Welcome to Fall.  I feel  like it came too soon; I wasn’t ready to give up on summer yet. I know that the lake will be too cold for me to go for a swim although we do have some hardy mermaids.  I like fall but it means that cold is on its way and winter offers cold, snow and ice which are not my favorite.  I guess we have to put up with what we don’t care for in order to get what we really want when it comes to weather.  Each season has its own reason for being and offers us things we could not experience without the others. Eckhart Tolle keeps telling us to live in the moment and that is the way to go.  I try to remember but I do forget as I am doing now.

The sun, when it is out, is still coming in my kitchen window and this side of the house so I am enjoying allowing its freedom to enter without being concerned that it will get too hot.  My office is on that side of the house so I am sitting in the sun while corresponding with you.  How lucky can one get?

My knee that had the procedure is doing better; the swelling has gone down some so it is easier to bend.  I am using my cane because it keeps me walking straight so I don’t abuse the other muscles in my body trying to keep me straight.  In the morning is the best time as I really don’t need it but as the day progresses there is more pain so I need it more. I will not know for about 6 weeks if it was successful or not so I can’t predict the outcome but it went as well as it could. My doctor even called me the evening of my procedure to see how I was doing.  That made me feel so valued, how many doctors do that anymore?

I am sure you must have heard about the death of the elephant at the Big E which has been with us for so many years during the Eastern States Exposition.  There are many celebrations that are planned to honor her.  For those who cannot understand why there is so much fuss about an elephant, please watch this video. If we were as huge and as strong as they are, would we be as gentle as they are???? Elephants are so much gentler than we humans and understand much more than we give them credit for.

I want to share with you a terrific solution to our thirst for energy and what that created in our world on our planet.  Wars are on the brink of happening with countries fighting over fuel.  Here is a solution created by Mother Earth that will end all this bickering. Notice the rainbow in the picture, it is a symbol of all colors (races) coming together to create something that is so beautiful and cannot be controlled by just one race.

For you, in case you did not get a chance to participate live in this event by Matt Kahn.  Listen to “From Clarity to Embodiment – The Next 10 years of Human Evolution’. I want this to be our future and I want to participate in creating it.  How about you?

Until I watched this video, I did not really have a deep understanding of what our homeless go through.  It never occurred to me that men would not be able to shave (an ordinary everyday occurrence for a man) without water. This man had to wait for it to rain so he could use the gift of toiletries that was given to him.  He would not even be allowed in to any of the public restrooms to use their sink and mirror.  It amazes me how sometimes I am just thoughtless about what other humans might be going through.  There is a good ending though, a wonderful servant, a Samaritan stepped in to show us the big difference in our life and someone else’s. I just had to share this eye opener with you.

Yet the angels were watching after this man.  This next message is heartwarming and has happened to you and me at some time in our lives.  I, for one, want to be more aware of the soul satisfying synchronicities that flow from grace that are offered to you and me if we but open our hearts and minds.



Do you know what EQUINOX means and how we can use this energy that is here to help us? Tomorrow begins the first day of Fall, the Fall Equinox.  Here are some suggestions as to how we can use this energy. Just being aware of these meanings will help you recognize and use the opportunities that are arising.

Starting today, our kids are showing all of us how to promote peace and actually feel it. For just 10 days, our kids are doing something we adults have had a hard time initiating. Let’s DO IT FOR PEACE.

Why wasn’t this covered by our media, it is such good news.  It is an example for the whole planet.  Peace can reign again, there is HOPE.

Here is another happening that was covered quite a bit by the news and yet they did not inform us of the wonderful outcome.  I remember watching this for quite a while on the news and was surprised when I read this article on the outcome.  Enjoy and Rejoice.

When I read this I became more aware of the disparity between the rich and the poor Not that there is disparity but HOW it is caused. The realization that the rich deliberately pay their employees an income that forces them to also be on tax funded assistance thus they make so much profit on their products while robbing the taxpayers who support the assistance by paying taxes and higher taxes than is really needed just so a billionaire can be even richer. Quite an eye opener.

I don’t want to leave you with this distaste in your mouth.  Here is something to make you smile….one hug at a time.



How have the energies been treating you? Circumstances have had me running at full speed and feeling like I don’t have enough time to get everything done that needs doing. Of course, as we all know if we just take a slow breath, all things seem to take care of themselves and in the right timing. Boy, they have been powerful and the eclipse yesterday set unusual events in motion. Have you noticed things happening that you would never expect or that do not make sense?

Yesterday, my cruise roommate and I met at a library with our computers so we could choose which activities we wanted to do both off ship and on board. We live an hour apart so this seemed simpler (huh?) than trying to do it over the phone which we had actually tried. She is much more computer savvy than I so is much quicker. Our computers connected to the WiFi and I got on the website with her guidance. She then tried to connect her computer and it just kept trying to connect to the same website I was on and we finally realized that it was not going to. My screen, on the other hand, which was on the website, would not allow me to rest at the top of the page. No matter what we did, it would fall to the bottom of the page and would not rest anywhere else. After a half hour, we finally gave up and I think it is because the website must have been down but who knows. This morning, my computer screen has a circle on it with writing telling me to TAP HERE and get a message about people I do not even know. ????? I am glad that it disappears when I get onto my email or a website, it is only there when I open it up.

Last night, when I got to the senior center to participate in my Pitch league card game, I reached for my purse. My bottle of water was sitting upright in it with no cap???? I know I filled it before I left home and put the cap on and sat it upright in my purse. What was going on? So I began to scour my purse for the cap and it was not in there. I could not find it anywhere and decided to bring my water with me being careful not to spill it. Then I reached for the $20 bill I had put in my shirt pocket and it was missing? I then started to laugh and giggle. My teammates were going by my car giving me strange looks. Here I was by myself and laughing for no reason. I opened my window and explained and they just shook their heads in bewilderment.

I decided to look one more time for the cap after I had stopped laughing and there it was. It had fallen between the seats. But who or what had unscrewed the cap so that it might fall there? And without spilling a drop of water anywhere? I started to giggle again, reached in my wallet for another $20 and got out of the car. When I turned back, there was a $20 bill sitting on my seat. How did that happen? Finally, I said to one of the card players laughingly that someone up there was having fun with me. We both shook our heads but I never got upset. In fact, it set the tone for the evening. Everyone one was in an especially good mood and there was a lot of laughing.

There are 6 tables with 4 players at each. Suddenly I looked at the table to my left and saw to my amazement that the two men sitting and playing cards at that table were bitter enemies. And not only that, they were partners, which of course they did not choose to be. We each pick a card numbered 1-6 to see which of the 6 tables we will be sitting at. We do not choose our partners or the other two players in all fairness. I looked at my partner who was aware of their feelings for each other and we had another chuckle. God or the Universe has a lot of fun with us humans and has quite a sense of humor. Don’t you think? And we think we are in control!

After bring some of my own humor into this newsletter, I would like to share a wonderful opportunity with you. I believe I have mentioned Barry Costa, my computer nerd friend who is always so helpful to me with my foibles with the computer. Well, he has launched his own website
He is an artist who is inspired by what life offers to put it into artwork. His artwork is so inspiring that I only need to look at it to feel myself vibrate at a higher frequency. I have several as computer screens and two up on my wall as reminders when I am having a challenging day that there is a higher purpose for Life. They even bring a smile to my face as I feel the Love that was poured into them. He is offering digital downloads of his artwork that can be used as computer screens on your laptop, desktop, tablet, phone or any digital device. Also being offered are real metallic paintings of his artwork, T-shirts, phone covers, etc. Check out his website at Read the perspectives of each artwork and how he came to that understanding.

Do you feel like you are in a void or perhaps your world is in a void. There are gifts to be had and opportunities to smile and chuckle at humanity’s foibles.

Abraham is such an inspiration with the rainbow of “You must see the good part of life”. She brings clarity to our emotions.

Energy Update from Lee Harris

How would you react to this Looney Tunes safety speech aboard your flight? I think it would set a happy mood for all.

P.S. Check out Barry Costa’s artwork at

At this wonderful price, I have purchased several for gifts to my friends and to elevate their frequency with joy.

Love and Light

Mary Grace