WELCOME!  Welcome to the oh so elusive 3 days of sun without rain.  This has not happened since March and we are oh so ready to experience this. I woke up this morning to seeing the lake was just like glass.  I decided not to eat breakfast or do my meditating or anything else.  I was just going to get my kayaking clothes on and go out.  By the time I did just this, the wind had picked up and the smooth water was all full of ripples.  I sighed and undressed and went to my prayers and meditation.  One single thought deleted any peaceful or ability to submerge myself into my quiet mind.  I decided I would eat my breakfast and sit down to write this newsletter.  After breakfast, I was still unsettled so I decided to go kayaking even though it was not perfect water.

Kayaking always brings me peace so off I went.  I needed to urge 3 families of geese to find another place other than our beach and they complied.  I don’t remember my wrists hurting last year but they are certainly tender this year.  Anyway, I made my first round around this lake this year.  OK, I did cut corners, kitty corners.  I usually stick to kayaking around all the shoreline but, as this was my first time this year, I did not go into all 3 coves and follow their shorelines yet I was determined to go all around the lake.  I had already been out twice to break my muscles in but my love is to go all around the lake and check out all the improvements on the houses around the lake. Others uplift me as I get to see the owner’s creativity and enjoy looking as their place changes.  Some make me a little thoughtful as the evidence that there has been no movement around yet, makes me sad.  As that usually means illness or some other activity for the family has intruded on the people coming back to serenity for a little while.

Speaking of the number three, this is a 3 year which is very powerful.  The number 3 always reminds me of the Trinity which is essential in our life. Here is another explanation of the meaning of the 3’s.


Listen to this month’s energy broadcast with Lee Harris.  Notice that the number 3 shows up again, 3 Main Topics.  Have a listen and see if it rings true in your life.


Get ready to smile.



Whenever I see an apple, I will think of this little one.  What wonders appear when we don’t think it is possible.

Will Smith and his Genie Magic.  Do you believe?


Love and Light

Mary Grace


Have you been noticing the effects of the Full Moon? I know that
this morning is the first time in three weeks that I feel clear in
my mind and thoughts. I started with sinus problems three weeks
ago and although I was using the Netti Pot and also Colloidal Silver
I felt like I was only one jump away from a full blown sinus infection.
My mind has been cloudy and my body has been requiring frequent naps
as well as not letting me pursue any activities. Nothing that usually
makes my heart sing was working, even my beloved lake. I would go
out kayaking but not far and for that little blip, I felt like I
was one with the world or universe. Today I feel like I(me)am back.
From where I do not know.

Here is an explanation from Dana Mrkich

April 25 Scorpio Lunar Eclipse

To go even deeper, I felt sad, I was teary and for no reason that
my mind could come up with for an excuse. Since I live alone, I do
not get to talk that much to others so it wasn’t until I did the
Expo’s the last two weekends, that I became fully aware that many
were feeling the same way. It was such a joy to get to hug so many
of you that came to the Expo’s.

Since 12-21-2012, humanity has felt like there was a letdown of sorts.
Like we were struggling to move but it felt like our feet were in mud
or quicksand. We were being forced to slow down, rest and absorb all
the energies that had gone on for most of 2012. After such highs
from December especially, we felt like we were let down from a great

Remember all the seeds we planted that would grow this Spring? Where
are they? It was hard to be aware that they were under the ground,
out of sight yet still incubating. Our minds were confused as it did
not see any progress although something was happening.

Another way to put it is to think of yourself as a caterpillar. I
recently discovered that the caterpillar actually turns to liquid,
to mush before it transforms. Science cannot tell us how the mush
could possible change into the form of a butterfly, yet it does.
This is the stage of the metamorphosis where the caterpillar is the
most vulnerable, it has no defense.

This is a more accurate description of what I had been experiencing
for three weeks…..extremely vulnerable. I would tear up at what
I considered nothing, I had no strength to will myself into action.
Emotions that I thought were gone, suddenly appeared as my memories
which I thought I had let go of, resurfaced. Did this happen to you?

I subscribe to Spiritual Library where beings share their wisdom
with everyone and with the full Moon here now, much was shared
about the energies of the Three Moons and Lunar Eclipses that were
happening. The Full Moon this month is the Wesak Moon which you have
probably heard of. It combines the energies of the Christ and the
Buddha. Here is an excerpt from Gautama Buddha. This is true wisdom
as only you are responsible for your Ascension and there are many
paths that lead to that destiny.

“Do not believe anything because it is said by an authority,or if it

is said to come from angels, or from Gods, or from an inspired source.

Believe it only if you have explored it in your own heart and mind

and body and found it to be true.

Work out your own path, through diligence.”

~ Gautama Buddha ~

I know that many of you are experiencing or have experienced this
stage of the caterpillar. I am looking forward to seeing all the
beautiful manifestations of butterflies. You and I get to be the
only butterfly that will look like us and carry the unique gift we
are to the world. Many of us will flit from flower to flower and
many of us will settle down in one place. I can’t wait to see
the YOU that is emerging and the new world that we are creating and
is already here.

This is from Aluna Joy:

The huge waves of unsettledness you are feeling are pulses of energy
from your new world. These pulses are adapting you to a new influx
of life force and energy. They are fine tuning your divine vessel.
Soon these energy pulses will cease and will be no longer needed.
By this time, you will be like Zen Masters. Then it will be
impossible for any disjointed or fragmented energy to be able to
unhinge or unbalance you in any way. This is our way to help you get
used to the new frequencies that are coming to you now. To BE in
this new emerging world you must also be masters
of your emotions and consciousness. ~ The Star Elders.

I want to leave you with the secret to all of this.

Jackie Yvenko: To Believe, written by her brother…Wow…Enjoy!


Love and Light

Mary Grace

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Wales, MA 01081, USA