Have a Blessed Happy New Year 2021

My wish for you is to be happy and healthy in the New Year.  You have had quite an adventurous year of 2020 with many challenges and changes. With all of that, it was hard to remain positive or even see anything happening as positive.  I have a remedy for that as I have received an entire list of the “GOOD” happenings of 2020. This is a pandemic of a different color.  I will post it here and there are a lot of them so you may want to stagger just how many you read at one time.  I guarantee that you will be surprised. Please spread The Good News.

Do you live close to Florida or are you planning a vacation nearby.  There is an attraction that will blow your socks off and donate funds to a children’s charity at the same time.  Take a look.

While you are in the vicinity, check out the “reef goats”

Jayme Price has a new message for 2021.  Her light language sounds so different to me than it used to be.  Check it out and see if it is just me that changed or is her light language pulse changing for 2021.


I wish to end with a light celebration.  I did not attend a viewing of the ball dropping last night on TV although there were fireworks that I could hear in my neighborhood at midnight as I was trying to sleep. Please enjoy the journey into 2021 with this light display.


Love and Light

Mary Grace



Have you been shoveled out of this Northeaster?  I did not get plowed out until 9PM last night so I have not been outside yet. I so want to live where there is no snow and the temperatures are much warmer.  I love this lake and most of all, the pristine water that I have with my artesian well. I have been looking around hoping to find another residence that will give me what I have now but so far, I have had no luck.

How to prepare for 2021 with Jayme Price gives some encouragement for what the New Year will bring.


This is a video which really speaks to this time and this season. It is OK to smile.


Here is something you might consider giving for a Christmas gift.  Yet it is an all year gift to someone who is dear to you.

Imagine wearing this deep fur and still being threatened?  What good news it is for humanity that we are finally recognizing how to care for the beings that were before us.

Every time I look at this precious little face, I am in awe of Mother Nature creating a life form so little yet so perfect. It is heartwarming to know that this life form is not extinct.  I never realized that there was such a living being.

Have you ever seen the Northern Lights?  I have not and these pictures are treasures to see.

Love and Light

Mary Grace



I had an experience last night that I would like to share with you.  I have mentioned my “Mermaids” before, four women consisting of three sisters and one friend. Two of them swim EVERY day in the lake as long as the water is not ice and two sisters join them in the warmer months.  The leader of the pack, Heidi, sent me an email Wednesday asking if I would like to go on a Moonlight paddle with them on Thursday night. I have never kayaked my lake at night and I have lived here 24 years.  It scared me a little as I could not foresee how we would see each other in the dark even though I was asked to bring a flashlight. I was being given an opportunity I never thought I would have so I decided to jump in with both feet. The beach is right in front of my house so it is not far to walk but I brought my walker as I figured at night, I would not see all the bumps and holes and the walker would keep me safe.  I was grateful that I listened to that inner guidance.  The walker also gave me a seat to sit on as I was watching the entire goings on. It was such a treat as a couple of people took my kayak off its holder and brought it to edge of the lake for me.

There were 9 kayaks, and 1 canoe which appeared intermittently and some were already outlined with small lights and some were joining in and sharing all kinds of lights and equipment as they made some with tall masts and some with different themes.  They chose Hawaii for me and proceeded to put (candle lights) on my kayak, a grass skirt and a Hawaiian hat on me. I had nothing to do but sit and enjoy all the comradery and bantering going on. Then we got out in the water.  Because I had people who would push me, I was able to get in my kayak without getting my feet wet.  That was great as I felt a lot warmer with dry feet. We could not see the full moon yet but we slowly pushed out with a lot of laughing as we tried to avoid one another while waiting for the next kayak to join us.  The canoe is not as easy to maneuver as a kayak so we were all more aware of that family as both parents had an oar to use with their child in the middle. We let them lead the parade so we could avoid them and yet include them.

What an experience to be out in the water when it is dark.  There are no boundaries because we could not see the edges of the lake. To me, it felt and seemed like a much smaller lake and I was out in the middle of it and yet it did not feel that way.  When I kayak, I am alone and I stay pretty close to shore just in case. As we kayaked, the moon came into view and the teenagers started to bay at the moon.  What fun that was. It was only 7pm so we were not really disturbing anyone.

I can’t explain how I felt, it was so magical.  We were kayaking much slower than I usually do and it felt almost like a dream. I have had some very special experiences when I kayak and this trip went right to the top three most memorable. I felt so fortunate: first to be invited to join this much younger crowd and then the never to be forgotten experience. As I kayaked, it felt like my oars were cutting through the water much like a knife on soft butter. There was much laughter, baying at the moon and also absolute quiet which increased the mysteriousness of this quest. Imagine sharing two special gifts from Mother Nature like the water and the moon which are quite special to me. This was a gift I will never forget and I so wanted to share it with you.

Kate Spreckley brings us a message of trusting in the unknown. I am so glad that I did and look what I received.


Star Elders and Aluna Joy and the use of the “in-between”. Our Father/Mother God has assured us that the information about the impending planetary reboot is being given to each of us specifically for a reason. We are being told that, through all of us this information will be magnetized into the conscious awareness of every person whose divine mission it is to weave their magnificent light and their unique gifts into this essential phase. Are you one of these souls that have a special gift to share with humanity?


A message and light language that you need to hear from Jayme Price.


Matt Kahn: We’re reaching out a hand to YOU. It’s time to be the change. A video that has far reaching effects and energy.We are so thankful for our next Project Resolution broadcast…it is going to be another extraordinary gathering of souls and anchoring of light.

Here is a babe who brought his desire to help the California firefighters to fruition. (With his parents help, I am sure.) Smile.

Love and Light

Mary Grace