Summer has jumped right over Spring although Spring has not given up quite yet.  The last two days were 91 degrees here in the Northeast.  I love it and have gone out in my kayak a couple of times.  Hardly any boats are out or moored yet so there is still a lot of activity to come.  The wind has been having fun and I usually avoid going out in my kayak unless it calms down. Yesterday was just so beautiful that I put my kayak in the water anyway.  I usually go all around the lake but I just stayed close to the shore and let the waves rock me as the wind pushed me around.  It was different but change is good. The water feels cold to me and yet a woman has come the last two evenings to bathe and swim in it.  My four mermaids have not started their morning journeys yet, but I know they are right around the corner. Both the hummingbird and the Baltimore Oriole showed up yesterday so I put out their feeders this morning before I sat down to write this newsletter. My son is coming over this morning to put in my screens and then I will be able to hear the birds and still keep the bugs out.

This article by Gillian Macbeth seems to fit right in to show our gratitude for Mother Nature. There are a lot of mind openings in this short note.


This video is quite the reminder of how difficult it is to set boundaries.  Of course, it is easy with people we are not crazy about but to set boundaries with the ones we love is quite challenging.

This article really touched me and I don’t know who I am proudest of.  The Math Teacher who took the time to help a fellow human or the man who was willing to be vulnerable in order to help his child.  They are both heroes in my eyes and maybe someone will recognize the professor so he can be properly recognized.  Help this go viral. I don’t know how to do that but I am sure you do.

A Gift for You to Share

Do you know someone you’d like to introduce to Richard Rohr or who is seeking freedom from negative thoughts and unhealthy attachments? Invite a friend to listen to one of Fr. Richard’s classic, introductory talks, “Emotional Sobriety,” by sharing this link:  I had not heard this before and when I did, I was so amazed at the insights he presents and with humor too.  What impressed me the most was how most of us have absorbed thoughts from others when we were too young to discriminate or understand….and we are still replaying them in our mind.

Love and Light

Mary Grace



This article seems to sum up what is happening and what has been happening to us all.  One thing that humans fear is change; it is an innate reaction that we are trained into feeling from early childhood. To ask us to change at this age seems insurmountable.  Yet, we can and must ALLOW the change to come or we become stagnant and you know how smelly food is if we allow it to stagnate, or anything else for that matter.  Take a deep breath and plunge in as if you were diving into cold water.  You can do it.

I subscribe to Fr. Richard Rohr”s daily meditations from which I have learned so much.  Not only in spirituality but in the living reality of the many stages of our ancient Christian beliefs. It certainly is eye opening but more importantly, it deepens my belief in humanity. The Metoo movement is an ongoing release of many betrayals.  Here is a short video from James Finley which I think is quite apropos.

We have been so fortunate to have had free access to the Internet until Trump revoked it.  Here is an opportunity to understand more about Net Neutrality and how our energy can make a difference to help our governing body reverse it so everyone can have the freedom to be on the internet regardless of financial status.  After all, each citizen’s vote counts so let all citizens be informed.  Darn it, the talk was last night and I just realized it. It arrived in my inbox today but it states it happened yesterday.  I apologize that I do not know how to open what is in the Facebook link so you can access it  I am not too familiar with Facebook but I hope, if you are interested, you will know how to access it.

This too is something that is begging to be shared with you.  I tried to find a shortcut link but again, I have been unable to.  Please enjoy as this speaks to the divine Plan.

Evolution in a New Time ~ Aluna Joy
2018 is proving to be a defining year in the evolution of humanity.

Back in November 2016, we could feel the edges of a powerful, absolute, defiant rising of the Divine Feminine a.k.a the Creative Force of the Universe. (See full article linked below). We had no idea what would be flushed to the surface back then. And holy moly, we could not have imagined what has taken place since.

The Awakening…
2017 was all about a deep, fiery cleansing bringing a lions share of abuses and misuses of energy and power back into the light. We cannot miss seeing this light rise into action in our media headlines. It is so exciting to see injustices brought to the light! This is what Goddess / Mother Sekhmet does best. She is an energy to be reckoned with. She is the mother of tough love. You wouldn’t want to be on her bad side. Many who have abused the divine feminine, or the creative force of the universe, have felt her fury and life changing, self-correcting power. This is the POWER of the divine feminine.

The Evolution…
By the beginning of 2018, we began to see this powerful, cleansing movement evolve to the next higher bandwidth. These various movements cannot maintain their much needed momentum by the use of force, rage or anger. The new world will not support it, because it is not coming from truth, but ego. We are going to start to see a great evolution of the now awakened feminine/creative energy. This energy will be overseen by deep, encompassing wisdom from Celtic goddess orders, Mother Mary, and an ancient order of the Marys. Their energies will keep these abuses flushed out into the light to be healed, but with a higher wisdom. It will come from enlightened empowerment and finally victim mentality will die away. These issues will never be reburied in the unconscious again. They will evolve with a much needed balance between male and female and birth a new era of accepted gender neutrality. The divine male has temporary been thrown under the bus this year while this cleansing is taking place. So we send love to all the amazing beautiful men in this world. They have had a rough go this past year as well. The “Me Too / times up / enough” movements etc… will be infused with enlightened truth that will encompass ALL genders. This is the great WISDOM of the divine feminine.

The Healing…
We can only speculate the future. The future can never be predicted accurately. But I am sure you have noticed this . . . the playing out with predictions coming and going over the last few decades that never panned out. These failed predictions have caused much disappointment and depression to the point that many people wanted to give up. The Star Elders rarely predict the future, because the future is never written . . . The future is created moment by moment by US! Every moment that we re-create and shift, we recalibrate reality collectively. We are in fact manifesting from the ONE. (Continued below)

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In the past, the way oracles have been able to see forward is by using many techniques. One technique is a very simple one that we all use. We remember what has taken place in the past, and we watch what is happening now. From there, we can speculate and project a possible future by drawing a linear line from the past to the present. But this is not working these days, as many of you have discovered. We are now moving into spherical manifesting in the physical world. Yep . . . It is a very confusing time right now which is causing a great deal of anxiety (And a multitude of other symptoms that we all know about). We feel like we are flying by the seat of our pants at the brink of disaster. Our foundations are like quick sand. Yet the disaster does not come.

With that said, I am beginning to get new clues. I am having dreams that for now I cannot quite remember upon awakening, much to my disappointment. These dreams have been showing me many perception shifts at the core of our reality. The dreams felt like we are opening our eyes and finally seeing things for the way they really are and always have been. It is like waking up to a new day. And I intend every day that I’ll get more clarity on this as these shifts of perception were very specific. It is the time to see what the truth actually is. Once these perceptions have been uploaded into our new reality, it will change everything. This the final phase of this evolution, and it will bring a long awaited, great healing. We came here for this! For the remainder of 2018 and 2019, we will have increased frequencies of rememberings, and much of this will begin to anchor by the end 2019. This will be the manifestation of the LOVE of the Divine Feminine.

All archetypes of the divine feminine will work together to bring about this great power / divine healing / higher love. This will encompass the alchemical goddesses of the ancient past of Egypt. It will also encompass Celtic / Essene orders of ancient Avalon, and the great hearts and wisdom of the goddesses of Central and South America like Goddess Ix Chel, etc…. It will strongly reverberate within the hearts of humanity. By the time of this great healing, our destiny will no longer be altered, elevated, or hampered by our gender, social status, ethnicity or religion. Equality was never meant to be fought for. In truth, it just IS. In the new reality, equality will never be an issue, because equality is the divine right of all living beings. We will only be known by truth, the quality of our hearts and our frequencies. This has been the divine plan all along

Collective vibrations are rising.  Are you part of this?  Of course, you are!

Why wait for “Special Occasions”? Celebrate yourself today.

What a wonderful way to solve a dilemma between two opposing views, opinions, people, etc.  I wanted to surprise you today by being quite early in getting this newsletter to you.  As life would have it, the articles Spirit was guiding me to send to you kept giving me a challenging time in maneuvering around the computer.  I just have to laugh at this set of events but I am sharing this with you so you can challenge yourself to find other methods of coming to an agreement withopposing sides. It’s OK to laugh.

Love and Light

Mary Grace



I don’t know if you know about my journey with my knee.  I tore the meniscus in it 15 years ago, had the arthroscopic surgery but still have been in pain.  Arthritis and bone on bone has set in and gradually I have been losing my freedom to walk or stand as much as I would prefer to.  I cannot have knee replacement because I can’t take pain killers or anti-biotics. Recently I listened two hours a day to an episode on stem cell research.  My hopes have been raised and I have been doing some research of my own to find a practitioner in the US rather than leaving the country which is what many have been doing.  The stem cell procedure is varied depending upon your need and also how much you wish to pay as our insurance companies do not pay for any of this.

I am excited, eager and yet have some trepidation about all of this.  I called one company and spent last weekend filling out the endless questionnaire to give background to my medical circumstance. I had to call them back and ask how I could fill it out on the computer so I could email it back to them. Guess what, I succeeded in doing so.  I was called and given two choices, two different prices and one was in NY City and the other here in Massachusetts. This morning I received a call from the doctor’s office and they have set me up to have a phone consult with the doctor next week.  All of this sounds simple but it requires me to make some decisions about which procedure to have done. There is a big difference in price.  Please say a prayer for me that I am able to surrender to my highest good in my heart brain and not let my mind succumb to fear of the unknown.

For years, since the first rocket went to the moon, I have been asking the same question over and over again but not able to find the answer.  It just didn’t make sense to me that we could send all these space crafts into orbit and then they travel for many years without a gas station around to refuel. This article answers my question to an extent and I know that some humans have had the answers all along but now they are letting it out to us, the public. This is just the beginning folks.A simple daily prayer by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles that can give you many moments of inner peace.

I asked myself this question and it raised a lot more questions in my myself until I could no longer question.  It led me to a place I had not been before and made me think differently about what was going on around me.

When I read Richard Rohr’s morning meditation, I found the answer and it was simple.  I just had to share it with you.

Can you imagine learning a new song in a different language in under an hour?  I don’t really know if I could do it but I certainly would be willing to try. Would you?  This is a great example of what we humans can do if we are willing to join with others who speak differently than we do. And….it was beautiful to listen to and “feel” the song even when I did not understand the words.