I just came in from kayaking.  Actually, I did not go kayaking around the lake as usual because the wind was playing games with me. There were sudden bursts of wind and as I did not want to tempt fate, I stayed within the confines of being right in front of my beach which is like a small cove.  The wind was strong enough to send waves like a boat makes so I was able to be rocked by the water. I love that feeling so I just thoroughly gave in to just being rocked and pushed around by the wind but I still did not stray far. A notice was sent out to all of us that it was time to bring in the boats because they had lowered the water about 11 inches two weeks prior and were ready to lower it again by 16 inches.  The shore does look funny with the edge of the water so far away.

As I was keeping an eye out on the wind, I was looking out my windows more often than normal.  I saw a bird I usually do not see so I reached for my binoculars and it turned out to be a Bluebird.  I think that is only the third one in 24 years I have seen even though I have feeders out and I get quite a menagerie of birds.  They certainly are beautiful and as I talked with this bird telepathically, it flew away and I noticed another one sitting on my fence between the beach and my lawn.  Wow, I hit the jackpot.  Later I saw all these figures across the lake so again went after my binoculars and it was 6 of my dobblers.  I call them dobblers because they are always dobbing into the water and back out.  This confused me as the season for the dobblers who stop at the lake to feed on their way south has already passed.  Or has it?  Mother Nature is playing with us humans so keep your eyes on the skies as you will see such different and beautiful configurations of the clouds. I was coming out of the grocery store one day and as I looked up, the sky was filled with all these white spikes of clouds with a rainbow right in the middle.  I hollered to people going by to look up so they could see the blessing we were receiving. This one event made quite a few people smile although it lasted only about 5 minutes.  So look up and keep your eyes open.

I stopped to pick up my mail before I sat down to write this newsletter and there was a strange package there.  It was cylindrical, the size of a small tube of lotion and taped all over the protective wrap. It was from my friend who is in a hospital having had a hip replacement yesterday. Curious beyond belief, I started to use scissors to cut the tape and the protective coating that packages have and was so stunned to see a royal purple tube. The color was so stunning; it is definitely a majestic violet color.  I opened it to discover a matching violet pen nestled within a special enclosed space. Printed on the outside is: “Be still and know that I am God”. This blessing is right back at you Katie.  When did you find time to get this when you were unable to walk and in so much pain? This had to be mailed just before you went in the hospital.  Thank you for your love and thoughtfulness and know this will be returned to you multifold.  Friends are PRICELESS. I share your love with my readers because I want them to feel the LOVE that I am feeling right now.

As I opened my email this morning, this song was sent to me. Let this song bring all of humanity together.  Perhaps this could go viral and start an epidemic of “LOVE”. It is amazing how a gaze can contain that love and with the necessary mask, all we get to see are the eyes.  Let your eyes shine with Love and everyone will see and respond.


This is another example of who we are and what we can be.


Diana Cooper has a message for you from the angels.  I believe the angels are working very hard to connect to us humans especially at this time. Listen to her wisdom and know just how important you are now.  Right now. Not in the future.


This article reminds me of the Jetsons.  That TV show was way ahead of its time but the time is now.  Can you imagine being in one of these? Humanities’ creations are incredible and there is more to come.

For the first time in my life, I have seen the amazing show that the moon, Saturn and Jupiter configuration in the sky.  It usually happens so late at night or before I wake.  I don’t usually go out at night but this night I had to go to the dump. We do not have trash pickup so we have a “Transfer Station” which used to be called the dump. With Daylight Savings Time in full force, it is dark here at 4:00pm.  I tried hard not to get in an accident as I drove there.  On the way back, I parked and got a good view of this and right over the lake. The moon was a crescent moon and Jupiter and Saturn were right in the arrangement that our weather forecaster said it would be.  This is an article which I hope you enjoy.

Love and Light

Mary Grace



Welcome to Fall.  I feel  like it came too soon; I wasn’t ready to give up on summer yet. I know that the lake will be too cold for me to go for a swim although we do have some hardy mermaids.  I like fall but it means that cold is on its way and winter offers cold, snow and ice which are not my favorite.  I guess we have to put up with what we don’t care for in order to get what we really want when it comes to weather.  Each season has its own reason for being and offers us things we could not experience without the others. Eckhart Tolle keeps telling us to live in the moment and that is the way to go.  I try to remember but I do forget as I am doing now.

The sun, when it is out, is still coming in my kitchen window and this side of the house so I am enjoying allowing its freedom to enter without being concerned that it will get too hot.  My office is on that side of the house so I am sitting in the sun while corresponding with you.  How lucky can one get?

My knee that had the procedure is doing better; the swelling has gone down some so it is easier to bend.  I am using my cane because it keeps me walking straight so I don’t abuse the other muscles in my body trying to keep me straight.  In the morning is the best time as I really don’t need it but as the day progresses there is more pain so I need it more. I will not know for about 6 weeks if it was successful or not so I can’t predict the outcome but it went as well as it could. My doctor even called me the evening of my procedure to see how I was doing.  That made me feel so valued, how many doctors do that anymore?

I am sure you must have heard about the death of the elephant at the Big E which has been with us for so many years during the Eastern States Exposition.  There are many celebrations that are planned to honor her.  For those who cannot understand why there is so much fuss about an elephant, please watch this video. If we were as huge and as strong as they are, would we be as gentle as they are???? Elephants are so much gentler than we humans and understand much more than we give them credit for.

I want to share with you a terrific solution to our thirst for energy and what that created in our world on our planet.  Wars are on the brink of happening with countries fighting over fuel.  Here is a solution created by Mother Earth that will end all this bickering. Notice the rainbow in the picture, it is a symbol of all colors (races) coming together to create something that is so beautiful and cannot be controlled by just one race.

For you, in case you did not get a chance to participate live in this event by Matt Kahn.  Listen to “From Clarity to Embodiment – The Next 10 years of Human Evolution’. I want this to be our future and I want to participate in creating it.  How about you?

Until I watched this video, I did not really have a deep understanding of what our homeless go through.  It never occurred to me that men would not be able to shave (an ordinary everyday occurrence for a man) without water. This man had to wait for it to rain so he could use the gift of toiletries that was given to him.  He would not even be allowed in to any of the public restrooms to use their sink and mirror.  It amazes me how sometimes I am just thoughtless about what other humans might be going through.  There is a good ending though, a wonderful servant, a Samaritan stepped in to show us the big difference in our life and someone else’s. I just had to share this eye opener with you.

Yet the angels were watching after this man.  This next message is heartwarming and has happened to you and me at some time in our lives.  I, for one, want to be more aware of the soul satisfying synchronicities that flow from grace that are offered to you and me if we but open our hearts and minds.




I just love synchronicity, don’t you?  We here in the Northeast have had 3 Northeaster storms in less than 3 weeks with another one on the way in a few days.  Don’t get me wrong, I do not like these storms.  Yet I want to tell you how the last one was used for a big benefit to me.  I was unaware it would turn out like it did but it sure made me thank this storm and you who said a prayer for me last week.

I was excited and yet nervous about the phone consultation with the doctor who does stem cell procedures.  My appt for the phone consultation with Dr Bill was for 1:45 this afternoon.  I got no call so I called the office at 2:15 only to find out that because of the storm, the office was closed today, Tuesday.  I was jittery as I am when I am supposed to have an important meeting so I left a message explaining that I wished I had been notified but would they please call me with another appointment.  To say I was disappointed is to put it mildly.

A half hour later, I received a call from Armanda who had made the appt for me.  She was all apologies and did not know why I was not notified as everyone else had been.  She kept saying how sorry she was and would I be willing to take a call from Dr. Bill in 15 minutes.  Of course, I said yes and was thrilled when he called me from his home.

He explained a lot to me and since my granddaughter had sent copies of my Xrays from 2013 and 2014 to him by email, he had been able to understand more about my situation. Synchronicity is amazing, I am taken care even when I don’t know it.  It just so happens that my Granddaughter Holly and her wife were taking me to the movies on Sunday and they are both proficient at the computer so Holly was able to send the doctor copies of my Xrays, I had no idea how to do that.

I was on the phone for 3/4/of an hour and got to know and feel more confident and comfortable with Dr. Bill. If there had been no storm, and if they had not forgotten to call me, my meeting with him would have only been 15 minutes but he spoke with me for 45 minutes. He will be in contact with me further and feels confident that he and his team will be able to come up with a solution for me but there are no guarantees on just how much better it will get, everyone is different.  He offered to speak to my children if they have questions.

I should be hearing back from him and I will make an appt to go to Danvers, Ma for further testing and possibly get the stem cells the same day.  It could take 3-6 months before there will be any substantial proof of growth but at least it is a chance. I am feeling a lot better about my future and wanted to let you know where I am now.  I am excited.  Thanks for being interested in my progress and for your prayers. .

When something goes bad, the media broadcasts it across the world. Everyone can make a mistake.  Would we like our occasional mistakes broadcast to the whole world? That poor stewardess did not speak English that well and did not understand that the dog was INSIDE the carrier, she assumed it was just a dog carrier.  I want to broadcast this airline steward going out of his way for a passenger.   These stewards and stewardessesdo so much for us but are rarely acknowledged.

What if every neighbor, male or female, took the time to speak to the youth of our day?  We all have neighbors who have children. Let’s make this video go viral so every adult can see what happens when he or she gives a few minutes of their time to share their hard earned wisdom with the future generations.  Do not be afraid to speak your mind in a “Tough Love” and caring voice.

Aluna Joy has a great message for the beginning of Spring and the Equinox.


Do you have any questions about what is going on here on Earth?  Ann Albers and the angels have some information about that.


Have you ever contemplated how you could positively affect the world or at the least, your family and friends whom you love so much?  Patricia Diane Cota-Robles is offering a way that you can and it takes no time at all.

Can I add one more video for you to see?  This is incredible and it shows what a human mind can do in these days.  I do not understand how it is done and I cannot picture this procedure but it blew away my mind.  This will help so many of our brothers and sisters who have so little.

Love and Light

Mary Grace