HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!  Let us send love and blessings to ALL the mothers including Mother Earth who is mother to us all.  Without her, we would not have water, food, clothing, shelters, etc.  Perhaps we could do one thing for her on Sunday, even if it is only to give thanks for all of the beautiful nature she has given us.

Here is only one example of what a mother does for her child but the endearing thing is the way she was unexpectedly recognized. This is amemory for them both that is priceless.

There is some very exciting news about plastic bags.  It is a staple that is used for many other purposes than just carrying your purchases.  If you use them often, you will be happy to hear what is right around the corner.

Children have a way of touching our hearts with so much purity and being right in the moment.  I think you will like the response of this child to Mozart. It made me smile and brought me back to my childhood of being in awe even when I did not truly understand.

Speaking of childhood, the Library of Congress is offering an opportunity to have rare children’s books  for free. Would you like to retreat back into memories or do you know a child who would be in awe of what was created way back when?

How much baggage do you carry around on a regular basis?  Listen to Jim Self as he gives you an example of what the future has in store for you.  It sounds like a lot of fun, much better than what we are creating in the world now.


Love and Light

Mary Grace



Surprise!  I am a day early as I will be on retreat for the next 3 days.  It is a Universal Christ Retreat given by Richard Rohr from the Center for Action and Contemplation in New Mexico.  I so wanted to go to New Mexico but I decided traveling was not a good idea right now.  They are streaming it to your computer so I am doing the retreat at home beginning today at 5:00pm, there is a 2 hour time difference.

I have not written much in my last two newsletters because I had Stem Cell Treatment in both hands and both knees for arthritis, and bone on bone so they have been swollen.  The stem cell was done by Dr. Paul D. Tortland from the Stem Cell Institute in Glastonbury, Ct. I highly recommend him and his assistants, they do know what they are doing and kindly answer all questions which I had a lot of . There are basically two types of stem cell products: from the umbilical cord or from your own body

My doctor recommended Dr. Tortland as a real pioneer in stem cell research so I went with him and he takes your own stem cells from your body the day they are inserted into the areas you want whereas the umbilical cord blood has been through a lot of processing before you receive it.  I did not know the difference but I was guided to go the route of using my own stem cells. .  Do you know a doctor who would take the time to go through your MRI and explain in detail what he sees?  He saw fluid where the meniscus was supposed to be so he withdrew fluid from my knee also.

You start out with a MRI to find if you have any bone spurs then you receive injection of Prolozone which is Ozone and Vit D where they are needed. I had no idea my hands would hurt so much but was told there is so little space to fill that there is more pressure pain there. Because of this advanced knowledge of my hands being limited, I stocked up on foods that were easy to prepare for the time of the next procedure. This was done a week before the actual procedure in order to calm down any inflammation and prepare the sites to receive the stem cells. By the way,  Dr. Tortland has his own scanning machine so he can see the right spot to put these products in.  I felt so safe because he takes his time and only moves when he is certain that the right spot showed up.

The day of the procedure is a much longer process as they take bone marrow from your hip and then fat from your backside.  I teased him to take the fat from my stomach but he laughed and said all women say the same thing. I needed to lay on my stomach while he did these procedures.  I had asked my son Steve, to be with me and he did a great job of taking care of me. I could not see what the doctor was doing and my body had been numbed with Novocain so I could not really feel anything. I was not even embarrassed that my son was there as my butt and backside were exposed.  That surprised me.

Did you know that your bone marrow and your fat carry different stem cells with different properties and purposes?  That is why this doctor does that procedure and they cannot mix these stem cells before inserting them into the body as they congeal immediately upon mixing.  So the doctor inserts the fluid from both intermittently from the different vials so they congeal more inside your body. Boy was I glad for the invention (I don’t know what it is called) of having only one needle and then they can remove and replace just the vials.  I was so surprised that I only had 2 minor incisions as I had felt the instrument for the fat going all over my backside. My son told me they used the incision for the bone marrow as well as another incision on the other side of my backside to suction out the fat.  I would have liked to see that happening but unfortunately, I was face down on the table. They then wrap you in a stretchy band to keep the bruising down to a minimum.  I have never seen such a wide and long support wrap.

I am feeling a lot better now as the swelling on all four locations is going down so my hands and knees work a lot better.  I do have quite a bit of bruising on my back side but that is par for the course in anything I have done to my body. I am scheduled to go back in 4 weeks for another series of shots in each place.  They will take my blood, put it through something like a centrifuge, remove the platelets and then inject it into where the stem cells have been placed and it is food for the stem cells.  He says it is like fertilizer for the blood cells to grow.

The time schedule for healing is 4 to 6 weeks before I notice any difference but not to get discouraged before 3 months.  The stem cells need time to grow.  In fact, he had one patient who at 3 months had not noticed anything yet so they both concluded that the procedure had not taken. Yet….at six months she called him and said she woke up one morning and was able to walk care free.  Each person is different and will heal differently but I have high confidence that this procedure will give me back a pain free life with full mobility and the freedom to go anywhere and do anything. This is how I am feeling now and know I will be able to do this in the future.

I know I am being explicit but I have so many people asking me about stem cell that I thought if you had someone considering this, you would have more info.  Here is another huge discovery.  Our future here on earth is looking much brighter.

We need many more of these around the planet.  What a world this would be.

Ever wonder what your life would be like beyond the third and fourth dimensions? Listen while Jim describes the fifth, sixth and seventh and what you can create there.

I really believe that these autistic humans are here to show us how pure love can be achieved and so easily.

I want to leave you with a laugh but from something you would never think of.

Love and Light

Mary Grace



I wish to thank you for your words of kindness and joy for what I am to embark upon. You have let me know I am in your prayers and that is a gift of high proportions. I am excited as I have a date for my stem cell procedure.  It is March 19 for the actual transfer of my own blood cells to my knee and I have an appointment a week before so he can inject some Prolozone which is Vitamin D and Ozone into my knees so there will be less inflammation and prepare the site for the newcomers. I am eager to do it and now comes the hard part… waiting.  We humans like to be busy and do something but the waiting is hard and there is nothing to do but wait. I am imaging what it will be like to actually walk normally and not be looking ahead to decide if I can walk or would it be better to use my scooter.  I always seem to be deciding even in my own home, what would take the least amount of steps or standing. But….to actually do it again without even any thought will be a miracle, a miracle of freedom.

To expand upon my journey with the hearing aid, it is a gift to me that Costco is always there for me when I have a question.  I had my first experience with a party with a lot of talking.  I went to a baby shower and you know us women.  We do talk a lot and it was very loud and I could not find the way to shut my hearing off and still be able to talk to the woman across the table from me.  So, off I go to see Ron at Costco and he gave me quite an awakening as to what the hearing aid actually does.  My thought was that it raised the volume of whatever I was hearing so I kept trying to lower the volume.  Well, what I did not know was that it only raises or lowers the volume of whatever tone you cannot hear.  It only raises or lowers that tone.  I can hear the deeper tones fine but the high tones I have a problem with.  What I was doing as I played with the volume control was only raising the volume on the high tones which caused those tones to become tinny sounding and made what I was hearing even more irritating.  The secret to a hearing aid is to have BALANCE in all the tones. Who says that at age 80, you are supposed to know everything?  I never imagined that I would have so many questions and lack of knowledge about wearing a hearing aid. Here is something else I do not know much about.

Do you know what the Light Body is?  I have heard about this for a long time but did not understand it.  I listened to Jim Self and have a broader understanding yet it still does not feel complete to me.  I have hope that as I grow spiritually that it will become clearer to me.  See what you think.


Today is February 1st and Jayme Price has the February Ascension energies for us. This is the video.


If you wish the written version, here it is


Here is someone I usually do not hear from but this is a special one just for February.


How often do you ever think about the “supporters” or “employees “of your favorite teams?

Who says there are no “miracles”.  I know I heard about the bear when the child was first recovered but then silence descended about the bear because it made no sense to our rational minds. The child had no fear of the bear, how many children have stuffed bears? In his mind, there was no fear so the bear was not rejected but totally accepted as a “friend’ of which he has seen and played with many times. I, for one, am very pleased and happy that the child is safe and that the animal kingdom once again has shown its side of helpfulness and kindness.


Our Spring thaw is in place now and Mother Nature is giving us a reprieve after the record breaking cold and snow that she gifted to us.