Sorry for the delay, there are a lot of glitches happening which require straightening out.  These are causes of much laughing as all involved struggle to understand what is happening. For instance, I take Nature Throid as a prescription for my thyroid.  Medicare has agreed  that all on Medicare will be covered by this product so there is a shortage as we all scramble to find this drug.  It seems that the producer of this drug is building a new facility in order to handle the new volume of orders but it is not operational yet.  My pharmacist and I have been dealing with this for a few months, begging and borrowing from other pharmacies that have some on hand that no one is asking for.  The crescendo came this week as there simply was no more.  I was told by my doctor’s office that CVS and Walgreens had it but after calling around, no one has any?????I needed to choose another thyroid medication, one my body would accept.  There is NPThyroid from China which is available from my regular pharmacy and I finally received an automated call that my prescription was ready and as I was down to only one more day’s dosage, I scooted over to them.  Once there, I was told that Medicare would pay only for the 15mg strength and I needed the 75mg strength.  Of course, another series of phone calls between doctor’s office, pharmacy and me. Medicare has a glitch, God help us. All of us are laughing at the foolishness that is going on as they will pay for me to take 5 of the 15 mg a day but won’t pay for the 75mg.  ??????? Hopefully this will all settle down and the Naturethroid will be available in a month or two. And…..this is only one is a series of glitches that have been happening. Notice that I am not alone in this; I can’t do this without help from others.  I am sure you are experiencing this is your own way with your own scenario.  You are not alone so do not give up hope.  We need to laugh at the silliness of the happenings in the world right now.

My birds, the golden finches are back.  I even had a beautiful red cardinal at my feeder which I have never seen before as they are usually ground feeders.  My little Juncos, the ground feeders, are back because the others are back and throwing food on the ground for them beneath the feeders.  It is a pleasure to see them again. I took them for granted and this was another opportunity to release all attachment.  Isn’t this what we are asked to do?

Richard Rohr gives us the true story of how the  Celebration of Christmas first began.  I hadn’t heard this before and since Richard Rohr is one of our greatest theologians and author, I wanted to share his wisdom with you. I subscribe to his daily meditations which always add to my knowledge of how the whole world shares in the creation.


Here is a message from Gabriel and words that will ease all the frustrations you are experiencing.

Breaking news: at least to me.  Hope for the future of our planet.  One big, big player is finally listening to the people who wish to stop the  raping  of our Mother Earth when other options are available.

Dec21 is coming this week and I can’t think of a better way of preparing than attending or watching Lee Carroll and Gregg Braden.  What an opportunity  to welcome in the Winter solstice. It starts tomorrow so sign up now before you forget.

Love wins out in the end and it was a  combination  of love for another and love for the world.



Merry Christmas! I hope today finds you at peace with your world however it is manifesting. ld have created quite a challenge to those traveling to be with loved ones. I had my breakfast at 11:30 AM which is quite out of the norm for me. I even made myself eggs with sausage which I probably have only a few times a year. I ate it as I watched my beautiful lake flowing with no ice to block my view of the current of water going wherever it wished. I even got out my binoculars as I spotted something white that looked like it might be a boat. I was not able to make it out but it brought back memories of me kayaking so I grinned to myself. It is 50 degrees and the sun is warm enough that I can open my back door and let it come in and I raised all the blinds to let those rays of warmth to light up my home. I have much to be thankful for even if I am celebrating Christmas today with myself. I did not make my bed which is unheard of and I am allowing myself to do exactly as I feel in the moment. I am still in my thick and fuzzy housecoat with my slippers on; I do not need to get dressed just for me. It is a day of freedom for me. For all those who are also alone, I offer this message received from Maureen Moss.


I AM here with you my child. I Am here. I Am here to help you fully awaken.

I Am here to watch over you and to love you as you fully awaken to your power and use your Divine heritage to lead by example.

Since the beginning of your Creation, I have always known you would awaken to your powerful Divine Self, because you promised that you would.

I have long known that you would keep your promise even when you went into the deepest of sleeps.

I Am here with you as you take your final breaths as sleeping Beings, and awaken to the Powerful Being that you are.

I am here to remind you of promise’s I made to you in exchange for the promise you made to Me.

I promised that I would never judge one moment of your journey to your awakened Self.

And I do not.

I promised that I would support your every awakened moment.

And I do.

I promised that I would move Heaven closer to you upon your awakening, and it is being done in this moment.

And, I promised I would come ever closer to you as you came closer to yourself.

And I AM.

I Am in awe of the Masterpiece I created in you, as you.
I Am in awe of your beauty and your courage and your commitment
And, I Am honored to have a part of Me living inside of you.

In the center of your heart is where I have kept company with the most powerful part of you awaiting your arrival. Now that you have arrived, will you continue to keep company with Me?

Will you cease looking for external understanding to validate your eternal worth? Your worth never existed in the world external nor through a mortal mind.

It always has and always will lie in the center of your heart with Me and from time to time it will be reflected back to you from the world external, but not always.

I want you to know that your very presence, when fully awakened, allows every other being of My Creation a greater opportunity to experience their greatness.

You have been created to make a difference in My world. And I love you.

Will you believe Me when I tell you how grateful I Am that I created you exactly as you are? And will you come to peace knowing that Truth?

Do you know how much I love you?

When you forget, come to Me and I will remind you. When you remember, come to Me and we will celebrate.

I will make two more promises to you and I ask you to make two to Me.

Never forget Who You Are and I promise that I will always take care of you.

Promise to never push Me away and I promise to show you daily, the many ways in which I Love You.

May the Light of ALL that is good and great and powerful and wise accompany you on your magnificent journey, Magnificent One. I travel inside of your every footstep.

Namaste, Maureen Moss

Did this happen to you as you were doing your Christmas shopping?

I have never seen this before but the love energy is contagious.

Could this be the true meaning of Christmas? Out of the mouths of babes!

My love goes out to you and my wish is that you are enjoying whatever is presenting in the moment. Know that you are LOVE and that love can sustain you as well as be shared with all you come in contact with. This is a holiday which brings up many memories of the past but remember that it is the PAST and the FUTURE is not here yet, so enjoy the PRESENT. That is the gift under the tree.

Love and Light

Mary Grace


Merry Christmas Beloved,

We do not have snow for Christmas, we had our two storms earlier and even the lake was frozen as I saw ice fishermen out on it. Personally I and others did not think it was frozen enough but they did. This morning there is no snow on the ground although it is 10 degrees and the lake is flowing freely because we had some 50 and 60 degree days. Mother Nature is always fooling us but she is creative. To my human eyes there is nothing that reminds me of the Christmas I have always known but…..I know it is Christmas because I have the Christ and His Unconditional and Divine Love in my heart. THIS ESSENCE is what I wish for you and yours.

Here is an article written by Donald Walsch that is epic. For those who have not read it before, I add the link here for you.

And…for the kids (and the child in you)

And….for the group

Remember it is OK to have an imperfect Christmas according to human standards and most of all our own personal standards of perfection. Give the gift of you, that is all you really have to give anyway. Have a REAL holiday not a PERFECT holiday. You are the star that the magi are following because the LOVE OF CHRIST is YOU.

I am grateful for your Angelic Light and Presence in my world.

Love and Light

Mary Grace