It is raining again and I feel so damp that I would like to wring myself out and start over. Today I feel like I need more smile provoking and heart tugging to make me appreciate what I have.  Perhaps you feel like that too.

Yeah, I did get to kayak yesterday after about a month’s hiatus.  We have had so much rain and especially the wind that I have not dared go out.  One morning this week, my heart literally opened up wide as the sun was out, the water completely calm and although it was cold, I decided to go kayaking.  By the time I got dressed and to the door, the water started to get rougher and the clouds were consuming the sky.  Disappointed I turned around but I was grateful for that fabulous view I had of all the trees and the cottages mirrored in the still water.  It seems like ages ago since I had seen that beautiful scene.

Yesterday after taking a brief nap after physical therapy, the sun came out and the water was like glass.  I had not eaten my lunch yet, but I know how frail the opportunity is so I went out.  It felt sooo good to just experience being in the water again, so refreshing but so soothing, I could not go completely around the lake because my muscles have not been broken in again but I so enjoyed just being in the lake.  There are still some pontoon boats moored but no speed boats are to be seen.  It is great to see the changes in the cottages as some have been completely remodeled and some brought back to life again. I sat in my kayak for quite a while in front of my home, just enjoying the water moving me around and I could just sit and relax. Am I spoiled or what?

I want to share this feeling with you so you can take a breath and relax your whole mind and body even if just for a minute.

What an amazing solution.  Why don’t we use this method more often, so simple and so heartwarming?

Another feel good story and proof of true royalty. It makes you smile.

I have not brought you a newsletter from Heaven letters in a long time.  This particular one brings you assurance that YOU are LIGHT and when your light shines, the whole world and its inhabitants shine. These messages are from God to you.


You never know when an opportunity to help will appear in your life. I am sure I have missed a lot of them yet it warms my heart when I hear about how someone was helped completely out of the blue.  Here is one of those opportunities that someone responded to.  Humanity is great and I wish the News Media would spread more news stories like this one. There are many unsung heroes  on this planet.

I have faith in our humanness and its creativity.  Here is one that will warm your heart and I really hope this idea goes virile.  Please share  this  and maybe it will.



When I opened my curtains this morning over my bow windows, I saw these white things bobbing in the water. What are those, I thought? It turns out, they were the Canadian Geese upside down in the water. They were bobbing for something, no doubt food but when they turn upside down, all you can see is their white underbellies and their pointy tail is at the top. It was quite fun to watch them for a few minutes. I have never noticed them doing that before. After a bit, they suddenly, all at the same time, took off flying in a straight horizontal line to get to the other side of the lake.

Have you ever wondered how animals, there were 18 of them. all at the same time, decide to do something? It is quite eerie or it is probably telepathy where they all agree at once to fly. Don’t you wish you could do something like that with someone? Your kids can, if you watch them, they actually do. They are tuned in. It’s about time that we adults play with telepathy because we have it too, but we’re too busy to play. I bet you have suddenly thought about someone and you either received a phone call or you got something in the mail. If you pay attention, you will realize that you have that gift also but you just don’t think to use it. When no one can lie, what a world this will be. We will all be telling the truth so the mind will get to rest a lot more. And…..you will be able to trust each and every person.

I have not been kayaking in several weeks because the weather just has not permitted it. There has been a lot of wind, or rain or the temperature is quite cold. This morning, I looked out about 10am and the temperature was 50 degrees and hardly any wind. A perfect day for kayaking and at this time of year, you never know if it is the last opportunity to go out before it freezes over. I had planned on writing this newsletter this morning but I just could not resist going out on the water. I hope you don’t mind but that is why this newsletter is late.

All the boats are now on land and all the docks that can be brought up on land have been. The lake water is quite a bit lower as it has a dam and the boards have been lowered before it freezes. All the land fronts and beaches look so different and more rocks are showing. There is still a raft that the neighbors kids use that is still out there, I don’t know if they will bring it in or not. There is still a small fishing boat for two that is still hitched to the dock but that is it. I guess that boat owner is a die hard like me. I have not prepared my kayak for winter yet as I wait until I am sure that the water has frozen for the winter.

This morning I did something I have never done before. There are two coves that I like to go into but when I got to the first, there was a thin coat of ice on it so I proceeded to the next one. That one also had a coat of ice but I decided that it looked thin so I would try. My kayak broke through the ice but my paddles would not, they were not heavy enough. I am glad I went in at a angle because the paddles are necessary to move and to also change direction so I was kind of helpless without water around me. It was fun though as I like to try something new every now and then, it keeps me feeling like a child and thinking young. When do you ever try something you have never done before? Try it, you will like it.

When I got back, it was just about time to go to Marlborough to set up for the 2013 Natural Living Expo. It takes about 2-3 hours to just set up and with the traveling time, I got back in time for supper. I hope you are going to be able to check out this Expo. I took a quick tour and there are interesting things to see and experience as well as get a hug from me.

I received this message and was pleased to see how it makes so much sense out of what has been happening lately. Check it out…


Would you like to try something new and effective? This was sent to me by my friend, Jan.

Here is a beautiful video for your news letter. This is a heart opener!

This is a sight that many will not see. Isn’t technology great? We can now share so much with our human family. Enjoy1


Love and Light

Mary Grace




My desire is that your Halloween was joyful and safe. Did you trick
or treat? Did anyone tell you that Halloween was for kids? So what,
you are a child at heart, at least I hope so. I believe to really
feel joy, it comes from the child in us. Pure unadulterated joy.

The weather has been cloudy and rainy. Yesterday, I went to the beach
to take my kayak out for a spin when the wind suddenly came up and I
decided it was too windy to go out. I was a little disappointed
like a child would be but I came back in. The phone suddenly rang
and it was the hospital staff needing me to fax some very important
information about my chemical sensitivities so they could schedule
an appt with dermatology to give me a couple of skin patch tests
before my knee replacement in a month. I do not have a fax so I went
to the Senior Center where they sent it for me. Had I not come back
in from the possibility of kayaking, it would have been too late for
me to fax them as the Senior Center would have been closed until
Monday. I felt joyful as I realized that I had been taken care of
again by the angels, universe, and Source (God). All I had to do
was listen to the guidance I was sent by the wind. Even Mother Nature
was in on this.

I wish to share with you a video about time lapse photography on
flowers. AS with life, it is only in hindsight that the beauty of
the moment shows.


Each flower is filmed for 2 days and then each picture is passed
with a difference of 7 minutes each, causing the effect.
The most beautiful of the shows! Truly a flower ballet …

Something Amazing … Gorgeous


Flowers are reminders to me of humanity. Each one is unique, displays
various colors, needs different growing conditions, faces surroundings
that are different, yet are so beautiful and awe inspiring just by
BEING. Is that why we are called a human BEING? OR is it because
we are at our best being and not DOING.

Living on the lake is different every day. Although no one is
about because of the time of year and the weather, the water
continues to inspire me. I was doing mundane housework when I looked
up and saw the lake with a wake that looked like it was from a huge
cruiseship????? I went to the bow window and stood there gaping in
awe. The wind was coming from a direction that I have never seen it
come from. Instead of the waves coming in to crash on the shore,
they (the waves) were being drawn from the shore and sent into the
middle of the lake. It had to be the wind as there was no boat or
anything else on the water. I have seen wind before as it causes
white caps but this time, the white caps were going in the opposite
direction. The weather man had predicted winds from 40 to up to 50
miles per hour but had not said anything about the direction or if
he did, it just did not register with me. The wind was also blowing
lengthwise down the lake instead of across the lake. It was a sight
to behold and of course, then a torrent of rain descended upon my
windows which blocked some of the view. The power and versatility
of Mother Nature continues to have me gape like a child at something
so new that I had not known before. My hope is that you also receive
these awe inspiring moments from where ever they come. Be open
to being like a child and you will see more and more moments of being
flabbergasted. Oh, the joy of seeing the world through the eyes of
a child .

I hope this professor is still showing our next generation, these
truths. It is a good reminder to us all.


As a child, we were so curious. A flower, a blade of grass, an ant
etc. would keep us mesmarized and questioning life for hours. Take
a look at this child’s face and notice how IN THE MOMENT he is.
That is the secret for all of us. Live in the moment and the future
will take card of itself. Let’s hope that the US will change its
policy and allow for the curiosity and spontaneity of a child.
They are our teachers.


Let’s all become like children, open and curious and knowing that
they are protected and guided by a felt but unseen force of Life, no
matter what name we call IT.

PPS.I had closed this newsletter but forgot one I really wanted to
share with you. Please listen to Jo Dunning, I don’t know how long
it will be available. This is just not a talk or speech, Jo gives
you three initiations and activations. It will be worth your while
because her energy is from Source and it will be peaceful and
eye opening. You will need to scroll down a ways. You won’t be sorry.


Love and Light

Mary Grace


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Wales, MA 01081, USA