I know you must be tired of hearing all the talk about the Coronavirus, I know I am.  I am interested in the newest news on it but not the continual looping of the same information. It seems everyone has a different idea on it and how to handle it.  My friends have invited me out to lunch today and I am concerned about going out even to a restaurant.  I don’t know why when we have not had any cases locally but I feel like I have been brainwashed by all the news.  I am now wondering if they are going to cancel Mass at my church as I am a lector and Eucharistic Minister.  This pandemic has certainly created a stir with everyone responding differently.  I know some who are still going to go on cruise but they are a little concerned about their parents going and this is hitting the elderly more seriously. My hope and prayer is that we finally admit that we are one species on one planet and start to act like it.  No wall or border can stop this so let’s join in Spirit with all of our brothers and sisters around this planet that we call home and help where we can without undue exposure to anyone. Check out this huge help.

Can you imagine if all the empty space we have was used to help the homeless among us? If it was properly used, how many of our brothers and sisters would have more peace and hope.

I don’t have a smart phone, I have a flip top phone and I keep it in my purse for use only if I need to make a call while I am out and about. It is there for an emergency but I am not at everyone’s beck and call so I can focus and enjoy whatever I am doing without being pulled away.  I believe the smart phone has a good purpose but we humans have created an unbreakable habit of HAVING to have one.  I laughed when I read this article and was surprised that she is young and feeling that way.  There is still hope that this machine will not take precedence over human to human contact.  I hope you get at least a smile from this one. It brought back many memories.

Recycling is having a comeback and there are several ways to do it easily and cheaply.  Take a peek at these and see if it does not bring back some smiles of nostalgia.

  1. ONE       2. TWO

There are so many good solutions in this world for what ails us. Please spread this GOOD NEWS as perhaps some human really needs to hear or read it now. Who would have thought?

Love and Light

Mary Grace