I love living on this lake where I have Lakeland Beach club right in front of me.  I have been kayaking but not as often as my heart wishes to go.  I can walk down to the beach once a day so I choose just when I go or should I say the state of the water decides when I can go.  If it is windy or the water choppy, I do not go out in the kayak so then I go down to visit with the adults and children that are having a blast being in the water.  It is so much fun to watch them having fun.  One thing I do not like is the fact that one of my neighbors has 2 jet skis and 2 young men that love to make them hop up and down and stir up the water.  It is not only noisy but they break up the peace that the water brings as well as being a threat to the many kayakers and also the mermaids that love to swim out in the lake without a boat or larger unit that is easy to spot.  When I see them now, I try to remember another use for the jet skis.  Check this scene out.

Thank God, I have not gotten the corona virus.  I have a person I trust giving you the real lo-down on this virus so I wish to send this to you so it might allay your fears or at the least make you wiser about this threat that is all around you.  It is global.  I have a wry grin on my face as I realize that all the wars on this planet have never affected the WHOLE planet at the same time and a little microbe that is invisible to the naked eye has done what all the nuclear power and ammunition could not do.


“BE INSPIRED” shared with us by Dee Wallace. What a wonderful graduation speech this is as it is also an inspiration to every one of us.


“A GENERATION OF HOPE” by Jeanne Morascini in Spirit of Change Magazine. Let us hold onto the hope that our younger generation is showing us.


This video gives us all the hope of our country coming together in solidarity.  Keep this image in mind when our media is focusing on protesters.

Mary Grace



Happy Solstice.  Hurray, its Summer!

This is being touted as a very special Solstice Day with very powerful energies if you tune in to them. I like information so I can watch as it comes to fruition. This is no ordinary Solstice and more beings are writing about it. There is a very important one from Kryon that I will add at the very end of this newsletter. Enjoy this special day and special time, it is here for you.

A short sypnosis of what is happening at this particular time by Kate Spreckley


Another two views by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan.  These are short articles but give you much food for thought.



Today has another reason to celebrate.  It is to celebrate Global Yoga OM day. You can join with many others on  https://www.facebook.com/unify to celebrate Unity and Peace. You may add your loving energy to the mix and help Peace be realized on Mother Earth.

And here is the one I saved for last.  I received this video just this morning and I won’t send you something I have not watched, listened to or read.  After watching it, I felt befuddled about some things but more aware of others.  There is so much information in this video that I really need to listen to it again.  Who knows whose child or grandchild will be the next one to bring what is available into reality. Maybe because I am not a physicist who has beliefs firmly in his/her mind, that I believe in what is being said. Will a relative of yours be the one who is another Tesla?



 Love and Light

Mary Grace



Summer is here.  It feels like we have been waiting since Halloween for the warmth to come back. I still have to wear a sweater in stores because of air conditioning but I can take it off when I go outside. Actually because I do not have air conditioning in my home, I do my best to keep it cool in my house so I am still wearing flannel when I am inside.  Once my home gets warm, it takes a lot to cool it down.  I do have a dehumidifier though which helps a lot when we have humidity.  There is at least 5 degrees difference between the front and back of my house.  The back faces the lake and there is usually a breeze and cooler air there.

Although we have warm and sometimes hot days, the lake seems much quieter.  There are not as many boats and more pontoons and kayaks. I also noticed while kayaking that there are not as many buoys out to protect swimmers, perhaps there are fewer kids to protect than usual.  I just remembered, this is the last day of school and that is probably why it has been quieter. There is definitely ebb and flow to living on a lake. There are more younger children on the beach though so that is good, I get to smile a lot as I watch them play and I so enjoy hearing the laughter that they bring.

Since yesterday was the first day of summer and the summer solstice, I thought you might like some info on this special time in 2018


Have you ever heard of “Forest Medicine”? It is so easy to take and it is easily available. ENJOY

Are you ready to release the sadness?  I just listened to this from Kryon and it is powerful.  It is simple and easy to do once you know it.  Try it.


Have we been discovered?  What an awesome reality that will be. When I was child, this was science fiction and now it is coming true. Star Trek, here we come.


Have you ever wondered where heaven, hell or purgatory is?  It is worth listening to this video of Jim Self to find out. It has given me a new way of looking at life’s happenings.


Love and Light

Mary Grace