Is it a surprise that Covid 19 happened during Lent? Let us claim the Easter energies and be grateful for all that means to Mother Earth and us humans. You and I have been through the dark night of the soul as well as all humanity on Earth.  No longer is it just America or any other country, it is the whole planet, Mother Earth. Let all the eggs be the symbol of new beginnings, it is fitting for an Easter symbol. You and I have a deeper understanding now of what Jesus symbolizes as this is Good Friday and Easter is in three days. WE are one in Spirit even though we may not be able to join in the physical. There is so much love going on, right in front of us and all around the world as brotherhood and sisterhood come together in quite a lovely display of true LOVE.  WE ARE NOT ALONE!

Even Fido joins in the energy of LOVE. Everyone and anyone can do something with their gift.

Are you a dragon lover?  This is a new adaptation without the fear. Listen to this and relax into bliss from fear.


Are you ready for some good news?  Have you heard about this yet?  Bill Gates is a prime example of helping others with what you have.  Not just that but it is our future that he is helping with.

This article just warmed my heart and gave me much hope.  We are one species living on one planet but many do not realize that without Mother Earth, they will have no home. I call her Mother Earth because truly she is our mother as she gives us all the sustenance we need to be alive.

I want to end this with a video that shows just what Easter and family can do for you today. This is TRUE LOVE



It has come to my attention that one of you did not realize that the highlighted word in a paragraph is actually a link to a wonderful video or article that I wanted to share.  My skills on the computer or even the phone leaves much to be desired but since I knew what highlighted meant, I “assumed” that everyone knew that all they had to do is click on the link.

My wonderful computer person suggested that I could cut down the size of the link to one word instead of having perhaps up to 4 lines of the necessary words or letters that would get you to the same place. It would be easier for you especially on phones that do not have the same size screen as a computer. He even had the patience to explain to me HOW to do that.  I so apologize for not explaining what I was doing and having been doing that for a while and never received a complaint. It takes a good friend to be honest with you when finally I was asked why my newsletter was shorter.  I was taken aback and finally I realized that I had shortened the length by taking that shortcut.  Again, I apologize if you had any problems or perhaps did not realize what the highlighting meant.  You missed a lot of good news and if you would like me to resend any of the newsletters to you so you could open them, I would be happy to do that.  I have a copy of each newsletter so I just need you to tell me the date.  If you have any suggestions you would like to share with me, please feel free to email me.

After reading this article, I again had hope that there is something in this world that would help people like me who cannot do physical exercise to keep fit.  I was surprised by the results and the ease which someone could help their body in so many ways. Personally, I like the heat better than the cold, so this is right up my alley (article).

This is my first exposure to Diana Cooper.  I was impressed and moved so I thought you might like a taste of her also. This is an October 2019 energy report.

https://spiritlibrary.com/videos/diana-cooper/october-2019-energy-report (Video)

Jayme Price and the October Energies 2019 really speak to how LOVE is the most powerful energy on this planet and how you can use that to be your most creative self. Let’s love ourselves and let our creative energy flow out to the world.

https://spiritlibrary.com/videos/jamye-price/october-2019-ascension-energies-and-light-language-dna-activation (Video)

Ann Albers offers a perspective from the angels to your heart and mine.  It is wisdom personified.

https://spiritlibrary.com/ann-albers/travel-plans-for-the-soul article)

There is hope and this one I never thought would happen in my lifetime.  With this new discovery (article), you will look forward to living longer and happier.

This is so hilarious and yet so true.  Do you have any dads that would enjoy this? I enjoyed it and I am not a dad so feel free to send to anyone who needs a laugh or a smile (video).

Please forgive the (explanations) after the link, I just wanted to give a head’s up just this once for anyone who might have been confused.

Love and Light


Mary Grace



Today is May 1st and the flowers are beginning to appear. They so enlighten the atmosphere and bring us joy and promise of a friendlier climate. My grass is green now but there are bare spots where the piles of snow were. So yesterday I put grass seed down as today we are scheduled for rain. My heart goes out to beautiful California with its drought and no relief in sight. Predictions abound about the weather changes and have been around for quite a while but the changes seem to be happening quicker than ever. I, for one, do not seem to have the ability to change on a dime and that appears to be what is needed these days. There are many opportunities that come my way to practice being more in the present and let the future be whatever it is choosing to be. Can I blame my age for preferring to stay with the status quo? It is so much easier than having to make so many quick decisions. Even with the energy companies, I have had four proposals which all have changed in two days…not counting the opportunity for solar energy which could not offer me a substantial savings. I guess I am from the old school where even energy companies received respect and loyalty.

Nowadays, you just make a call and your energy company is switched. Last fall, my energy company doubled their price and although we had heard rumors, none of us believed they would actually do it. Well, they did and I felt deceived. How could I be loyal to them? It took two months to get changed to a new company. Although I have been calling to see what the new rate would be (it changes every 6 months) they could not tell me so I signed up again for six months with the present company. I found out yesterday that my original supplier is cheaper than the one I switched to so I transferred again back to my original supplier. Hopefully they will not double again this fall because if they do, I will transfer permanently. When I called to cancel my present supplier, I was told: “Oh, we have a new lower price”, which I was not told about when I again contracted with them two weeks ago. If I had not called to cancel with them. I would not have known about the new lower price. Although they were a little lower in price, I felt that they had not been honest with me so I cancelled anyway. “Buyer Beware “seems to be so prevalent these days giving us many opportunities to change our minds. I am so glad that my car mechanic who I have had for 25 years is still very dependable and honest. In fact, he does not take credit cards, only checks or cash and he has a booming business because of his honesty and integrity. Then I received another call today that a certain supplier was even lower than my original one. I am tired of switching back and forth, having to make decisions over and over again. My human brain is tired from all this exercise and I prefer to spend my time enjoying this life. Do you think it has anything to do with all the energy of the sun and the stars and also with these new times? I think so. Here is an article that explains it much better than I can.

I have been out in my kayak twice now and it is only the beginning. There are a few boats out there but more will be out in the future. Each month changes the lake. Right now, I can kayak out to all the edges of the lake as the water lilies are still dormant. When they are out, there are places that are too thick with them, although beautiful, make going through them quite a chore. Now, I can see the homes without all their summer toys out and it is much quieter. I enjoy all the differences because they all change back again. Kayaking is quite a metaphor to enjoy the present because it too will change.

My first hummingbird made his appearance a few days and I am now eagerly awaiting the Baltimore Orioles. The feeders are out but only half of them. When they, hummingbirds and orioles, are here in full force, I have feeders on both sides of my house. I believe I have a new visitor which I have never seen but his antics have led me to believe who it is. I have a huge feeder which suddenly was on the ground and along my fence one morning. The hook that I hang it on was down below the tree. My first thought was that it was a bear but another thistle feeder was still on the tree and a bear would have crushed my feeder. ???? I hung it back up and two mornings later it was back down again. I filled it to the brim thinking that perhaps the weight would keep whatever was taking it off would find it too heavy to lift. Two days later, it was down again. ????? Was some teenager having fun with me? So, I went to my local bird store and asked them what they thought it might be. They are positive it is a raccoon which is a nocturnal animal. It seems there mode of operation is to lift the hook from the tree, shake it and the feeder falls off, giving them access to the food. They suggested using an eye hook to screw into the tree and then use a gadget that holds keys that enables me to hang it up on this gadget. Each night I would take the feeder in at dusk and then put it out in the morning until my son could come and install it for me. Problem solved, it has been a week and the feeder has not come down. Life certainly gives us many opportunities to learn new things and depend on the abilities of others to help us. We are so fortunate to have each other.

Please send a welcome to the new subscribers of this newsletter. You are very special people and I am grateful for all of you. Now we have new special people who will be joining their energy with all of us, bringing love, patience and peace to this world. WELCOME NEW SUBSCRIBERS!

Cathy Olsen sends out daily inspirational pictures that are awe inspiring. The one today was an angel in a garden and the caption was “YOU ARE PRECIOUS”. I tried to copy it so I could show it to you but no matter what I did, it would not print on the email. I need a course in how to work these things on the computer. She takes these pictures herself and I marvel at what she is able to capture. She has a way to see things in a different light. She is a new entrepreneur and just in time for Mother’s Day. If you need to inspire a MOM, take a look.

Hi All:
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Maureen Moss has a newsletter that is so perfect for this energy and these times. Even someone like her has challenges and also continues to grow through them.


Nepal is going through some trying times right now. Here is a way you can help and it takes only 3 minutes.


Thank you for being YOU!


Love and Light

Mary Grace