This is the longest newsletter I have ever sent you.  It is one of those times that we seem to need more encouragement and joyful news. One of the top stories on all media is the Corona Virus.  I have some information that will give you some tools and ways to protect yourself and your family.

Have you ever heard of using YOUR grounding cord.  I had not and when I read this, I realized how simple it is and how helpful it is.

Here is some good news that will make what is happening in our world a little more digestible.

Do young children have an insight that we older humans do not have?  I believe that children can read our minds and if we listen to them, they still have advice from above where they came from.  They also maintain that inner sight until life and adults teach them the opposite. Watch this and tell me it isn’t so.

March 2020 Ascension Energies and Light Language DNA Activation by Jayme Price.

March Energy update by Lee Harris

Are you interested in helping Mother Earth every time you use a search engine on the computer?  Google, beware of this competition; it is Earth and Human friendly.

Love and Light

Mary Grace



I just spent an hour and a half talking to Amazon.  Yes, talking!  It took me a while to find a phone number.  I had ordered a walker on 11/15 from Amazon and was sent a tracking number so I could keep track of its progress.  I got a couple of emails that it was on its way.  Finally I got an email saying they thought it might be lost so I could either get a refund or a replacement.  Since I already paid for it on my credit card, I did not want to have to pay twice for it sensing it would be a challenge to straighten that mess out.  I called UPS to find out what happened only to find out that they never received the walker so it was never sent.  Why was I getting all these emails of a late delivery from Amazon?  So I decided to call them this morning before I wrote my newsletter to you.

What happened next exceeded my expectation.  The young girl handling my problem kept excusing herself for a minute every time I had a question.  Well, I decided that I had a new trainee who was learning the ropes about customer service.  She was from another country and had a deep accent which made correspondence difficult.  I decided to be gracious and not demand to speak to a supervisor. I insisted on receiving an email confirming my refund and also the fact that I never received the package.  The first email gave me the refund but insisted that I return the package and how to do just that.  I kept repeating myself to her that I wanted confirmation of non-delivery and finally I got another email but this one just said they were sorry I had a problem with the walker (not the delivery).

After being on the phone with this young woman for an hour and a half, I finally gave in and asked to speak to her supervisor.  More wait time on hold.  Finally I got to speak to Joe who listened and suggested I reorder and when I persisted for more info, he admitted they had no more of that color.  I insisted that I did not want another color so please could I have an email confirming non delivery.  He said he would send it to me but I insisted that I receive it while I still had him on the phone.  He sent the email finally and then apologized for the long phone call and explained that she was a new trainee.  I had already figured that out and my ordeal is an example of the difficulties of two people who speak a different language.  I was wrung out emotionally from that so that is why this newsletter is a little later than normal.  This following video from Aluna clarifies why we humans are going through scenes like this that bring us these challenges.

This is a story and a video that I have watched it 5 times; it is that funny and that good.  You cannot help but  laugh  and this is just what I need now. Perhaps it will help you too.

Tis the season to be kinder to each other.  This woman goes to the top of being kind.  Perhaps this story might help each of us be aware of being neighborly and patient when we get stuck in the airport.

Do you believe in miracles?  I do and I am eager to see this be a natural event for all of us that need it.

December Energies and a taste of energy coming for 2019 by Jayme Price.

I could use a little laughter and brevity right now, how about you?  Want to have a deep belly laugh again? I know I need it and  laughter  is so contagious.

Love and Light

Mary Grace



When I opened my curtains this morning over my bow windows, I saw these white things bobbing in the water. What are those, I thought? It turns out, they were the Canadian Geese upside down in the water. They were bobbing for something, no doubt food but when they turn upside down, all you can see is their white underbellies and their pointy tail is at the top. It was quite fun to watch them for a few minutes. I have never noticed them doing that before. After a bit, they suddenly, all at the same time, took off flying in a straight horizontal line to get to the other side of the lake.

Have you ever wondered how animals, there were 18 of them. all at the same time, decide to do something? It is quite eerie or it is probably telepathy where they all agree at once to fly. Don’t you wish you could do something like that with someone? Your kids can, if you watch them, they actually do. They are tuned in. It’s about time that we adults play with telepathy because we have it too, but we’re too busy to play. I bet you have suddenly thought about someone and you either received a phone call or you got something in the mail. If you pay attention, you will realize that you have that gift also but you just don’t think to use it. When no one can lie, what a world this will be. We will all be telling the truth so the mind will get to rest a lot more. And… will be able to trust each and every person.

I have not been kayaking in several weeks because the weather just has not permitted it. There has been a lot of wind, or rain or the temperature is quite cold. This morning, I looked out about 10am and the temperature was 50 degrees and hardly any wind. A perfect day for kayaking and at this time of year, you never know if it is the last opportunity to go out before it freezes over. I had planned on writing this newsletter this morning but I just could not resist going out on the water. I hope you don’t mind but that is why this newsletter is late.

All the boats are now on land and all the docks that can be brought up on land have been. The lake water is quite a bit lower as it has a dam and the boards have been lowered before it freezes. All the land fronts and beaches look so different and more rocks are showing. There is still a raft that the neighbors kids use that is still out there, I don’t know if they will bring it in or not. There is still a small fishing boat for two that is still hitched to the dock but that is it. I guess that boat owner is a die hard like me. I have not prepared my kayak for winter yet as I wait until I am sure that the water has frozen for the winter.

This morning I did something I have never done before. There are two coves that I like to go into but when I got to the first, there was a thin coat of ice on it so I proceeded to the next one. That one also had a coat of ice but I decided that it looked thin so I would try. My kayak broke through the ice but my paddles would not, they were not heavy enough. I am glad I went in at a angle because the paddles are necessary to move and to also change direction so I was kind of helpless without water around me. It was fun though as I like to try something new every now and then, it keeps me feeling like a child and thinking young. When do you ever try something you have never done before? Try it, you will like it.

When I got back, it was just about time to go to Marlborough to set up for the 2013 Natural Living Expo. It takes about 2-3 hours to just set up and with the traveling time, I got back in time for supper. I hope you are going to be able to check out this Expo. I took a quick tour and there are interesting things to see and experience as well as get a hug from me.

I received this message and was pleased to see how it makes so much sense out of what has been happening lately. Check it out…

Would you like to try something new and effective? This was sent to me by my friend, Jan.

Here is a beautiful video for your news letter. This is a heart opener!

This is a sight that many will not see. Isn’t technology great? We can now share so much with our human family. Enjoy1

Love and Light

Mary Grace