WELCOME!  Welcome to the oh so elusive 3 days of sun without rain.  This has not happened since March and we are oh so ready to experience this. I woke up this morning to seeing the lake was just like glass.  I decided not to eat breakfast or do my meditating or anything else.  I was just going to get my kayaking clothes on and go out.  By the time I did just this, the wind had picked up and the smooth water was all full of ripples.  I sighed and undressed and went to my prayers and meditation.  One single thought deleted any peaceful or ability to submerge myself into my quiet mind.  I decided I would eat my breakfast and sit down to write this newsletter.  After breakfast, I was still unsettled so I decided to go kayaking even though it was not perfect water.

Kayaking always brings me peace so off I went.  I needed to urge 3 families of geese to find another place other than our beach and they complied.  I don’t remember my wrists hurting last year but they are certainly tender this year.  Anyway, I made my first round around this lake this year.  OK, I did cut corners, kitty corners.  I usually stick to kayaking around all the shoreline but, as this was my first time this year, I did not go into all 3 coves and follow their shorelines yet I was determined to go all around the lake.  I had already been out twice to break my muscles in but my love is to go all around the lake and check out all the improvements on the houses around the lake. Others uplift me as I get to see the owner’s creativity and enjoy looking as their place changes.  Some make me a little thoughtful as the evidence that there has been no movement around yet, makes me sad.  As that usually means illness or some other activity for the family has intruded on the people coming back to serenity for a little while.

Speaking of the number three, this is a 3 year which is very powerful.  The number 3 always reminds me of the Trinity which is essential in our life. Here is another explanation of the meaning of the 3’s.


Listen to this month’s energy broadcast with Lee Harris.  Notice that the number 3 shows up again, 3 Main Topics.  Have a listen and see if it rings true in your life.


Get ready to smile.



Whenever I see an apple, I will think of this little one.  What wonders appear when we don’t think it is possible.

Will Smith and his Genie Magic.  Do you believe?


Love and Light

Mary Grace



It is raining again and I feel so damp that I would like to wring myself out and start over. Today I feel like I need more smile provoking and heart tugging to make me appreciate what I have.  Perhaps you feel like that too.

Yeah, I did get to kayak yesterday after about a month’s hiatus.  We have had so much rain and especially the wind that I have not dared go out.  One morning this week, my heart literally opened up wide as the sun was out, the water completely calm and although it was cold, I decided to go kayaking.  By the time I got dressed and to the door, the water started to get rougher and the clouds were consuming the sky.  Disappointed I turned around but I was grateful for that fabulous view I had of all the trees and the cottages mirrored in the still water.  It seems like ages ago since I had seen that beautiful scene.

Yesterday after taking a brief nap after physical therapy, the sun came out and the water was like glass.  I had not eaten my lunch yet, but I know how frail the opportunity is so I went out.  It felt sooo good to just experience being in the water again, so refreshing but so soothing, I could not go completely around the lake because my muscles have not been broken in again but I so enjoyed just being in the lake.  There are still some pontoon boats moored but no speed boats are to be seen.  It is great to see the changes in the cottages as some have been completely remodeled and some brought back to life again. I sat in my kayak for quite a while in front of my home, just enjoying the water moving me around and I could just sit and relax. Am I spoiled or what?

I want to share this feeling with you so you can take a breath and relax your whole mind and body even if just for a minute.

What an amazing solution.  Why don’t we use this method more often, so simple and so heartwarming?

Another feel good story and proof of true royalty. It makes you smile.

I have not brought you a newsletter from Heaven letters in a long time.  This particular one brings you assurance that YOU are LIGHT and when your light shines, the whole world and its inhabitants shine. These messages are from God to you.


You never know when an opportunity to help will appear in your life. I am sure I have missed a lot of them yet it warms my heart when I hear about how someone was helped completely out of the blue.  Here is one of those opportunities that someone responded to.  Humanity is great and I wish the News Media would spread more news stories like this one. There are many unsung heroes  on this planet.

I have faith in our humanness and its creativity.  Here is one that will warm your heart and I really hope this idea goes virile.  Please share  this  and maybe it will.



You know I love kayaking and in all the seasons that I am able to.  Yet my favorite time to kayak is in early spring, like right now.  Most of the boats are not out yet, most docks are not in the water and the barriers that create the swimming spaces are not there either, so I have clear access to the whole of the lake.  The water lilies and the weeds and plants are not yet fully grown out of the water so I can get so much closer to the water’s edge.  Of course, the leaves are not out yet either so my view of the homes that hide behind the trees are a lot more visible.  I enjoy seeing the changes and improvements that have been made.  This view also gives me new ideas I might contemplate using.

I am chuckling because it takes me a lot longer to go around the whole lake too, as I have much more to look at. I even saw a head swimming above the water but could not tell if it was a beaver or another aquatic creature.  It was going opposite from me so I had probably disturbed its space. The Canadian Geese are not skittish yet and just kept chomping on someone’s lawn and ignoring me with not so much as a honk.

With a clear sky which is allows the water to be so reflective of anything on shore, it gives me a totally different perspective as I silently glide through the reflections of the trees, yards and homes. As above so below.  I can get into a deep meditation as I allow myself to ponder the beauty of this unusual scenery and the other worldly feelings that arise. I love gliding through the clouds that are reflected in the water and that scenario occurs much more often than having a totally clear sky.  When I am out there in nature, I find it difficult to come back in to shore.  I don’t go kayaking when it is breezy or windy so the times I can go out are all the more precious to me. I am ever so grateful for the opportunities that Mother Nature gives to all of us to enjoy her bounty in whatever way she manifests it.

Do you remember I mentioned that my computer had received a virus and I was locked out of it?  I have a very dear friend who came to my rescue.  His name is Barry Costa from Maine, formerly from Connecticut. He is not only good at creating websites; hence he is proficient at computer language. He also can make the computer sing and be the blank canvas for his artistry.  The art he creates on the computer is magical and certainly inspirational.  Soul Star is my favorite. Check these out.

Digital Art



Barry Costa is also a healer using Matrix Energetics which is something unlike anything else available in today’s healing arts. He has done several sessions for me and I can honestly say I experienced something I had never felt before.  It is so easy, simple and effective on your part. Have you heard of Matrix Energetics?  Check him out.

Matrix Energetics


One good deed deserves another.  Sooo cute, it will make you smile.

I am glad my beaver does not do this, but this beaver was not aware of doing it either.  Have you ever felt that you are in a herd that is following a leader that doesn’t know where he is going?

A friend of mine told me that a robin is a symbol of Christ and of course, Easter.  I had never heard that before, so she sent me this link that explains it. When I become aware of something new, I like to share it with you.


This next link certainly gives us a perfect  example  of this truth.

Love and Light

Mary Grace