Happy 4th of July.  It lands on Wednesday, right in the middle of the week.  What a boon this is to working people.  They can take either the weekend before or the weekend after for a 5 day vacation using only 2 days of their vacation time. Which weekend are you choosing?  I am going to take a 9 day vacation using only 4 days of vacation time. Only the 4 days of vacation time is actually 4 days of retirement. How lucky am I?

This video exemplifies the real meaning behind our celebration of the 4th of July.  The emotion he expresses is so real, I will never feel the same again when I hear this song.

If they can do it, why can’t we?  The future is here and it is visible. We don’t have to wait any longer for “this” to happen.

I have found more information after the Solstice than before it.  Here is a great one.


Here is another wisdom message for the Solstice


I remember when I learned the wisdom of this message, I was 40 years old but suddenly I was free from this fear.  I learned this when I was on a retreat and Neale Donald Walsch brings this wisdom to us all.


Is this the face of an angel?  The man could not see her with his eyes but his heart certainly “felt”her.

Love and Light

Mary Grace