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I hope you are surviving these heat waves in comfort and peace.  Finally, my transition into having air conditioning is almost at an end.  Just the finishing touches in my learning just how to get the most comfortable air in my home is taking root.  My son Steve has been to stores to buy items and then back to my home many times.to Mickey Mouse the air conditioner to work for my greatest comfort.  Since the air conditioner hose from the window to the unit itself was too short to allow the coolness to reach the hallway so it would disperse to the whole house, he adapted.  That is one of his greatest gifts but one which causes a lot of frustration also, especially since I live in a very small town and the closest Home Depot is about an hour away.

He spliced the air conditioner hose and inserted tubing into both ends which allows the unit to almost reach the door to the hallway.  Then he got a 16” pedestal fan that could change the direction of the flow to either end of the hallway to reach the other rooms.  I was planning on going to the store and get a 30” fan which by I located by phone calls.  This has been such an unusual season that there are no air conditioners left to buy and hardly any fans either, thus I let my fingers do the walking. My ignorance of all knowledge concerning what we were attempting to do did not help very much.  Steve called me about an hour before I was setting out on my jaunt to find fans and mentioned that he had found a 16” fan which is just what I needed.  Can you imagine if I had bought the 30”, it would have taken up my entire hallway with no place left for me to walk?  I have to laugh at this adventure.  Buying what you think you need and then having to return it because you needed something else instead. And…it is not a quick and easy jaunt to the store.

I love seeing my son and enjoy his company. He has come 4 times a week for the past three weeks and I am feeling like such an imposition on his time. Here is another opportunity for me to accept help with grace and gratitude. Life gives me many laughs.  We are born helpless and accept and take help for granted.  Then we get to our teens and are doggedly determined to get independent.  For 40 years we learn to take care of ourselves and our families.  Then we reach an age where there are so many things that we did that are impossible for us to do anymore.  So then we return to our infant stages. It feels like we have to give up all that we worked so hard for. Why did we work so hard?  I think I know….to finally relax and accept our humanness and be able to admit what we don’t know

My ignorance took up much of his time as he struggled to explain how to operate an air conditioner.  I would never have guessed that it would challenge me so much but since the humidity here was 80 and not 60-65 like the news said, I had to learn to alternate between the air conditioner when the temperature was hot and use the dehumidifier when it was cool in my home. I walked around with sweaters on for a week or two until I realized that I was setting it at lower and lower temperatures so it would run and  get rid of the humidity when it would have been good to switch to my other lifesaving machine, the dehumidifier.

The sun and the planet are in a great transition right now and we humans are being affected. What affects our planet, affects us. I am not into astrology or any of the other means of predicting what is happening but thankfully, there are other humans who can give us a heads up.


We are experiencing a full moon, eclipses and portal openings. Here is some additional info on how we are responding.


There are many opportunities right now to grow spiritually and expand our own Light.


I wish I had gotten this sooner but this vote affects each of us.  You can still put your two cents in anyway so our government will know what we think about this subject.


Another in-the-know article that might explain why things are changing and why you are feeling the way that you do.


Grandma stories appeal to me especially since I am one.  This is comical as well as inspiring.


Love and Light

Mary Grace



Happy 4th of July.  It lands on Wednesday, right in the middle of the week.  What a boon this is to working people.  They can take either the weekend before or the weekend after for a 5 day vacation using only 2 days of their vacation time. Which weekend are you choosing?  I am going to take a 9 day vacation using only 4 days of vacation time. Only the 4 days of vacation time is actually 4 days of retirement. How lucky am I?

This video exemplifies the real meaning behind our celebration of the 4th of July.  The emotion he expresses is so real, I will never feel the same again when I hear this song.

If they can do it, why can’t we?  The future is here and it is visible. We don’t have to wait any longer for “this” to happen.

I have found more information after the Solstice than before it.  Here is a great one.


Here is another wisdom message for the Solstice


I remember when I learned the wisdom of this message, I was 40 years old but suddenly I was free from this fear.  I learned this when I was on a retreat and Neale Donald Walsch brings this wisdom to us all.


Is this the face of an angel?  The man could not see her with his eyes but his heart certainly “felt”her.

Love and Light

Mary Grace



Although the solstice was Wednesday, its effect is still being felt and it will for quite some time. Read this: The Solstice and the Divine Masculine with Kara Schallock. I gives a lot of information and confirmation for just being who you are.


More news about the Solstice Stargate of 2017 with Magenta Pixie


I have exciting news to share with you. Do you remember me mentioning the Sacred Plant? I watched the first series and learned so much I was completely unaware of. I started speaking to people like my former coworkers, my pharmacist, my fellow card players, and even to people at my church.  To my amazement, I knew more than they did. I was completely unaware of what it can do for humanity and our fellow humans who are suffering from so many diseases. I got different responses and concerns from all of them and I wanted to share this opportunity for you to get some new info on this subject.

They will be hosting 7 LIVE webinars over 7 weeks, every Tuesday night, starting June 27th. They will be inviting doctors and experts for each webinar, and each webinar will be 60-90 minutes.

The purpose? To answer your questions and take your knowledge about The Sacred Plant to the next level, so you have clarity and confidence moving forward.

It’s free and this time you’ll have 48 hours to watch each webinar. :-).

Please go here to reserve your spot today

Matt Kahn speaks on Find Heart Centered Guidance & Direction in Your Life. He is interviewed by Michael Sandler, the beloved, colorful, fun-loving woohoo host of one of the top podcasts in iTunes.  In the last 15 minutes, you’ll catch a remarkable homework assignment from Matt Kahn and an amazing meditation.  Please have patience as it builds on the energy and wisdom.

Whitney Houston, what a voice and what a message for us.


Love and Light

Mary Grace