I just came in from kayaking.  Actually, I did not go kayaking around the lake as usual because the wind was playing games with me. There were sudden bursts of wind and as I did not want to tempt fate, I stayed within the confines of being right in front of my beach which is like a small cove.  The wind was strong enough to send waves like a boat makes so I was able to be rocked by the water. I love that feeling so I just thoroughly gave in to just being rocked and pushed around by the wind but I still did not stray far. A notice was sent out to all of us that it was time to bring in the boats because they had lowered the water about 11 inches two weeks prior and were ready to lower it again by 16 inches.  The shore does look funny with the edge of the water so far away.

As I was keeping an eye out on the wind, I was looking out my windows more often than normal.  I saw a bird I usually do not see so I reached for my binoculars and it turned out to be a Bluebird.  I think that is only the third one in 24 years I have seen even though I have feeders out and I get quite a menagerie of birds.  They certainly are beautiful and as I talked with this bird telepathically, it flew away and I noticed another one sitting on my fence between the beach and my lawn.  Wow, I hit the jackpot.  Later I saw all these figures across the lake so again went after my binoculars and it was 6 of my dobblers.  I call them dobblers because they are always dobbing into the water and back out.  This confused me as the season for the dobblers who stop at the lake to feed on their way south has already passed.  Or has it?  Mother Nature is playing with us humans so keep your eyes on the skies as you will see such different and beautiful configurations of the clouds. I was coming out of the grocery store one day and as I looked up, the sky was filled with all these white spikes of clouds with a rainbow right in the middle.  I hollered to people going by to look up so they could see the blessing we were receiving. This one event made quite a few people smile although it lasted only about 5 minutes.  So look up and keep your eyes open.

I stopped to pick up my mail before I sat down to write this newsletter and there was a strange package there.  It was cylindrical, the size of a small tube of lotion and taped all over the protective wrap. It was from my friend who is in a hospital having had a hip replacement yesterday. Curious beyond belief, I started to use scissors to cut the tape and the protective coating that packages have and was so stunned to see a royal purple tube. The color was so stunning; it is definitely a majestic violet color.  I opened it to discover a matching violet pen nestled within a special enclosed space. Printed on the outside is: “Be still and know that I am God”. This blessing is right back at you Katie.  When did you find time to get this when you were unable to walk and in so much pain? This had to be mailed just before you went in the hospital.  Thank you for your love and thoughtfulness and know this will be returned to you multifold.  Friends are PRICELESS. I share your love with my readers because I want them to feel the LOVE that I am feeling right now.

As I opened my email this morning, this song was sent to me. Let this song bring all of humanity together.  Perhaps this could go viral and start an epidemic of “LOVE”. It is amazing how a gaze can contain that love and with the necessary mask, all we get to see are the eyes.  Let your eyes shine with Love and everyone will see and respond.


This is another example of who we are and what we can be.


Diana Cooper has a message for you from the angels.  I believe the angels are working very hard to connect to us humans especially at this time. Listen to her wisdom and know just how important you are now.  Right now. Not in the future.


This article reminds me of the Jetsons.  That TV show was way ahead of its time but the time is now.  Can you imagine being in one of these? Humanities’ creations are incredible and there is more to come.

For the first time in my life, I have seen the amazing show that the moon, Saturn and Jupiter configuration in the sky.  It usually happens so late at night or before I wake.  I don’t usually go out at night but this night I had to go to the dump. We do not have trash pickup so we have a “Transfer Station” which used to be called the dump. With Daylight Savings Time in full force, it is dark here at 4:00pm.  I tried hard not to get in an accident as I drove there.  On the way back, I parked and got a good view of this and right over the lake. The moon was a crescent moon and Jupiter and Saturn were right in the arrangement that our weather forecaster said it would be.  This is an article which I hope you enjoy.

Love and Light

Mary Grace


I have been planning a vacation for a while and had everything finally
in place except the airline tickets. To me, getting the plane tickets
is a sense of finality, like I am really going. I know I can’t
change my mind (and you know how we women like choice and the ability
to change our minds) because it would be quite troublesome and would
incur charges whereas I can cancel the room reservation up to 3 days
in advance with no penalty. The website for the Thank You points
where I can reserve my airline tickets seemed to be having a problem.

I hesitated to do it online as I get very confused when I try to do
something online, I prefer to talk to a human who I can ask questions
of. The site kept telling me the flights I chose were unavailable.
I tried 8 different itineraries last night and got the same message.
Soooo this morning I tried again and the same thing. Finally, I
called the Thank You Center and she was able to book it for me. One
thing about going on the computer is that I was able to check out
all the airlines and what they had to offer and not feel hurried
to make a decision because a human on the phone was waiting for me
to make up my mind.

I decided to go to my bow window to look at the lake to calm down
before writing to you. To my utter surprise, a bluebird was sitting
very calmly on the cover of my well. I took a deep breath and asked
him to wait so I could get my binoculars. I have never ever seen
a real live bluebird and wanted to see up close. I finally got
the binoculars in focus and I got a look at how beautiful he was.
It lasted only a minute before he flew away but he took my breath

When I see something unusual or out of place pertaining to insects,
animals or birds, I check out Animal-Speak. A book written by
Ted Andrews about the Spiritual and Magical Powers of Creatures
Great and Small. the Keynote is: Modesty, Unassuming Confidence
and Happiness. It said: Though once common, the bluebirds are now
quite rare. This often is a reminder that we are born to happiness
and fulfillment, but we sometimes get so lost and wrapped up in the
everyday events of our lives that our happiness and fulfillment
seem rare. When bluebirds show up, it should first of all remind you
to take some time to enjoy yourself. If a bluebird has come into your
life, look for opportunities to touch the joyful and intrinsically
native aspects of yourself that you may have lost touch with.

At the Natural Living Expo in Sturbridge a couple of weeks ago, I
purchased a pocket size version of a Guide to Spirit Animals by
Dr. Steven Farmer. It is not as explicit as Animal-Speak, but I
had wanted one I could put in my car or pocketbook so I could take
full advantage of what comes to me while I am driving. This book
said: This is a very rare and precious moment, so open up all your
senses and simply enjoy this time. You’re so involved and bogged
down with everyday events (which I was) that you need to relax and
lighten up. Take a risk and speak your truth to that special
someone (that’s you) rather than holding back. You’re coming into
your own in many different ways, so welcome this milestone with
a relaxed sense of confidence and happiness.

When I got up this morning, I was asking Spirit what would be good
to write about this morning. Then, I did something unusual, I decided
to book my flights. Every Friday morning, I reserve the whole day
solely for communicating with you and for also gathering all
my materials I have saved during the week to prepare for my TV
show. I felt a little guilty as I knew trying to consolidate my
air fares would not lead me to being calm and relaxed or receptive
to my guidance (or so I thought).

You see how all you do is used by Spirit to lead you right where
you are meant to be. Had I not needed a break after my transactions
(which went very easily and quickly) I would not have gone to the
window and I never would have seen the Bluebird. I would never
have gotten the message that Spirit wanted me to send you to show
you how you are always getting messages from the Divine in ways that
you don’t expect.

The message here is to be AWARE. If something unusual happens,
then you are being given a message, a hug, or something to chuckle
about. Watch for them because they happen whether you are aware of
them or not. Our beautiful insects, animals and birds are used
as messengers to uplift our lives when we get too mundane about
everyday living. Look for the rainbow and you will see it. Mother
Nature is communicating with you always so look for the Silver Lining
or the rainbow or a butterfly or anything else in nature that reminds
you of the beauty that surrounds you.

If you want to see something that will amaze you, click here.
It is not from Mother Nature but it is from a Human. Hooray
for the Human brain which God created.

What sort of mind would create such a fine instrument?? Only a
genius with electronic knowledge and craftsmanship skill!!


Love and Light

Mary Grace