Do you know what EQUINOX means and how we can use this energy that is here to help us? Tomorrow begins the first day of Fall, the Fall Equinox.  Here are some suggestions as to how we can use this energy. Just being aware of these meanings will help you recognize and use the opportunities that are arising.


Starting today, our kids are showing all of us how to promote peace and actually feel it. For just 10 days, our kids are doing something we adults have had a hard time initiating. Let’s DO IT FOR PEACE.

Why wasn’t this covered by our media, it is such good news.  It is an example for the whole planet.  Peace can reign again, there is HOPE.

Here is another happening that was covered quite a bit by the news and yet they did not inform us of the wonderful outcome.  I remember watching this for quite a while on the news and was surprised when I read this article on the outcome.  Enjoy and Rejoice.

When I read this I became more aware of the disparity between the rich and the poor Not that there is disparity but HOW it is caused. The realization that the rich deliberately pay their employees an income that forces them to also be on tax funded assistance thus they make so much profit on their products while robbing the taxpayers who support the assistance by paying taxes and higher taxes than is really needed just so a billionaire can be even richer. Quite an eye opener.

I don’t want to leave you with this distaste in your mouth.  Here is something to make you smile….one hug at a time.



We have had another four day heat wave but we are still surviving.  This summer has been so severe that it is all people are talking about and feeling. Earth has set new records for heat and rain.  I consider myself fortunate as I have not had to suffer hurricanes, floods or the fires. How about you?  How are you feeling?  I just now realized how down I was feeling so I clicked on the last link in this newsletter and feel so much happier now.  It is amazing what smiling or laughing does for your outlook. Try it, you will like it.

Kryon has given us the choices we may face in the future.  At least there are choices as we always have free will choices.  I was hoping it was a recording as I prefer to listen instead of read.  But because I have great trust in Kryon, I proceeded to read it even if it was long.  The reading was easy and it went quickly so, if you choose, there is a lot of valuable information here for you.


I remember feeling like this the first time I physically went to the ocean.  I have not lost the wonder or love of the ocean and I feel like I need to go at least once a year to recalibrate my heart and soul with the rhythm of the waves.  This is a good reminder of how we all feel when we are touched to our core by nature.

Hooray for Starbucks and its crew.  What a light they have shown us and now all we have to do is imitate them. Inspiration does not have to come only in a church because what is a church?  It is made up of people who feel love for God and each other.

This is what is in our future….the ability to create simply and cheaply.  Can you just imagine how our parents, who had no phone, no tv, and no computer would feel about this printer.  Would they consider it voodoo, magic, or simply not possible?  I have trouble reconciling it with my past so I can just imagine how they would they think. Our future is unimaginable yet is quickly coming into our reality.

I just had to send this one to you.  I bet you will not be able to stifle your own laughter as it is so contagious.  What joy you will feel. For this moment, this minute, you will feel like a child again.  After all, all we have is this minute. I wonder what would happen if stores played this over their intercom.  I am smiling just thinking of all the people looking at each other and laughing.  It would be a good thing to go virile, earth would be a happier place  for all of us.

Love and Light

Mary Grace



Politics is giving all of us an opportunity to look at things differently than we ever have before. Or as Eckhart Tolle says so eloquently, it takes us out of our comfort zone.  When we leave our safety net is when we start to take action that corresponds with our beliefs. This video from Eckhart gives us a few chuckles but also an opportunity to look at ourselves.


I was so impressed with the love that this man has for humanity, especially children.  I admit I could not do what he does; I would be a basket case.  The fact that he is a Libyan-born Muslim immigrant is not the point here. The point is that he is an immigrant who has given and continues to give to children regardless of their country of origin, their sex, or their parents’ monetary status or, for that matter, their illness. He gives the title “immigrant” a new meaning. Where would we be without immigrants? In a sense, we are all immigrants as we have all come from different countries with different cultures and skills. There are so many more “special” immigrants than the one rotten apple who attempts to spoil the rest of the batch.  Let us not allow that to be the case.

The news of this discovery makes my heart sing.  Just imagine the joy that this invention will bring to the “lost ones” and to their families.  HOPE is the word here and our world needs to know about it so this tool can be used.

How easy is it for you to contemplate your inner child?  This article will give you the freedom to BE your little child and will give you assurance that All Is Well.  I cannot remember when I learned to walk but I have watched my children learn to walk so this exercise brings me comfort today.


This will bring a smile to your face.  Oh, to be young again and brave enough to do something that you are not sure will work.

Here is a message from God trying to explain to you about your purpose here on Earth. Will you listen or at least think about it?


Love and Light

Mary Grace