Well, I had my first doctor’s visit on Zoom.  It was a little uncomfortable for my first maiden voyage but luckily my doctor has been doing this since the corona virus first started so at least he was comfortable and that made me less nervous.  He wants to do a test on my adrenals and they will mail me a kit to spit in and then I bring it to a Quest Diagnostics office. My, how doctoring has changed.  My first visit with a doctor was 65 years ago and there was no such thing as appointments.  We just went to his office and it was a first come, first serve type of deal. I don’t know why, but so many things I took for granted seem to be changing and the changes are coming straight to my mind and heart. I know humans do not like change but we as a species have had so many fundamental changes in the last 6 months that I feel older than I really am.  I feel like I am in a different time zone or on a different planet. I can just imagine those beings who are 10-20 years older than I am and what they are going through to make sense of everyday living.

I listened to Christine Day today and the news was good.  You just need to hang in there until 2021 and it will make more sense and we will feel a lot more comfortable.  I wanted to share her talk with you so you could have a sense of what is in our future.

Do you or someone who is still in school wish to see what Earth looked like when you were little or when your parents were little or even deeper into your past.   This is a great tool for History or Geography (is this still a subject?) It is fascinating and perhaps now you have the time to delve into it.

Jim Self is giving a talk on helping family and friends during the stress of this time. I know you and your family are going through a difficult time right now and we feel better when we can help even if it is only a little.

I love Eckhart Tolle’s sense of humor. He can make you laugh at the most serious subject.

How would like to take a trip into the forest and listen to all of the beautiful sounds of nature?  Try this. I bet the kids (adults) would stay quiet for a while just listening to forest sounds that you have never heard before.


Laugh with these kayakers over the surprise hitchhiker.

Love and Light

Mary Grace



I have owned and used a sea kayak for about 20 years but time has caught up with me and I am not as physically strong as I used to be.  I have been looking into inflatable and also folding kayaks.  I accidentally ran into a new kayaker on the lake so I asked her about her kayak which turned out to be an inflatable one.  She brought it over to my beach for me to try and I surmounted the two things I was most concerned about, getting in and getting out.  My original kayak is solid so I can use it as a lever or handle but the blow up one does not have the firmness for me to use.  But…I managed to do it anyway and now onto trying to maneuver it.  I felt like such a neophyte as I could not control or steer this kayak.  The oars felt so short and I had a hard time reaching into the water. I did but I had to hike up my shoulders and arms at a difficult angle.  I even got a blister.

My mind was trying to figure out why I was having a problem and I thought maybe the oars were too short.  I measured them against the oars I always use and they were the same length. No answer there.  I came into the house as it was evening and Lisa was kind enough to let me borrow her kayak for a few days.  During the evening, with my mind still trying to find a solution, I suddenly realized that it was ME that was not tall enough. My body does not sit tall enough and my arms are not long enough. I started to chuckle at the simplicity of the problem yet I had struggled to find a solution. The inflatable kayak does not sit in the water and it is taller in height to begin with than my sea kayak so there is much more kayak for me to surmount to get to the water with the oars.  Problem solved yet I was sad because I was so hoping that I would be able to maneuver the much lighter one. Now I am hoping that a foldable kayak will be the right fit for me. Time will tell.

“Project Park Bench “by Jim Self makes a lot of sense to me.  Since I am unable to travel or do workshops, I sometimes feel useless. I so want to help others.  Here is an amazing explanation of how you can “be” who you want to be without having all the work involved in “doing”. YOU and I are very much needed by just “BEING” who we are. Perhaps I felt useless because my generation has been one of doing and old habits die hard. I am grateful that Jim Self brought this to light even if I am a late bloomer. See what you think.

Sometimes we think that to be “spiritual” we need to always be positive thinking and speaking or we create karma.  I suffer from that as I always try to see the “other side” of whatever happens. I disappoint myself when I allow myself to feel pain or grief when in my heart I know I am creating it. Why can’t I stop doing that?  Now we are being told by Eckhart that difficulties are inevitable so we should just assume they will come and it is OK to “feel” the difficulty. Somehow when he explains it, it just makes sense.  “Eckhart talks about how life’s inevitable difficulties become a pathway to awakening, and how to stay present amidst the continual challenges we encounter.”

Lee Harris says it is OK to feel exhausted.  Would you like to know why it is OK?

I want to share this video with you and have you see these with your own eyes to believe that these are the most unusual instruments ever invented. Now you will have to believe in ALL POSSIBILITIES.

Love and Light

Mary Grace



We have all been quarantined for what feels like such a long time. Have you run out of things or subjects to talk about with your housemates or even with those who you talk with on the phone or zoom?  What else is new with those we love or think highly of? Are you a silent watcher but wish you could connect with others on a more personal level without violating anyone’s privacy? The answer is here.  Finally someone has come up with subjects that intrigue and peak your curiosity. This is an opportunity to get closer to those you love or just satisfy your own need or want to know about those around you. Are you shy?  Go to

Today, my dear friend and webmaster is launching a new website and business with his partner KateLyn! They are so excited to finally launch a project they have been working on called “Togetherness Magic” A website filled with hundreds of questions to help you connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

The idea was simple – to create a website full of fun questions to ask your friends, family, or anyone around you, in order to connect at a deeper level. This is a fun and simple way to connect in these times when we need connection more than ever. This is the time to experiment during all of this “quiet” time. This is a fun and simple way to connect in these times when we need connection more than ever.

If you are curious, here is a link to the website below.  It’s free to sign up and create an account, and if you like what this site offers, please consider donating and sharing with anyone who might find use with this new creation.

Feedback is welcomed. Enjoy!

Jayme Price and June 2020 Ascension Energies

I never would have even imagined such a simple and wonderful gift to give to a child.  This will make ALL children feel like they belong no matter where they live or what country they are in.  Kudos to this marvelous idea.

There is news of deaths every day, several times a day.  I want news but this is quite depressing as I am in solidarity with the ones left behind.  My heart goes out to families and the loved ones left behind.  This is a story about death but it takes the sting out of “losing” someone you love.  Everyone, you can do this no matter where you are, you can connect with your loved ones who are in quarantine and you cannot be with them. Just picture the good times you had with them and just send these thoughts and feelings to them, they will feel you. They are not alone as your love and energy is with them at all times.

I am sure that this video will be in museums as an example of what went on during this Pandemic.  Enjoy


Love and Light

Mary Grace