Is it a surprise that Covid 19 happened during Lent? Let us claim the Easter energies and be grateful for all that means to Mother Earth and us humans. You and I have been through the dark night of the soul as well as all humanity on Earth.  No longer is it just America or any other country, it is the whole planet, Mother Earth. Let all the eggs be the symbol of new beginnings, it is fitting for an Easter symbol. You and I have a deeper understanding now of what Jesus symbolizes as this is Good Friday and Easter is in three days. WE are one in Spirit even though we may not be able to join in the physical. There is so much love going on, right in front of us and all around the world as brotherhood and sisterhood come together in quite a lovely display of true LOVE.  WE ARE NOT ALONE!

Even Fido joins in the energy of LOVE. Everyone and anyone can do something with their gift.

Are you a dragon lover?  This is a new adaptation without the fear. Listen to this and relax into bliss from fear.


Are you ready for some good news?  Have you heard about this yet?  Bill Gates is a prime example of helping others with what you have.  Not just that but it is our future that he is helping with.

This article just warmed my heart and gave me much hope.  We are one species living on one planet but many do not realize that without Mother Earth, they will have no home. I call her Mother Earth because truly she is our mother as she gives us all the sustenance we need to be alive.

I want to end this with a video that shows just what Easter and family can do for you today. This is TRUE LOVE