Today is the last day of May and Memorial Day was last Monday.  I finally got my kayak into the water on the evening of the Holiday.  It felt so good, I feel so free in the kayak and the water is so soothing. With all the rain but especially the wind being so prevalent, I won’t venture out when it is windy.  People in other houses were happy to see me and were wondering where I was as I am usually the first boat in the water.  Even my physical therapist was pleased to hear that I had been able to launch it and go for a short jaunt.  I love to go around the lake but I need to get my arm muscles stronger at the beginning of the kayaking season. It won’t be long now before I can go around the whole lake.

Usually I complain about the Canadian Geese that mess our sand and grass on the beach but this time they gave me a good laugh.  The president of the beach club used all the whirly gigs I gave her and created quite a pattern and show on the beach.  She surrounded the sand part with them which made it quite festive for the holiday and the geese are leery of anything that moves so she wanted to see how effective they would be in warding off the intruders.

We have 3 families of geese and one family has 7 young, the next one has 6 young and the last one has 5 young ones for a total of 18.  They are so cute when they are small and they are flightless so that curtails their activity for about a month or so. This holiday morning, all the families lined up at the water’s edge but would not come onto land.  Finally one adult came close to a whirly gig and stood there for a few minutes to see if it would move toward him or if there was any danger to the young ones.  All of a sudden his neck stretches up and silently all the geese left. I laughed as I have never seen them so confused. About an hour later, they came back again but still did not come on land.  Such confusion but they made me laugh at their antics.  Too soon for me to laugh though as they were back the next day.  They had decided that the whirly gigs were not going to chase them even though the wind was making them rotate quite a bit. Things are back to normal but the children had fun as they visited the beach and got to take a whirly gig home with them.

I hope your holiday weekend was pleasant and fun.  Tomorrow is May Day which brings May flowers so please enjoy that day also.  With all the rain, my Rhododendron bush has been late in blooming but it is in full bloom now and such a sight to see with the lake as its backdrop.

Here is proof that one person with one thought can make a huge difference.  The thing I like about this is the way it is helping so many people, one person at a time.  I, for one, would like to see this way ofreaching others spread even more.

Archangel Gabriel has a message for you that will deeply resonate.  I can get quiet, I can pray yet I am now trying to meditate which I am permitting myself to take as long as it takes to succeed at this endeavor.  I started yesterday and my memory is already working a little faster.  Read this message and see if it resonates with you.

Have you heard of Lee Carroll who channels Kryon?  This is quite illuminating and will give you much to think about.

Here is Jayme Price’s June 2019 energy forecast.

Here is another person who performed what was thought impossible with just one idea that turned into quite an art sensation.

PS. My son Steve is coming over to do odds and ends around my house and I knew I would not be able to get this out until much later so I got up early and now I will confuse you even more when you get this so soon in the day.  Have a great day.


Love and Light

Mary Grace



Sorry for the delay, there are a lot of glitches happening which require straightening out.  These are causes of much laughing as all involved struggle to understand what is happening. For instance, I take Nature Throid as a prescription for my thyroid.  Medicare has agreed  that all on Medicare will be covered by this product so there is a shortage as we all scramble to find this drug.  It seems that the producer of this drug is building a new facility in order to handle the new volume of orders but it is not operational yet.  My pharmacist and I have been dealing with this for a few months, begging and borrowing from other pharmacies that have some on hand that no one is asking for.  The crescendo came this week as there simply was no more.  I was told by my doctor’s office that CVS and Walgreens had it but after calling around, no one has any?????I needed to choose another thyroid medication, one my body would accept.  There is NPThyroid from China which is available from my regular pharmacy and I finally received an automated call that my prescription was ready and as I was down to only one more day’s dosage, I scooted over to them.  Once there, I was told that Medicare would pay only for the 15mg strength and I needed the 75mg strength.  Of course, another series of phone calls between doctor’s office, pharmacy and me. Medicare has a glitch, God help us. All of us are laughing at the foolishness that is going on as they will pay for me to take 5 of the 15 mg a day but won’t pay for the 75mg.  ??????? Hopefully this will all settle down and the Naturethroid will be available in a month or two. And…..this is only one is a series of glitches that have been happening. Notice that I am not alone in this; I can’t do this without help from others.  I am sure you are experiencing this is your own way with your own scenario.  You are not alone so do not give up hope.  We need to laugh at the silliness of the happenings in the world right now.

My birds, the golden finches are back.  I even had a beautiful red cardinal at my feeder which I have never seen before as they are usually ground feeders.  My little Juncos, the ground feeders, are back because the others are back and throwing food on the ground for them beneath the feeders.  It is a pleasure to see them again. I took them for granted and this was another opportunity to release all attachment.  Isn’t this what we are asked to do?

Richard Rohr gives us the true story of how the  Celebration of Christmas first began.  I hadn’t heard this before and since Richard Rohr is one of our greatest theologians and author, I wanted to share his wisdom with you. I subscribe to his daily meditations which always add to my knowledge of how the whole world shares in the creation.


Here is a message from Gabriel and words that will ease all the frustrations you are experiencing.

Breaking news: at least to me.  Hope for the future of our planet.  One big, big player is finally listening to the people who wish to stop the  raping  of our Mother Earth when other options are available.

Dec21 is coming this week and I can’t think of a better way of preparing than attending or watching Lee Carroll and Gregg Braden.  What an opportunity  to welcome in the Winter solstice. It starts tomorrow so sign up now before you forget.

Love wins out in the end and it was a  combination  of love for another and love for the world.



This has been a season of changes for me.  I tried to get one last jaunt in my kayak but the wind and water did not cooperate but I am fortunate that I can see the water from inside my home. I even rearranged my living room (again) so I can see the lake while I am sitting watching TV (as long as the night has not rolled in yet). My sofa was just too tall for me to sit and still be able to see over the back  to see my favorite reason for still being in this cold weather.

I have been in bird shock for three months as my favorite bird, the golden finch, disappeared from my feeders. Imagine feeling abandoned by wild birds. I asked many people and have called the Bird Store several times and I get the same reason.  There is so much natural food for them like berries and nuts that they are not coming to the feeders. In my 21 years here, this had never happened before. I finally gave up my search for them after all this time and a few have come back occasionally.  I surprised myself that I was so depressed because I could not see my favorite birds and I missed their molting back to the duller colors of the females. Yet…I have many other different birds like the Tufted Titmouse, White Breasted Nuthatch and Black Capped Chickadee.  I am human and do not like change but I am accepting the change (do I have a choice?)

This year is also the year of the Canadian Geese.  I awoke one morning and when I looked out; I saw an armada of around 200 geese in front of the beach.  They were not pooping on the beach though; they kept putting their butts in the air as they were pecking at grass under the water.  My local geese were there but the bulk of the geese were migrating south so they were stocking up on food under the water. One morning I was up early enough to see them all fly in formation to the lake and then watched as they parted in groups to different parts of the lake to feed near shore. The migrant ducks were here for three weeks but they have since left because of the cold, I think. I really am fortunate and have no reason to be disappointed in anything yet I do miss the antics of the golden finch. They gave me a reason to always be looking out the windows.

Do you have a loved one who only likes practical gifts?  This article gave me so much info on things that I did not know existed.  Even if I am not aware of how to use them, someone younger in my family will know.  Imagine their surprise to get one of these items and the knowledge that I will also receive.  Who knows, maybe I will get  one  of these for me.

We are in the midst of a lot of preparation for Christmas.  One preparation that you may not be aware of is the energy you can use in preparation for the Winter Solstice.  I was not aware of just what an opportunity we have at this time.  Do you remember 12-12?  Well, Archangel Gabriel is giving advice on how to use this powerful time to your best benefit. I know this is adding another thing for you to do but it can be as small as 2 minutes a day and you will be rewarded greatly. Let’s bring in the LIGHT.

Do you know someone with dyslexia?  A font has been created just for them to make it much easier for them to understand what they are reading.  Isn’t it great that we live in a time of such great inventions? Pass the  word along.

Here is a perfect example of how tragedy brought out compassion and love in 12th graders.  The children are not aware yet of the greatest lesson they ever learned from their beloved teacher. This is the true  meaning  of Christmas.

Ok, Ok, I am going down memory lane.  Isn’t that what Christmas is all about?  Do you remember your Christmases as a child?  We thought it was agonizing to wait soooo long for it to get here but we certainly did a lot of smiling.

Love and Light