WELCOME!  Welcome to the oh so elusive 3 days of sun without rain.  This has not happened since March and we are oh so ready to experience this. I woke up this morning to seeing the lake was just like glass.  I decided not to eat breakfast or do my meditating or anything else.  I was just going to get my kayaking clothes on and go out.  By the time I did just this, the wind had picked up and the smooth water was all full of ripples.  I sighed and undressed and went to my prayers and meditation.  One single thought deleted any peaceful or ability to submerge myself into my quiet mind.  I decided I would eat my breakfast and sit down to write this newsletter.  After breakfast, I was still unsettled so I decided to go kayaking even though it was not perfect water.

Kayaking always brings me peace so off I went.  I needed to urge 3 families of geese to find another place other than our beach and they complied.  I don’t remember my wrists hurting last year but they are certainly tender this year.  Anyway, I made my first round around this lake this year.  OK, I did cut corners, kitty corners.  I usually stick to kayaking around all the shoreline but, as this was my first time this year, I did not go into all 3 coves and follow their shorelines yet I was determined to go all around the lake.  I had already been out twice to break my muscles in but my love is to go all around the lake and check out all the improvements on the houses around the lake. Others uplift me as I get to see the owner’s creativity and enjoy looking as their place changes.  Some make me a little thoughtful as the evidence that there has been no movement around yet, makes me sad.  As that usually means illness or some other activity for the family has intruded on the people coming back to serenity for a little while.

Speaking of the number three, this is a 3 year which is very powerful.  The number 3 always reminds me of the Trinity which is essential in our life. Here is another explanation of the meaning of the 3’s.


Listen to this month’s energy broadcast with Lee Harris.  Notice that the number 3 shows up again, 3 Main Topics.  Have a listen and see if it rings true in your life.


Get ready to smile.



Whenever I see an apple, I will think of this little one.  What wonders appear when we don’t think it is possible.

Will Smith and his Genie Magic.  Do you believe?


Love and Light

Mary Grace



This is a transition period, from heat to cooler temperatures. Summer is not ready to give up yet and we still have some “hot” times ahead. I, for one, am happy about that because the rest of the 9 months are quite a bit cooler and there doesn’t feel like there is as much freedom to move around outside. Perhaps it is because I live on a lake and the water doesn’t warm up enough for me to swim until August and suddenly the freedom to go into the lake is gone.

I have so enjoyed the hummingbirds this year; there were more of them so I got to visually see many aerial acrobatics as they honed their flight skills. I have three hummingbird feeders, one on each side of my house so I can watch them as I go about my daily duties and one on the side bow window over the deck. That is the one that can see easily as I sit and relax. Well, twice this week, I woke up to find that feeder hanging by one suction cup and the sugar water all over the chair and the deck. The feeder is inside a hangar type surrounding the actually feeding station. The hangar allows me to put water in it to deter the ants that just love the sweetness and it works great. The hangar is what hangs from the two suction cups and I just surmised that the suction had loosened on one of them and that is why the feeder kept falling to the deck. After I cleaned my chair and deck again, washed the window to make sure the glass was clean enough for the suction cups to stay and then put up the newly filled feeder, I made a statement to the Universe and to myself that if it fell again, I would not refill it as it must be a message to me. Three strikes and you are out. When something happens three times in a row, I am not getting the message.

Guess what? When I got up this morning, the feeder was down again and only one suction cup was left on the window without the hangar. What happened I asked myself or my spirit? For the whole thing to be down, it would have taken a strong pull to dislodge it. Was it a human playing games with me? After the raccoon episode, I started thinking about it being an animal perhaps. What could it be? It has to be an animal that loves sugar but my chair was not scratched by any animal claws? I went out to clean the sticky mess and as I gathered the pieces, I came across a screw. The suction cups are held onto the hangar by a screw so I looked more closely. Sure enough, the feeder was not broken and no animal could have unscrewed the screw so it must be as simple as that.

The hummingbirds are due to start leaving around Labor Day next week and they are bulking up for the long trip south. As much as I want to put the feeder back up again, I realize that I still have two feeders and there is food enough for them to share. I will keep a closer eye on those two to make sure there is always food there. I know they are territorial yet this year, they have been sharing a lot more with each other. But….I will miss watching them as I sit down to rest. Do you think I should give it another try? I just might, I will let you know what I decide next week.

As I was reading the Spirit Library that just came in today, I started to laugh out loud when I came to this article by Cheryl Richardson. It so speaks of how easy it is get quiet and not have expectation but it is something that most of us do not think of when we are waiting for something. Check out the link at the bottom to the sounds of the Universe. Enjoy.


Do you know the full moon is upon us? I enjoy watching the Full Moon rise at night. I keep my blinds open to remind me to look every time I come into the kitchen. I call her Gramma Moon from a book I read to my granddaughter.


Here is an article that has a lot of food for thought. It feels like we have been awaiting this moment for eons. I have been reading what Lauren has to offer for quite a few years, she hits the nail on the head.


The Word: Pieces has many meanings. When I first heard this song, it resonated with me as I see myself picking up all the pieces of myself in order to be whole, to be Who I Was Created To Be! As I played it again, I got more perspectives. What does this song say to you?


Love and Light

Mary Grace