This has been a season of changes for me.  I tried to get one last jaunt in my kayak but the wind and water did not cooperate but I am fortunate that I can see the water from inside my home. I even rearranged my living room (again) so I can see the lake while I am sitting watching TV (as long as the night has not rolled in yet). My sofa was just too tall for me to sit and still be able to see over the back  to see my favorite reason for still being in this cold weather.

I have been in bird shock for three months as my favorite bird, the golden finch, disappeared from my feeders. Imagine feeling abandoned by wild birds. I asked many people and have called the Bird Store several times and I get the same reason.  There is so much natural food for them like berries and nuts that they are not coming to the feeders. In my 21 years here, this had never happened before. I finally gave up my search for them after all this time and a few have come back occasionally.  I surprised myself that I was so depressed because I could not see my favorite birds and I missed their molting back to the duller colors of the females. Yet…I have many other different birds like the Tufted Titmouse, White Breasted Nuthatch and Black Capped Chickadee.  I am human and do not like change but I am accepting the change (do I have a choice?)

This year is also the year of the Canadian Geese.  I awoke one morning and when I looked out; I saw an armada of around 200 geese in front of the beach.  They were not pooping on the beach though; they kept putting their butts in the air as they were pecking at grass under the water.  My local geese were there but the bulk of the geese were migrating south so they were stocking up on food under the water. One morning I was up early enough to see them all fly in formation to the lake and then watched as they parted in groups to different parts of the lake to feed near shore. The migrant ducks were here for three weeks but they have since left because of the cold, I think. I really am fortunate and have no reason to be disappointed in anything yet I do miss the antics of the golden finch. They gave me a reason to always be looking out the windows.

Do you have a loved one who only likes practical gifts?  This article gave me so much info on things that I did not know existed.  Even if I am not aware of how to use them, someone younger in my family will know.  Imagine their surprise to get one of these items and the knowledge that I will also receive.  Who knows, maybe I will get  one  of these for me.

We are in the midst of a lot of preparation for Christmas.  One preparation that you may not be aware of is the energy you can use in preparation for the Winter Solstice.  I was not aware of just what an opportunity we have at this time.  Do you remember 12-12?  Well, Archangel Gabriel is giving advice on how to use this powerful time to your best benefit. I know this is adding another thing for you to do but it can be as small as 2 minutes a day and you will be rewarded greatly. Let’s bring in the LIGHT.

Do you know someone with dyslexia?  A font has been created just for them to make it much easier for them to understand what they are reading.  Isn’t it great that we live in a time of such great inventions? Pass the  word along.

Here is a perfect example of how tragedy brought out compassion and love in 12th graders.  The children are not aware yet of the greatest lesson they ever learned from their beloved teacher. This is the true  meaning  of Christmas.

Ok, Ok, I am going down memory lane.  Isn’t that what Christmas is all about?  Do you remember your Christmases as a child?  We thought it was agonizing to wait soooo long for it to get here but we certainly did a lot of smiling.

Love and Light



We all know that our world is having a severe weather problem. Where
I live we have had the 2nd wettest June in History. The heat waves
not only last a couple of days but 5 and 6 days long and it rains
every day. I have never EVER said this before but I actually said I
wish summer would go away because it was so HOT and MUGGY and hard
to breathe. The fact that I don’t have an air conditioner (my choice)
made it even more difficult. I even went shopping for an air
conditioner but there were no more left. I would jump in the lake
2 & 3 times a day just to get my body temperature down.

It was quite difficult on the animals, my birds in particular. You
know I feed grape jelly to the Baltimore Orioles which they love.
I left my step stool outside because I had to fill the feeders twice
a day because I only gave them two tablespoons of jelly at a time as
the rain would wash the jelly away and I could never tell when it
was going to rain because the rain came suddenly like a thunderstorm
does. I need the stool to feed both the orioles and the hummingbirds.
Even my son mentioned to me questioning why I kept my step stool
outside, I had never done that before. I only need to clean and
do the hummingbird feeders every 5-6 days so I usually keep the stool
in the garage. In order for the Orioles to feed and have food for
their babies, I was out there at least twice a day putting jelly out.

I am mentioning this because it has been such an unusual summer and
even the birds at my feeders have changed. I could not believe my
eyes when a “young” Flicker woodpecker came and ate the jelly. He or
she was there every day and suddenly the Father of the youngster was
eating the jelly also. He was saying:”Son, I never knew this was
here and it is so good”. He usually eats at the feeder that has the
sunflower seeds. We seniors can always learn something from our
younguns. Because of the grape jelly I have Catbirds coming to my
feeders also and they also feed their young the jelly. Yesterday as
I was doing dishes, I noticed a large orange shaded butterfly at the
jelly also????? I get the hornets every year but this year I am
inundated with honey bees. I wonder if their honey will taste like
grapes? The bees and the hornets are a signal to me that the birds
will be migrating soon. The baby Orioles are coming to the feeders
and I even saw a parent give a young one an insect?, it looked like
it had a tan wing in its mouth before giving it to the young one. I
had never seen that before either. The young Orioles are growing
quickly so I know their time with me is limited now. Sigh.

Feeding birds really gives me an insight into family life. Both
parents pitch in to help and no adult bird will pick on a young
one at the feeder. The young ones are allowed freedom to be curious
and feed when they want regardless of any other bird at the feeder.
They know no fear so they do not react when another bird comes close.
In this vein of thought, I give you a link that emphasizes the love
of parents for their children.

Why not love yourself as you love your child or any beloved?
Can we oldsters learn from this youngster?

Have you ever wondered why we act the way we do? Are we responsible
for someone else feeling good? Would you like to know how you can
and just how easy it is? Check this out.

I hope you enjoyed these videos? LOVE does make the world go round.
SOOOO LOVE yourself and others shamelessly.

Guess where I am going now? Blueberry picking! Just up the street
from me is a small farm run by young parents of two children. They
have blueberry bushes that NEVER get sprayed so they are organic.
It was just last year that I decided to buy some from them and they
are the sweetest and biggest blueberries I have ever had. I have
not been blueberry picking since I was around 10 years old so I
am going to give it a try. I’ll think of you as I eat them right
from the bush. Have a wonderful day and week.

Love and Light

Mary Grace

PO Box 403
Wales, MA 01081, USA



How has the energy of the eclipses been treating you? Everyone is
being treated fairly. Whatever you haven’t dealt with yet, will
come up for you to look at again. It has been challenging but also
rewarding as we are faced with old scenarios yet we are being given
the strength and ingenuity to see them differently so we can absorb
he blessing and wisdom that comes with them. This article can give
you some food for thought in using the NOW energies.

Another eye opener article of what we are experiencing.

Mother Nature is giving me a lot of nurturing signals. Have you ever
smelled a tulip? I cannot be sure that I ever tried but Tuesday
morning as I pulled up at my Svaroopa Yoga’s studio, “The Centered
Place” I was just pulled in by the beauty of the flowers growing there.
The owner has the greenest thumb that I have ever experienced and it
was a joy just to see what the earth was yielding. I could not help
myself but there were red tulips closest to the driveway so I bent
down to smell it. I was stunned, the tulip had a fragrance and it
was an aroma that I have never ever smelled before. I happily went
in and mentioned it to my teacher, the owner and she smiled and we
got down to doing yoga, On the way out, I could not help myself
again so I bent down and smelled it again and then went around
smelling all the different colored tulips which all had a distinct
fragrance. My teacher and her husband came out and they both smelled
the tulips and were surprised by the fragrance. Have you ever heard
of a perfume or essence called tulip? My heart was singing as I had
discovered something I never knew before and I felt like it was a
gift to me from heaven and the angels. Try smelling a tulip not
the ones in the store but one that is growing in the ground. You
just might be pleasantly surprised and get a marvelous gift.

Tuesday night I received a call that stunned me and plunged me down
into an emotion that I never wanted to feel again. No, no one died
but my heart fell to the floor as I was being asked for help that I
was not willing to give. I then had to get off the phone because I was
so upset that I was shouting. So much for the calmness and serenity
that I had experienced that morning. My mind was whirling as I could
not make sense of what I had just heard. A loved one was asking for
help which was making me judge and jury and I did not like that
emotion. What could I do to help without causing more of a cascade
down into the hellish situation. Sometimes, tough love is the only
answer but that tore at my heart also. I prayed all night for wisdom
and for an answer. The following day, I agreed to help but with
strict regulations. This episode made me judge myself and the other
one quite harshly and I knew that was not the answer. To me, LOVE
is the only answer to any situation but there are many ways to
implement it. I had been given an opportunity to return to a
situation and feeling that I thought I had put behind me. Has
that ever happened to you? I opted for thinking positive and to
keep the scenarios running around in my head to only positive
outcomes. I spent a lot of energy observing myself and the thoughts
that kept creeping in. The situation has not been solved yet but
it is getting easier to keep my thoughts on a positive note. That
is a muscle I would like to strengthen even more. I am also getting
the chance to practice unconditional Love on myself and others.

Here is a different perspective and how we can turn our thoughts
around to find joy.

This morning as I was doing dishes, I suddenly saw a Baltimore
Oriole at the feeder in front of my window. I was shocked as I have
not seen a hummingbird yet and they usually come in around two weeks
earlier. I had put out food for both species because it was later
than usual for their appearance. 20 Minutes later, there was
a hummingbird at the feeder. My heart jumped for joy as these
are my favorite birds. An hour later, there was a Grosbeak at
my feeder and this is one that is rare for me to see. Suddenly
I KNEW that I was getting messages from them so I went to my book,
Animal-Speak to see what messages they were trying to tell me.

Baltimore Oriole – keynote is THE WEAVING OF SUNSHINE. when the
Oriole shows up, look for sunshine to show up within a two week
period. Orange/yellow and black are the colors of the Archangel
Auriel who oversees all nature spirit activity upon the planet. The
Oriole will help you to weave new sunshine into any area of life you
desire. It will help you to rediscover your own inner child and a
renewed sense of joy in your life.

Hummingbird – keynote is TIRELESS JOY AND THE NECTAR OF LIFE
It is a symbol for accomplishing that which seems impossible. It will
teach you how to find the miracle of joyful living from your own
life circumstances.

I usually only look up animals, insects or birds that I rarely see
as I feel they are specifically speaking to me whereas the ones I
see and enjoy all the time are simply there and not coming to speak
to me. The Grosbeak is just such a one that I rarely see but with
them all coming in such a short time, I felt that they were all
trying to get me to pay attention to their messages.

Grosbeak – keynote HEALING OF THE FAMILY HEART It has on its chest
a rose-colored triangle that looks like a bleeding heart. This can
help teach us to heal all of the old wounds and hurts of family
origin. The Grosbeak can help us to see our family relationships as
a true melody – each note separate but part of a larger whole. They
can help us to see how our family has affected many of our life

I truly feel that this grosbeak was sent to me for Mother’s Day and
it was also meant for you just until they leave your nest.

Now you can see what these eclipses are capable of, both challenging
and yet so miraculous. I wish you all the joy that has been given
to me this day. Look for the joys and they will appear and you
will be surprised how they show up.

Love and Light

Mary Grace

PO Box 403
Wales, MA 01081, USA