It has come to my attention that one of you did not realize that the highlighted word in a paragraph is actually a link to a wonderful video or article that I wanted to share.  My skills on the computer or even the phone leaves much to be desired but since I knew what highlighted meant, I “assumed” that everyone knew that all they had to do is click on the link.

My wonderful computer person suggested that I could cut down the size of the link to one word instead of having perhaps up to 4 lines of the necessary words or letters that would get you to the same place. It would be easier for you especially on phones that do not have the same size screen as a computer. He even had the patience to explain to me HOW to do that.  I so apologize for not explaining what I was doing and having been doing that for a while and never received a complaint. It takes a good friend to be honest with you when finally I was asked why my newsletter was shorter.  I was taken aback and finally I realized that I had shortened the length by taking that shortcut.  Again, I apologize if you had any problems or perhaps did not realize what the highlighting meant.  You missed a lot of good news and if you would like me to resend any of the newsletters to you so you could open them, I would be happy to do that.  I have a copy of each newsletter so I just need you to tell me the date.  If you have any suggestions you would like to share with me, please feel free to email me.

After reading this article, I again had hope that there is something in this world that would help people like me who cannot do physical exercise to keep fit.  I was surprised by the results and the ease which someone could help their body in so many ways. Personally, I like the heat better than the cold, so this is right up my alley (article).

This is my first exposure to Diana Cooper.  I was impressed and moved so I thought you might like a taste of her also. This is an October 2019 energy report.

https://spiritlibrary.com/videos/diana-cooper/october-2019-energy-report (Video)

Jayme Price and the October Energies 2019 really speak to how LOVE is the most powerful energy on this planet and how you can use that to be your most creative self. Let’s love ourselves and let our creative energy flow out to the world.

https://spiritlibrary.com/videos/jamye-price/october-2019-ascension-energies-and-light-language-dna-activation (Video)

Ann Albers offers a perspective from the angels to your heart and mine.  It is wisdom personified.

https://spiritlibrary.com/ann-albers/travel-plans-for-the-soul article)

There is hope and this one I never thought would happen in my lifetime.  With this new discovery (article), you will look forward to living longer and happier.

This is so hilarious and yet so true.  Do you have any dads that would enjoy this? I enjoyed it and I am not a dad so feel free to send to anyone who needs a laugh or a smile (video).

Please forgive the (explanations) after the link, I just wanted to give a head’s up just this once for anyone who might have been confused.

Love and Light


Mary Grace



I wish to thank you for your words of kindness and joy for what I am to embark upon. You have let me know I am in your prayers and that is a gift of high proportions. I am excited as I have a date for my stem cell procedure.  It is March 19 for the actual transfer of my own blood cells to my knee and I have an appointment a week before so he can inject some Prolozone which is Vitamin D and Ozone into my knees so there will be less inflammation and prepare the site for the newcomers. I am eager to do it and now comes the hard part… waiting.  We humans like to be busy and do something but the waiting is hard and there is nothing to do but wait. I am imaging what it will be like to actually walk normally and not be looking ahead to decide if I can walk or would it be better to use my scooter.  I always seem to be deciding even in my own home, what would take the least amount of steps or standing. But….to actually do it again without even any thought will be a miracle, a miracle of freedom.

To expand upon my journey with the hearing aid, it is a gift to me that Costco is always there for me when I have a question.  I had my first experience with a party with a lot of talking.  I went to a baby shower and you know us women.  We do talk a lot and it was very loud and I could not find the way to shut my hearing off and still be able to talk to the woman across the table from me.  So, off I go to see Ron at Costco and he gave me quite an awakening as to what the hearing aid actually does.  My thought was that it raised the volume of whatever I was hearing so I kept trying to lower the volume.  Well, what I did not know was that it only raises or lowers the volume of whatever tone you cannot hear.  It only raises or lowers that tone.  I can hear the deeper tones fine but the high tones I have a problem with.  What I was doing as I played with the volume control was only raising the volume on the high tones which caused those tones to become tinny sounding and made what I was hearing even more irritating.  The secret to a hearing aid is to have BALANCE in all the tones. Who says that at age 80, you are supposed to know everything?  I never imagined that I would have so many questions and lack of knowledge about wearing a hearing aid. Here is something else I do not know much about.

Do you know what the Light Body is?  I have heard about this for a long time but did not understand it.  I listened to Jim Self and have a broader understanding yet it still does not feel complete to me.  I have hope that as I grow spiritually that it will become clearer to me.  See what you think.


Today is February 1st and Jayme Price has the February Ascension energies for us. This is the video.


If you wish the written version, here it is


Here is someone I usually do not hear from but this is a special one just for February.


How often do you ever think about the “supporters” or “employees “of your favorite teams?

Who says there are no “miracles”.  I know I heard about the bear when the child was first recovered but then silence descended about the bear because it made no sense to our rational minds. The child had no fear of the bear, how many children have stuffed bears? In his mind, there was no fear so the bear was not rejected but totally accepted as a “friend’ of which he has seen and played with many times. I, for one, am very pleased and happy that the child is safe and that the animal kingdom once again has shown its side of helpfulness and kindness.


Our Spring thaw is in place now and Mother Nature is giving us a reprieve after the record breaking cold and snow that she gifted to us.





What a play on words this is.  A truth displayed for ALL to see and hear. I give thanks for you; I honor you for the opportunity that you give me to be myself. Without you, I would not be the transmitter of GOOD NEWS which in turn allows me to be the instrument of a Higher Power.


Even the numbers are in resonance with TRUTH.  The signs are everywhere and Mother Earth is using all her methods of communication to speak to you.  Let’s take a moment to absorb the Love that is shining through every available portal opening at this time.

Let us be in the attitude of gratitude. What is the attitude of gratitude?  How can we feel it even amidst the pain we might be feeling?


What mother would not do what this woman did?  You would do the same thing if you were physically in this situation, you would offer love to the child and to the mother who was hurting for her child. Mother Earth  would do the same thing for you if she was allowed.

And….it is not only adults feeding children; it is the children feeding each other.  It is simply one human being helping another human being at this particular moment in time.  We have all done this at one time even if we have forgotten.  It is one human being helping another human being while sharing the same planet as our home.

This article reminds me of the lowly Turkey vulture who is so ugly with his bald head but oh so grandiose in the sky as he soars majestically. His head needs to be bald as he is the garbage collector who keeps our Earth free of all the dead carcasses. We cannot judge a book by his cover nor should we.  WE (which is you) are so badly needed to be just who we are.

Thank YOU for being in my life and sharing this very special day with me.

Love and Light

Mary Grace