Happy 4th of July.  It is not until next Thursday but we all know it will start this weekend because people just cannot wait to make noise. Let us keep in mind that the loud noise that comes from fireworks disturbs a lot of people and also animals.  Keep your animals in the house for the next week unless you are outside with them. My heart goes out to all of our outside animals like rabbit, birds, ducks, etc. who still have their young to take care of but all of this noise scares them into hiding. Let us enjoy the holiday with more awareness of the beings who share the planet with us.

I will celebrate with Whitney Houston’s “One Moment in Time”. It brings me back in time and yet gives me hope for the future.


I also want to share with you some laughter and this one made me laugh out loud.

Being a woman, this is one solution I never thought of when it comes to caretaking a child.

I have been so concerned and worried about our bees but here is a solution that will revolutionize the Bee and Honey Industry.  They are invaluable to us humans as they are the beginning of our food chain that we desperately need for existence but the chemicals that we put on our plants and flowers kill our food suppliers. Check out this solution. I bet you never thought of this.

Are you open to what is coming or should I say, what is on the other side of the door?



Love and Light

Mary Grace



HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all the men.

The weather is still erratic and seeing how the weather affects us humans, are we acting erratic? I feel the energies as we all do but I know I released a lot of erratic energy in my dream last night. Or should I say the dream I had after I went back to bed this morning as the weather is grey and rainy and also chilly. Why are these dreams so vivid and usually so chaotic? Perhaps it is to release some tension that we are still feeling. I am grateful to my dreams and also my nighttime sleeping for giving me rest and more energy for the next day.

Would you like some inspiration? This story inspired me although I have no intention of running but I did buy a wetsuit so I can take some swimming lessons. The water is always cooler in the pools where they marathon swim or “teach” others to swim. I have always wanted to learn to swim after a childhood incident where the boys on the raft kept pushing me away from the ladder and I could not get up on the raft to rest. It was my first attempt at swimming the distance from the shore to the raft so I was a novice. I still have no idea how I got up on the raft but after that episode, I always felt I had to have my feet touching the ground while in the water. Here I am on a beautiful lake and I watch people swimming with such ease that I am envious. It looks so freeing just to glide on the water without fear. I have a day pass to the YMCA to test the temperature of the water in the teaching pool and they also have another pool which is a lot warmer but it is only 4’ deep so it is no good to learn. My body does not like cold water so I usually don’t go in the water until later in the summer. My intent is to be able to use the wetsuit for lessons and also to be able to enjoy the lake much earlier. ** I did try the wetsuit on and I did not get stuck in it, I was able to get it off**


I know a lot of us keep asking why there is so much turmoil in the world. Why is Mother Nature being so finicky and causing havoc around the whole planet. AS I was reading this article, I had a knowing that through all of these disasters, there are very few deaths. This is given to humanity as an opportunity to open their hearts as well as their homes to those who have lost so much while we sit in our homes being very comfortable. We, as a species, need to be able to give of ourselves and if no one needs us, then we forget to give freely from our hearts. These disasters are reminders to humanity what really matters.

My mom was in a nursing home for at least 10 years and I learned so much from her as well as those who took care of her. Without the elderly in the nursing homes, how would all those who care for her and the other patients have the opportunity to give of themselves for others? There would be no jobs or need for all the necessary equipment or services that are provided. It is NOT us that give to them; it is THEM that volunteer to stay on earth in service to us. While my mom was alive she made me feel vitally alive and useful as well as loved. Today, my children are all independent as well as my grandchildren and great grandchild. There is no one in my family that really needs me or what I have to offer. (Advice from the elders is not really asked for today and the times of today are always busy, busy, busy). Please know that I am not feeling sorry for myself because I am very grateful that I can be independent and being independent means that I am capable of finding other avenues for my loving energy to be used. I am soooo grateful for my health and vitality. I just became aware of why I am going down this train of thought today. A dear friend, the administrator of our Senior Center was hospitalized for two weeks and now has been accepted by Hospice. Here is a woman who devoted her life to serving all who came to the Senior Center and she will be leaving us for a better heavenly home in a few days or so. And…..she is younger than I am. Boy, does that hit home and make me even more aware of the privilege it is to do for others while they are still with us.


Yesterday was a full moon and I am sure it has a lot to do with how us humans are feeling and reacting to the energies. Here is some info that is very enlightening and useful. Enjoy!


I cannot leave you without providing you with a smile.

The shortest video you’ve ever . A woman goes back to work after thirty years.Watch carefully, the video is only 5 seconds long, but, you’ll get it.
If you’re younger than 40 years old, you probably won’t understand it.


Love and Light

Mary Grace




Hooray, the sun is out and is so beautiful, it just lifts my heart.
My lake had gone down some, exposing the dock again which had been
enveloped by the high water table. Then it began to rain again
which swelled the water table back up again. I was on the phone
this morning and said to the person that I was so happy that it
finally stopped raining and she said how her children were so happy
it rained when they were visiting some friends as they got to run
around in the rain and enjoyed it so much. Guess where she lives?
Yep, you guessed it. Arizona! It goes to show it is only a matter
of perspective. Sometimes abundance in any form gets to be pretty
boring. I guess we humans like to have change to stimulate our
gratitude as we can quickly take what and who we love for granted.

I am not sure if I have mentioned about the Canadian geese that are
here for 9 months out of the year. They are beautiful creatures but
they have one trait that is not desirable. They poop all over the
beach which is not conducive to cleanliness as the children play in
the sand and everyone needs to walk on it in order to enjoy the
water. We also need to get the water tested per the Health Department
regularly to check for any bacteria that would be detrimental to
human health. The geese excrement has caused shutdowns because
of the high level of bacteria. Since I am the the one closest to
the beach, I label myself the goose patrol but I am not here all the
time and I swear they know when I am gone because when I return and
they see my car coming down the street they vamoose.

I would like to relate something about the geese that I never realized
before, in fact, I never knew it until this year. The eggs have
hatched and the little goslings are growing rapidly. Usually the
parents are very protective and will not allow another goose to come
too close to their family. This year there are two families of geese.
One pair had 7 babies and a couple of weeks later another pair had
3 babies. The two families would hang around together which I thought
was unusual and then one morning I woke up to find only three adults
and 10 babies. I cannot tell which of the geese are the male or
female, all I know is that the parents of the 7 babies was allowing
the single parent of 3 to still hang around with their family.

That was not the usual way that they would behave. Yesterday, I
noticed the families and I was counting the babies to see how many
survived and all I could see where the older 7 and yet there were
3 adults???? I got my binoculars out to see what was going on and
my heart leapt. The three younger goslings were each closely knit
to an older gosling so I could not really see them until I looked
through the binoculars. It was like the 7 older goslings decided to
take the 3 younger goslings under their wings, so to speak, and were
protecting them. What a beautiful sight to behold. In the 17 years I
have been here, I have never seen the geese act like this. Is this
an omen that if the geese can do it, then humans will do it? Imagine
a world where the older children would take the younger ones under
their wings and protect them rather than bullying them and a single
parent would be adopted by a couple. That would be heaven would it

Here is a story of an older human taking care of a younger one and
it is heart warming to see.


We all watch television and it is a great educational tool but this
story hit home about how little I know. I live on a lake and I
was never aware that someone drowning would not be flailing about or
yelling for help. Would you know how to tell? The way to tell is
so contrary to what I believed. I figured if I did not know how then
perhaps you don’t know how either. Perhaps you and I could save a
life just by watching this video and I know being on a lake, I feel
more responsibility to know how. My heart goes out to a parent that
does not realize their child is in trouble even when they are close


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Have you ever started laughing and not been able to stop? Have you
ever been around someone that happened to? You cannot help but
smile, giggle or laugh as you watch because it is sooo contagious.
Watch this video and I bet you cannot help yourself.


Love and Light

Mary Grace

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Wales, MA 01081, USA