is the whole planet, Mother Earth. Let all the eggs be the symbol of new beginnings, it is fitting for an Easter symbol. You and I have a deeper understanding now of what Jesus symbolizes as this is Good Friday and Easter is in three days. WE are one in Spirit even though we may not be able to join in the physical. There is so much love going on, right in front of us and all around the world as brotherhood and sisterhood come together in quite a lovely display of true LOVE.  WE ARE NOT ALONE!

Even Fido joins in the energy of LOVE. Everyone and anyone can do something with their gift.

Are you a dragon lover?  This is a new adaptation without the fear. Listen to this and relax into bliss from fear.


Are you ready for some good news?  Have you heard about this yet?  Bill Gates is a prime example of helping others with what you have.  Not just that but it is our future that he is helping with.

This article just warmed my heart and gave me much hope.  We are one species living on one planet but many do not realize that without Mother Earth, they will have no home. I call her Mother Earth because truly she is our mother as she gives us all the sustenance we need to be alive.

I want to end this with a video that shows just what Easter and family can do for you today. This is TRUE LOVE



HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!  Let us send love and blessings to ALL the mothers including Mother Earth who is mother to us all.  Without her, we would not have water, food, clothing, shelters, etc.  Perhaps we could do one thing for her on Sunday, even if it is only to give thanks for all of the beautiful nature she has given us.

Here is only one example of what a mother does for her child but the endearing thing is the way she was unexpectedly recognized. This is amemory for them both that is priceless.

There is some very exciting news about plastic bags.  It is a staple that is used for many other purposes than just carrying your purchases.  If you use them often, you will be happy to hear what is right around the corner.

Children have a way of touching our hearts with so much purity and being right in the moment.  I think you will like the response of this child to Mozart. It made me smile and brought me back to my childhood of being in awe even when I did not truly understand.

Speaking of childhood, the Library of Congress is offering an opportunity to have rare children’s books  for free. Would you like to retreat back into memories or do you know a child who would be in awe of what was created way back when?

How much baggage do you carry around on a regular basis?  Listen to Jim Self as he gives you an example of what the future has in store for you.  It sounds like a lot of fun, much better than what we are creating in the world now.


Love and Light

Mary Grace


What wonderful energy came together for the Whole
Health Expo held last weekend. I met so many
wonderful new people who are on their path and
wanting to put their piece of the puzzle into the
colorful and unique mozaic that is Mother Earth.

This was my second year as a speaker and exhibitor
but this time I was asked by Mother Mary, the Divine
Feminine, to bring a stronger presence of Her to the
people. She wanted to reach out and speak to her
children that needed support and love to continue
on their destiny with loving confidence in themselves.

Mother Mary wanted to touch them physically also
and to let them know they were being touched by
Her Love. Hugs are the best way to transmit this
energy and it is my favorite way of sharing Her love.

I must say that it was a stepping off the cliff for me
yet I was definitely supported. I have done sessions
before where Mother has come through for people
but it was always done one at a time and in my
home where it was quiet and serene. I was being
asked to step beyond my comfort zone and cross
the boundaries I had previously placed there.

I did not know if I could do it with all the noise and
activity of the crowd around me, I did have some
trepidation. Years ago, whenever I heard the “F” word,
it was like something scraping my soul, it literally was
so heavy that I felt like I was being covered in mud.

What You Resist Persists so as long as I was resisting the
“F” word, I would hear it repeatedly being said. By my
coworkers (mostly male) and even occasionally by my
sons who knew they could push Mom’s buttons that way.

I decided to choose my own “F” word so I could
replace the other one. I ended up with two F words
which are Fear and Faith. You cannot feel both at
the same time so when I feel Fear, I stop for a moment
and bring up the feeling of Faith .

Every time I would feel myself feeling some concern over
Mother’s request, I would think of the Love that she
wanted to give others through me. How could I say NO?
I had to step out in Faith.

I was so blessed by all who I met and hugged. It is quite a
paradox, what you give comes back to you multiplied.

Remember to step out in Faith towards whatever your
heart is pulling you to do. You will be supported with

I want to share some amazing photos with you about
the volcano eruptions in Iceland. It is mind boggling
to see what power and strength Mother Nature has
yet how we are protected and cared for through
the seeming disaster. These Icelanders show such
courage and concern for the creatures that are
under their care.

I realize that world trade and personal schedules were
severely disrupted. There are many perspectives to
see here and much gratitude and appreciation flowing
now that things are getting back to normal.

Let us send some healing Love Energy to the Icelanders who
are going through this challenging time and who are the
ones remaining to clean up the debris and disruptions
to their lives.

Enjoy these pictures, they are spectacular.

http://www.boston.com/ bigpicture/2010/04/more_from_ eyjafjallajokull.html

Love and Light,

Mary Grace