This has been a season of changes for me.  I tried to get one last jaunt in my kayak but the wind and water did not cooperate but I am fortunate that I can see the water from inside my home. I even rearranged my living room (again) so I can see the lake while I am sitting watching TV (as long as the night has not rolled in yet). My sofa was just too tall for me to sit and still be able to see over the back  to see my favorite reason for still being in this cold weather.

I have been in bird shock for three months as my favorite bird, the golden finch, disappeared from my feeders. Imagine feeling abandoned by wild birds. I asked many people and have called the Bird Store several times and I get the same reason.  There is so much natural food for them like berries and nuts that they are not coming to the feeders. In my 21 years here, this had never happened before. I finally gave up my search for them after all this time and a few have come back occasionally.  I surprised myself that I was so depressed because I could not see my favorite birds and I missed their molting back to the duller colors of the females. Yet…I have many other different birds like the Tufted Titmouse, White Breasted Nuthatch and Black Capped Chickadee.  I am human and do not like change but I am accepting the change (do I have a choice?)

This year is also the year of the Canadian Geese.  I awoke one morning and when I looked out; I saw an armada of around 200 geese in front of the beach.  They were not pooping on the beach though; they kept putting their butts in the air as they were pecking at grass under the water.  My local geese were there but the bulk of the geese were migrating south so they were stocking up on food under the water. One morning I was up early enough to see them all fly in formation to the lake and then watched as they parted in groups to different parts of the lake to feed near shore. The migrant ducks were here for three weeks but they have since left because of the cold, I think. I really am fortunate and have no reason to be disappointed in anything yet I do miss the antics of the golden finch. They gave me a reason to always be looking out the windows.

Do you have a loved one who only likes practical gifts?  This article gave me so much info on things that I did not know existed.  Even if I am not aware of how to use them, someone younger in my family will know.  Imagine their surprise to get one of these items and the knowledge that I will also receive.  Who knows, maybe I will get  one  of these for me.

We are in the midst of a lot of preparation for Christmas.  One preparation that you may not be aware of is the energy you can use in preparation for the Winter Solstice.  I was not aware of just what an opportunity we have at this time.  Do you remember 12-12?  Well, Archangel Gabriel is giving advice on how to use this powerful time to your best benefit. I know this is adding another thing for you to do but it can be as small as 2 minutes a day and you will be rewarded greatly. Let’s bring in the LIGHT.

Do you know someone with dyslexia?  A font has been created just for them to make it much easier for them to understand what they are reading.  Isn’t it great that we live in a time of such great inventions? Pass the  word along.

Here is a perfect example of how tragedy brought out compassion and love in 12th graders.  The children are not aware yet of the greatest lesson they ever learned from their beloved teacher. This is the true  meaning  of Christmas.

Ok, Ok, I am going down memory lane.  Isn’t that what Christmas is all about?  Do you remember your Christmases as a child?  We thought it was agonizing to wait soooo long for it to get here but we certainly did a lot of smiling.

Love and Light



Are you enjoying the warmer weather? I AM. Of course the grass is growing faster but while you are outside clearing it, you hear a symphony of bird songs. I love that the sun sets later. I don’t always see the sunset because it moves behind the trees for 8 months of the year but I Am enjoying it now. In fact, I try not to be anywhere at sunset time because the sun shines in my windows, it even goes across my bed and lights up my bedroom. The sun comes in my kitchen every day that it is out but only in late spring and summer does it come in on the other side of the house. If I am unable to sit to enjoy it, my breath gets a little lighter every time I pass by the windows as it just seems to light up not only my home but my mood. A reminder to me to stay in this moment as that is all there is.

I have solved the problem of the squirrels eating the grape jelly by moving one of the feeders to a pole where I have sprayed PAM which makes it too slippery for the critter to climb up. I have another feeder hanging from the tree on a shepherd’s hook so I sprayed just the top part of it to see if it would work. The squirrel just slid right down onto the feeder and started to eat. I ran out, made a lot of noise and then started to laugh as he kept trying to climb back up the pole to the tree branch but failing. He finally gave up and just jumped off the feeder to the ground. I think he got the message because he has not come back. I don’t want to hurt the squirrels but they eat so much that I cannot keep up with the feeders. In fact, I was going out to fill both of them three times a day until one of my friends mentioned that she cuts an orange in half and puts it on the hook and when the Orioles eat the inside of the orange, it leaves a cup for more jelly. Now I only need to go out maybe twice a day. I thought those of you who might be feeding Orioles would like that tip. Even if you don’t have a feeder, you can put a half orange on a hook and use it that way. The Orioles are here for such a short time, maybe 3 months until the babies are strong enough to fly with them on their journey back.

Can you tell that I am a warm weather lover? I don’t want to ignore the hummingbirds as they are such a delight. They are here also and I have three feeders for them. This spring has been different with the birds and the squirrels. It seems they are hungrier than usual. I don’t know if our unusually warm winter did something to their food supply. The only thing I can figure out is that because the spring was much colder, the bugs were not out which is a food supply for the birds especially. Thank God for the birds that eat so many of the bugs that irritate us, especially the bats. They are the experts and eat the most especially mosquitoes and most people have fear of them because they are not aware of the gift they give us.

It is this time of the year where there are more humane stories of rescue. The single mother goose on my lake has joined with another family of geese. I have not seen them for four days but I am sure they will be around. Nature takes care of its own.

Abraham has quite a message for us. Listen.

I have only seen one swan on the lake since I have been here but I was not aware that they present a problem to the geese. Perhaps it is only the black swans. Do you know?

Tomorrow is the full moon of Wesak. It is a powerful one and it goes way back in time. This article explains why and what it has for us.

You are unique. There is only one of you in this Universe. Why? Read this and find out.

Love and Light

Mary Grace



Hooray, the sun is out and is so beautiful, it just lifts my heart.
My lake had gone down some, exposing the dock again which had been
enveloped by the high water table. Then it began to rain again
which swelled the water table back up again. I was on the phone
this morning and said to the person that I was so happy that it
finally stopped raining and she said how her children were so happy
it rained when they were visiting some friends as they got to run
around in the rain and enjoyed it so much. Guess where she lives?
Yep, you guessed it. Arizona! It goes to show it is only a matter
of perspective. Sometimes abundance in any form gets to be pretty
boring. I guess we humans like to have change to stimulate our
gratitude as we can quickly take what and who we love for granted.

I am not sure if I have mentioned about the Canadian geese that are
here for 9 months out of the year. They are beautiful creatures but
they have one trait that is not desirable. They poop all over the
beach which is not conducive to cleanliness as the children play in
the sand and everyone needs to walk on it in order to enjoy the
water. We also need to get the water tested per the Health Department
regularly to check for any bacteria that would be detrimental to
human health. The geese excrement has caused shutdowns because
of the high level of bacteria. Since I am the the one closest to
the beach, I label myself the goose patrol but I am not here all the
time and I swear they know when I am gone because when I return and
they see my car coming down the street they vamoose.

I would like to relate something about the geese that I never realized
before, in fact, I never knew it until this year. The eggs have
hatched and the little goslings are growing rapidly. Usually the
parents are very protective and will not allow another goose to come
too close to their family. This year there are two families of geese.
One pair had 7 babies and a couple of weeks later another pair had
3 babies. The two families would hang around together which I thought
was unusual and then one morning I woke up to find only three adults
and 10 babies. I cannot tell which of the geese are the male or
female, all I know is that the parents of the 7 babies was allowing
the single parent of 3 to still hang around with their family.

That was not the usual way that they would behave. Yesterday, I
noticed the families and I was counting the babies to see how many
survived and all I could see where the older 7 and yet there were
3 adults???? I got my binoculars out to see what was going on and
my heart leapt. The three younger goslings were each closely knit
to an older gosling so I could not really see them until I looked
through the binoculars. It was like the 7 older goslings decided to
take the 3 younger goslings under their wings, so to speak, and were
protecting them. What a beautiful sight to behold. In the 17 years I
have been here, I have never seen the geese act like this. Is this
an omen that if the geese can do it, then humans will do it? Imagine
a world where the older children would take the younger ones under
their wings and protect them rather than bullying them and a single
parent would be adopted by a couple. That would be heaven would it

Here is a story of an older human taking care of a younger one and
it is heart warming to see.

We all watch television and it is a great educational tool but this
story hit home about how little I know. I live on a lake and I
was never aware that someone drowning would not be flailing about or
yelling for help. Would you know how to tell? The way to tell is
so contrary to what I believed. I figured if I did not know how then
perhaps you don’t know how either. Perhaps you and I could save a
life just by watching this video and I know being on a lake, I feel
more responsibility to know how. My heart goes out to a parent that
does not realize their child is in trouble even when they are close

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Have you ever started laughing and not been able to stop? Have you
ever been around someone that happened to? You cannot help but
smile, giggle or laugh as you watch because it is sooo contagious.
Watch this video and I bet you cannot help yourself.

Love and Light

Mary Grace

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