As I send you this newsletter, I need to admit that I question the perfection of what is happening in my own life sometimes.  When I catch myself starting to complain about something, I try to change my focus and ponder what good will come of this episode. To be completely truthful, it happens more often than I like to admit. As for my handicapped knee, so far, the only reason I can find is that now I am more aware of the handicapped and the courage they represent. The path I thought I was on has changed and I still do not feel certain of what is in the future. I am definitely “learning” from all of it yet I need to acknowledge that I created all of this for some reason and then I have to surrender and say: “God, I don’t know why but use it to help someone else.”

Mother Nature has been giving us many reasons to ponder “Why”. With the advent of TV, we are able to hear about what is happening across our planet.  There is and has been a lot of chaos and destruction but have you noticed that compared to all the disasters, there have been fewer deaths than would be expected?  Earth is changing but she is trying very hard not to eliminate the human race. I cannot say the same thing for our political wars. I, for one, do not like watching all of the horror but at the same time, I see all the love and compassion that is surrounding the humans that have been affected.  There is more love, gratitude and assistance that are being born from all of this than any other emotion.  That is good news.

Why or why do we not believe in our own perfection?  What happens in our life is perfection in itself. You could not or would not subject yourself to all these tests and experiences if you did not have a Higher Self that knows what it is that you want to experience in this life time.

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles – downloading the patterns of perfection

It takes a lot of faith and courage to hang in there for two years but she did it.  This simple method will help autistic children everywhere.

Three very innovative IDEAS.

I would like to see these butt containers everywhere.  It is recycling at its best and keeps our land a lot cleaner.

Another way that humans are stepping up to help Mother Earth, it is called recycling which is the best way to conquer our “throw away” society.

Who would have thunk it?  My only question is, does it give off oxygen like the trees do?

This you have to see to believe.  What an eye opener for us humans who never thought that there would be “emotion” in a bee. I know I would not be able to let a bee land on my nose so I applaud her.

Love and Light

Mary Grace